reppin: brooklyn, usa // san francisco, usa // 2011 - present

sounds like: an escape to your favorite place (seriously, not just one place for all, your personal happy place).

wildlife control | photo cred:

wildlife control | photo cred:

last album drop: particles ep (april 2016)

featuring: neil sauh // sumul sauh

That euphoric sound; the blend of the distorted instruments and the complimentary vocals that brings a song to that sot where you feel free...and can let go. Even more, these guys are more than just music. Wildlife Control got their start a short time ago in 2011 and immediately made some noise with their first track, “analog or digital.” The music video went viral and these dudes were officially on the map. That catapulted their status, gained some following out east as they turned it into some light touring across the country. Their self titled album was released in July of 2012...and that is where their unique sound began to take notice. The crafted beats with just enough pop landed them some very positive reviews. Personally, I love the deep and low bass. While getting noticed is one thing, separating from yourself from the rest is special. That is what began to take shape as we fast forward to now.

wildlife control | photo cred:

wildlife control | photo cred:

While there were only a few singles released over the coming years, it was clear that these two were at work trying to create something different. Say hello to one the better 3 song EPs you’ll come across as of recent. Every intro is carefully crafted, the speed of their joints really meshes well with their lyrics and vocals. You can pick up slight sounds of keyboards and other shenanigans that really do a great job of filling out riffs and the song as a whole. It is so obvious how beautifully they evolved from a more poppy sound to their own musical heartbeat. I swear, each time I listen to a track like “subtract” i escape into my place and just start rocking out wherever I am...luckily I don’t sweat like you would at a show. So, this album is composed of three movements, if you will, illusion, subtract and creature. To complement the tracks, they released a 12 minute film (see below), also entitled particles, set to Hyper-lapse videos from users around the world. And god damn, it is out of this world stuff when you match music with video. Looking forward to that next LP gentleman.

suggested listening experience: waking your ass up after a night out on the town // watching the particles video (see above) // whenever you are when the sun is setting 

listens: illusion // subtract // creature // different // analog or digital // spin // darkness

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new music: MTNS

mtns | photocred:

mtns | photocred:

reppin: brisbane, australia // create/control records // active since 2013

sounds like: falling down backwards forever with all those crazy kaleidoscope patterns around slow motion

last album drop: salvage (2013) // new single released oct 17 

featuring: tom eggert // joseph thiang // robbie hellberg

Close your eyes for a second on the commute to work (not if you are driving, bad idea), lay down on your couch; take a moment away for the nonsense we all encounter day after day. Each one of mtns tracks, from second one, offers an escape from what we worry about day after day. Whether it is Tom’s luscious vocals, the subtle, downtempo beats or synthy waves, you are now allowed to put a smile on your face. These Aussies are still babies as far as how long they have been around, but damn, they killed it with their second EP, “salvage” in 2014 and are finally back with a mind-numbing new tack, “insight.” There truly is a perfect blend of electronic and instruments that can bridge the gap (see “lost track of time”). I was not able to dig up much information on these dudes, but it seems like they are starting to build their band into a full time gig. Which is totally why you need to get some ears all up in their business now.

mtns | photo cred:

mtns | photo cred:

So, back in 2013 these guys made a ton of noise in the land downunder and earned honors to open at the BIGSOUND showcase in Brisbane then. That was a few years ago and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Their ambient tracks layer oh so well with those mellow beats and sprinkled with just enough pop sound to attract all those ears. The processed, as described in a triple j interview, starts with keyboards and builds with the computer using sounds, samples and MIDI. The vocals and lyrics work themselves as the song builds, which is why it sounds so fucking good over those beats. This is a very special, special band, not just because they have perfected this indie electronic sound so early on, but they really take you to a place where you can just forget and sway. I dig.

suggested listening experience: making sweet sweet much sweet love // whenever you want to get away from it all // night time cruise by the waterfront

listens: fears // lost track of time // insight // salvage // crave

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new music: JACUZZI BOYS

jacuzzi boys | photo cred:

jacuzzi boys | photo cred:

reppin: miami, usa // hardy art records

sounds like: strolling down the highway with your window down and your tongue out as you try to act like a dog and wake up your best friend in the backseat...worth it

latest album drop: ping pong (oct 2016) // released today!!!

featuring: gabriel // diego // danny

Oh, the feels when you hear their hit track from 2011, “glazin,’” and that simple riff progression comes in, the soft vocals and then it speeds up and you can’t help just rocking out. Most try, few succeed. These southeast rock n rollers got their start back in 2007 and have been grinding out that feel good, slightly grungy rock n’ roll ever since. While having released 3 solid albums and 1 EP since 2009, these are the kids who are constantly touring to build that special bond with their fans. I mean how can you not hear a track like “happy damage” and smile as they take you through these fascinating, upbeat progessions, fun ass lyrics with vocals that just blend perfectly into that rock sound. Plus, these dudes seem goofy and rad. When they describe that they can turn “neon into ice cubes” and are “going grand” by “building limestone monuments to those who boogied before them,” well, you have something quite special here. 

jacuzzi boys | photo cred:

jacuzzi boys | photo cred:

Speaking of boogieing, these tracks blend the perfect amount of dance in your step with head banging rock (que long hair bobbing to and fro). You can hear just a bit of that southern rock in a few of their tracks. Then that cali guitar rock comes in and what could easily be a hot mess comes together so nicely. Head over to “no sleep” and you get the bounce up and down sound with lyrics you’ll easily be able to pick-up. Seriously, run through that happy damage EP and you will not find a weak song. Then, slap their newest, “ping pong”, back and forth and be even further pleased. By the way, that album just dropped today, october, 21st. They so perfectly place their mini-solos between gabriel and danny’s vocals, giving listeners that extra little bit. Folks, rock n’ roll had a wide range of sounds. Those who pull of one of those types to perfection should be praised. We praise you Jacuzzi Boys (or at least I do). Keep rocking out dudes!

suggested listening experience: bbqing some fucking meat // windown down, crusing the highway during the summer // pregaming with the squad

listens: lucky blade // can't fight forever // happy damage // no sleep // sun // glazin’ // electric days

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new music: KWEKU COLLINS

kweku collins | photo cred:

kweku collins | photo cred:

reppin: evanston, il // unsigned // 2015 - present // 19 years old

sounds like: posting up at a campfire in the middle of the big city...the perfect mix of chill, inspiration and the evolving sounds

latest album drop: nat love (2016)

Chicago. Hip Hop. It’s a perfect marriage. that is continuously out doing itself in front of our very ears and eyes. I don’t want to take away the focus from Mr. Collins, but check out this short list: Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, Lucki Eck$, Towkio, Noname, Taylor Bennett, Air Credits...and so many more waiting their turn. I love it though. It is not is the beautiful and constant challenge from artist to artist to collaborate and push one another to create new genres. As music lovers we only get to reek the benefits and we should take it all in...seriously, do it. Kweku got his start in music at the young age of 4, learning drums from his father who is an African and Latin percussionist. He also repped the poetry club at Evanston Township, just north of the big city (source: And oh man can you hear the diverse range of foreign sounds that blend so well with his voice.

kweku collins | photo cred:

kweku collins | photo cred:

He has always had a wide range of taste from Kweku’s flow is so organic and balanced; so peaceful and impactful at the same time. He slides out of his verses and into the chorus with the beat, which builds too perfectly with those vocals. There is a mixture of beats, acoustic guitar and amazingly placed drums that make you not quite be able to place a specific genre on it. Or if anything, it just kinda stands in the corner away from the “cool kids.” A true outsider quickly learning how to stand out from the rest. Little do those mainstream cool kids know, that Kweku is secretly plotting something bigger and better. This guy has been at it for just a few years...he is only two short years removed from high school. Can you not wait for what is next..I sure as fuck can’t.

suggested listening experience: twist one up and just listen // sitting at the campfire (or fireplace for most of us) // mid-day work break

listens: life part II // ghost // death of a salesman // lonely lullabies // holla if ya hear me // kings

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reppin: houston, usa // currently unsigned residing in la, usa

sounds like: walking through a sunny rain storm with your squad, you are front and center and even Mom is diggin it

kevin abstract | photo cred:

kevin abstract | photo cred:

next album drop: american boyfriend (2017)

featuring: ian simpson // 20 years old // part of the group, BROHAMPTON

kevin abstract | photo cred:

kevin abstract | photo cred:

This dude is only 20?! Well fuck my life, may as well just retire right now. I’m not one to associate or attach someone to another human, but he reminds me of someone’s personality out there. He can sing, rap, write and he has one hell of a creative side that can very much take him beyond music. Since 2015 he’s jumped around, first beginning his journey with producer, Romil and quickly earned praise from solid publications. He pushed along and joined the group, BROHAMPTON, where they earned their stars and stripes with MTV. I can just hear the talent oozing out of this guy as he is already well seasoned and it shows in his ever name-changing album, now titled American Boyfriend. It is due out in 2017, but for now, let me try to envision that future.

Let’s start at the foundation...Ian boats a wide range of influences from Tyler the Creator and Kid Cudi to Justin Timberlake and Quentin Tarantino Something you immediately recognize, especially in those latest singles, is his range of sound. A well balanced, blended smoothie of alternative riffs, 80s influenced keys and slow motion drums...he just knows when to sing, when to spit and when to mix them together. His lyrics also tell a story as I am assuming he has a lot to tell us moving around frequently during his childhood. The slated album is going to open up even more about this young talent and if he progressing like he is, then watch out kids!

suggested listening experience: if you’re a high schooler - that good ol’ cruise around the neighborhood // weed & wine wednesdays // long day after work

listens: empty // ECHO // drugs // tame cab

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new music: ANNA OF THE NORTH

reppin: gjovik, norway // honeymoon, different recordings

sounds like: a magical journey through a warm, pleasant forest with animals that smile and say hello to you

anna of the north | photo cred:

anna of the north | photo cred:

next album drop: unknown

featuring: anna lotterud // brady daniel-smith

I usually end with saying I can’t wait to see this band in concert, but I’m going to swing for the fences from the start...I can’t wait to see what this woman is like live. She is so new to the scene, but came on strong with a few great singles like Sway and The Dreamer. When you come into the scene that strong you open up a world of possibilities for a debut release...which hopefully the label does not draw any boundaries with. One of the first beautiful things you may pick up with Anna is her flowing vocals through each blends quite nice with brady’s production, all of it just sounds at ease. With that comes a very inviting duo.

anna of the north | cred: Larm & At The Loft Presents: Anna of the North

anna of the north | cred: Larm & At The Loft Presents: Anna of the North

So the music world classifies Anna of the North as electro-pop, which I totally agree with. Pop is a funny thing...if you’ve read a few of my previous blogs, or listen to any pop on the radio, you’ll be able to notice a very generalized formula. Even the lyrics can be very similar across the board. Yes, Ms. Anna is pop, but there is something unique and special about her. My first impression is there is no bullshit overproduction in her vocals or music. It is more raw, pure and from the heart...I totally get blown away from the start of every song by that authenticity. From the appearance (yes, she is toats a cutie) to her lyrics, I can hear it. Another horrible thing about top 40 as well is the unneeded complexity it tries to bring by overlapping vocals and adding too much noise. Everything is so simple and forthcoming with this woman and she absolutely can bring you in close with that idea. Take a seat on your comfy couch and let these two take you through this magical journey that I speak of...

suggested listening experience: chillin in your bubble bath // making sweet sweet love // evening stroll through the closest nature environment you can find

listens: us (see video) // sway // the dreamer // baby // undervann 

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reppin: brooklyn, usa // yep roc records

sounds like: tight jeans, chuck taylors, a white t, leather jackets, aviators and a lot of attitude

latest album drop: into the night (2016)

featuring: jeremy fury (vocals) // craig bonich (axe) // Patrick Meyer (axe) // stevie fury (drums) // bobby ever (bass)

jeremy & the harlequins | photo cred:

jeremy & the harlequins | photo cred:

These little known, yet fast rising cats, pack a hell of a punch into their authentic sound that is 50s and 60s rock n’ roll. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys in Brooklyn and am quite stoked that I came across them. I immediately could tell that these savvy veterans of the music scene were ready to take their sound to the next level. Having already done a good amount of touring and putting a song on a feature film’s soundtrack, I’d say they are off and running. While music from that era is not as complex as the tunes we come across today, the simplicity of their sound and vocals actually has a wide range. They’ll make you smile one minute with remnants of the Beach Boys, while coming back and getting scratchy in a track like, “into the night.” Whatever you come across, you’ll find yourself either humming, tapping your foot to the beat or singing along immediately.

There is plenty out there in the “recreation” department, those who want to bring us nostalgic sound at its finest. In fact, a lot of it out there is carefully formula driven and in my opinion too soft for its own good because all they care about is getting on the radio. Most of the time there tends to be no identity or attitude, but there is something about a modern approach mixed with the rock n’ roll past these guys out out there. I don’t think there are many that beat J&TH at the vintage, super pure sound behind Jeremy Fury’s scratchy vocals. To top it off, they look the part and it is so fitting that are from NYC. I’m telling you all, while you won’t hear about these guys in the mainstream quite yet, they have created plenty of noise in the music community and it will only get better from here. Keep bringing us the rock n’ roll gentleman.

suggested listening experience: those fall nights, seems like the perfect backdrop music // your next road trip // shooting some pool or throwing some darts

listens: into the night (see below) // no one cares // trip into the light // cam girl // rhythm don’t lie

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new music: THE SOIL & THE SUN

reppin: grand rapids, mi 

sounds like: that game you played when you were a child at day camp with the big colorful parachute looking sheet...the moment when it was as inflated as it gets and you smiled

the soil & the sun | photo cred:

the soil & the sun | photo cred:

latest album drop: “actual replica, vol 1” (may, 2016 // 2 song ep)

featuring: benjamin // alex // ashley // kellen

When you think of soil and how the sun makes it grow, well, that is exactly how this band has grown. What started as a duo in 2008 has spurred out of the soil to a seven-piece and has settled into a four-bagger. Personally, i could care less how many folks are in this band because they make some of the most pleasant sounding music around. Think 70s psychedelic sound with a shift into more of a melodic mixture of upbeat sounds, yet still some dark moments. They were able to accomplish a ton with their first two albums in just a tiny home studio, with very little musical experience. Their latest 2014 release, “meridian,” allowed them to up their recording and equipment game, and their sound certainly matches that. While they are laid back at the core, the complexity in overlapping vocals and melodies make for a bigger sound than may appear...and i dig that.

Take your pick as far as the type of sound. Want some soul...listen to “How Long.” Want some folk all up in your face...give “Are You?” a shot. Want to go a little darker...then “Samyaza” is at your fingertips. While this group may be ameatur in the standards of the big ass music industry, they have done so much with so little resources. Their two newest joints released in may entitled “actual replica, vol 1” take you more into pop territory and are quite pleasing on the ear muscles. All in all you have a pleasant sounding group of humans no matter which way you look at it and you should be listening right meow

suggested listening experience: a nice long road trip // hanging out with your boo // enjoying a late morning sunday brunch

listens: are you? // throughout the night // how long // samyaza

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new music: WHITE ARROWS

reppin: la, usa // votiv records

sounds like: If you went on the excellent adventure that is Bill & Ted, but you could actually function as a human while still smoking weed

last album drop: in bardo (sept 2014) and hopefully another soon!

featuring: mickey church // andrew naeve // john paul caballero // jake nielsen

white arrows | 2.13.15 | schubas, chicago | @thefaakehipster

white arrows | 2.13.15 | schubas, chicago | @thefaakehipster

Some beautiful things in this world get started by accident (just spitballing here, but human existence is a good example) and White Arrows is no exception. They launched after writing a song out east that immediately caught the attention of Nylon Magazine. The "stokeness" could not be ignored so they packed their bags and headed out to la to officially form White Arrows. What I dig about these guys, as they are quite young and only two albums deep, is how they span generations of sounds. The dance-rock first vibe is great, and has the ability to wheel in the masses, but even more spectacular is how they incorporate a bit of psychedelic and sprinkle it with 80s. Expanding on their vibeness, each one of their songs just makes you happy and want to dance and smile.

I would tell you to start with a song off one of these albums, but close your eyes and pick. Clear some space because mikey’s squinty vocals, andrew’s axe, john’s bass and jake’s beats will make you want to groove immediately. I had the pleasure of seeing them with Chappo in February of 2015 and they certainly delivered. It’s like a freaking time machine with Bill & Ted...stellar backing melodies, solid riffs and a dance party in the making. “Can’t Stop Now” is progressive and upbeat and “We Can’t Ever Die” is an awesome party song to name a few. There are a ton of dancy rock bands out there, but I truly think these dudes can rise above. I can see some of these jams being pretty timeless when you want to go back and give them a listen 10 years from now. So White Arrows, I speak for all of your fans when I say “Get your asses on tour again” :)

suggested listening experience: dance party (duh) // any form of sweating when needing motivation // getting real weird with friends and/or weirding out locals by singing in front of them

listens: can't stop now // nobody cares (below & super trippy)) // get gone // we can't ever die

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new music: CESCHI

reppin: new haven, ct // fake four inc (co-owner)

sounds like: eating fine cheese and wine in the complete wrong setting...but it still taste magically delicious, right?! folk + hip hop = ceschi

latest album drop: broken bones ballad (april, 2015)

featuring: julio francisco ramos

ceschi | schubas, chicago | 5.5.16 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

ceschi | schubas, chicago | 5.5.16 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

I had the honor of seeing one of the most talented, multi-faceted musicians that graces this wonderful Earth earlier this year. As he took the stage before Astronautalis, you knew this rapper was taking the stage...but wait. Then he picks up the guitar and start playing folk songs...WHAT?! Yes, Ceschi is that man that spans these genres and pairs it with his beautiful story telling. Which leads me to a quick side story that totally tells you the kind of dude he is. On Christmas day, 2010, he got a typical delivery of marijuana was his dealer in the form of Christmas presents...makes sense. Little to his knowledge, his dealer saved his own ass by ratting out Ceschi as his recipient (was pulled over for speeding in Chicago, which is when he told the cops), and of course the cops showed up. They were going to arrest his entire family(!), mother, grandparents and kids unless he took the fall. Instead of ratting out his dealer and getting his family in a mess, he obliged and served time in jail. A man of honesty, humility and just god damn awesomeness.

ceschi | photo cred:

ceschi | photo cred:

Head on into Spotify or Soundcloud and put his joints on random. Each one offers a stellar story, mixture of acoustic folk and hip hop beats. His vocals will spit fire much like Astronautalis and before you turn around he’ll be serenading you with that great singing. And finally, the live just don’t see intimate performances quite like he gives these days. In a pretty packed Schubas crowd, he interacted with the audience, got you to sing along and your head banging. I swear, once this guy gets an opening slot for 1000+ venues, he is going to start turning heads by the just wait. For now, enjoy his tunes in really any setting.

suggested listening experience: when you need a smile after a long day of work // as the sun is setting // when you need to get in the zone

listens: this won’t last forever (hip hop, see video below) // say something (folk) // forever 33 (hip hop) // bite through stone (folk + hip hop) // barely alive (ft. Sage Francis)

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new music: THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974

reppin: la, usa // modern art records

sounds like: that moment when you bite into the juiciest, most delicious piece of fruit followed by the liquid goodness down your throat

next album drop: late 2016/early 2017 (currently supporting the naked and famous tour)

featuring: kamtin mohager

the chain gang of 1974 | the empty bottle | 6.11.14 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

the chain gang of 1974 | the empty bottle | 6.11.14 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

Kamtin Mohager began his musical creation of The Chain Gang of 1974 while in the rock/synthpop duo, 3OH!3 (yes, that group) as the touring bassist. In 2010, he went into the studio to record the digital only release, Fantastic Nostalgic: The Early Recordings and later in 2011, “ Wayward Fire.” Both built a really well received crowd by both critics and fans alike. In fact, that nostalgic feel of the 80s is easily heard and layered over a multitude of different styles. One song has a soft and sweet piano intro and the next song will blast your face off with grungy rock n’ roll. Personally, I dig the swoons and shifts in sounds as his vocals know how to match the supporting instruments...a true gift of his.

While TCGO1974 is Kamtin’s creation, he is always bringing in talented musicians and producers to contribute to his tracks. It actually goes both ways as he frequents guests spots, most notably producing the track “When We were young” by Dillon Francis. I have much respect for solo musicians who understand that different minds can impact their music in a positive matter as additional bodies need to come on tour. I had the pleasure of seeing them at The Empty Bottle in 2014 and hearing the music come alive will again, bring you that nostalgic feel that we love. This dude is perfect for summer festivals, can span across the ears of many music interest and is overall a talented, nice guy. I envision not only more from chain gang, but perhaps some more side projects...Kamtin probably has so many more musical itches to scratch and blow us away with.

suggested listening experience: any situation where you exert energy // making sweet sweet love // early morning stroll to the grocery store

listens: death metal punk // miko // sleepwalking (music video below) // godless girl

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Lollapalooza Guide: "25 Acts for the 25th Edition"

it's fucking here! One of the craziest summer weekends in this country has planted itself smack dab in the middle of this wonderful city of chicago. I gotta say top to bottom this is a staked lineup with performances that will have you quivering at the knees. Amongst the madness of the beaches, usa basketball in town, aftershows and more; i bring you some solid sets for four days of crazy shenanigans.

lollapalooza 2015 | featuring THE friend finder: gregory the parrot | @thefaakehipster

lollapalooza 2015 | featuring THE friend finder: gregory the parrot | @thefaakehipster

The following does not include headliners and big names as we all know how dope they are.... *rad acts listed in order of appearance throughout the weekend*

festival: lollapalooza

location: grant park - chicago, i

vibe: smiles - whatever you make it

bob moses | photo cred: 

bob moses | photo cred: 

BOB MOSES vancouver, canananada // pepsi stage // thurs, 2:50 - 3:30

sounds like: a nighttime body massage overlooking the ocean

listens: tearing me up // too much is never enough

WILD CHILD austin // bmi stage // thurs, 4:30 - 5:10

sounds like: the most wonderful dude and chick reading you a glorious picture book

bastille | phot cred: feelgrafix/com

bastille | phot cred: feelgrafix/com

listens: pillow talk // fools

BASTILLE london, uk // samsung // thurs, 4:30 - 5:30

sounds like: singing in the shower knowing no one is listening

listens: pompeii // good grief (new joint)

TOWKIO *previously blogged* // chicago // pepsi // thurs, 5:15 - 6

sounds like: watching the Back To The Future series cause this dude is all over the spectrum and the musical timeline in his delorean

listens: G W M (ft. Vic Mensa) // tear drop

KURT VILE AND THE VIOLATORS philadelphia // petrillo bandshell // thurs, 6 - 7

sounds likesitting around the campfire

listens: pretty pimpin // dust bunnies

day wave | photo cred:

day wave | photo cred:

CASHMERE CAT halden, norway // pepsi // thurs, 7:45 - 8:30

sounds like: watching a dance party in slow-mo and wishing you were there

listens: mirror maru // adore

DAY WAVE oakland, ca // samsung // friday, 12:45 - 1:30

sounds like: a drive down the cali coast with one of those cool ass instagram filters around you

listens: gone // deadbeat girl

modern baseball | photo cred: allison newbold

modern baseball | photo cred: allison newbold

SAINT MOTEL la, usa // lakeshore // friday, 1:30 - 2:15

sounds like: the classiest circus you've ever been to

listens: my type // cold cold man

MODERN BASEBALL philadelphia // petrillo bandshell // friday, 1:45 - 2:45 

sounds like: your 12 year old self rocking out while waiting for the bus to school

listens: your graduation // wedding singer

FRIGHTENED RABBIT selkirk, scotland // lakeshore // friday, 5 - 6

sounds like: cheering for your friend to fall in love...awwwww

listens: woodpile // get out

M83 antibes, france // samsung // friday, 6 - 7

sounds like: the perfect moment where chill and party come together

listens: do it, try it // outro

WOLF ALICE *previously blogged* north london // pepsi // friday, 6:30 - 7:15

chairlift | photo cred:

chairlift | photo cred:

sounds like: those expandable water toys when we were kids….looks harmless, but oh man, does she pack a punch when she gets goin

listens: moaning lisa smile // bros

GRIZ southfield, mi // perry's // friday, 7:15 - 8:15

sounds like: a 70s car wash when you own the best Caddy in town

listens: good times roll (ft. Big Gigantic) // the anthem 

CHAIRLIFT boulder, co // lakeshore // sat, 1:30 - 2:15

sounds like: a sudden need to throw roller skates on (if you are into that kind of thing)

listens: moth to the flame // romeo

BAIO nyc // pepsi // sat, 1:50 - 2:30

sounds like: walking through a trippy, but super friendly cartoon

the joy formidable | double door, 4.6.16 | @thefaakehipster 

the joy formidable | double door, 4.6.16 | @thefaakehipster 

listens: sister of pearl // sunburn modern

THE JOY FORMIDABLE north wales // bud light // sat, 2:45 - 3:45

sounds like: one of the best fucking rock bands today (went straight up on this one) // "the big roar" is a top 10 rock album of the last 10 years, hands down

listens: whirring (link to live KEXP video) // the greatest light is the greatest shade

MARSHMELLO  la (i think) //perry's // sat, 3:15 - 4:15

sounds like: a dope roller coaster ride at six flags

listens: alone // magic

DROWNERS nyc // bmi // sat, 3:20 - 4

sounds like: a warm summer night's walk down lake michigan

listens: cruel ways // luv, hold me down

BIG GRAMS (Big Boi + Phantogram) saratoga springs & atl // samsung // sat, 4:15 = 5:15

st lucia | thalia hall, 2.23.16 | @thefaakehipster

st lucia | thalia hall, 2.23.16 | @thefaakehipster

sounds like: a punch in the mouth you know you deserved

listens: drum machine (ft. Skrillix) // fell in the sun

JACK GARRATT high wycombe, buckinghamshire, uk // pepsi // 5:15 - 6

sounds like: he's chillin' with Towkio and in the future (see his description)

listens: worry // surprise yourself (may get ya teary eyed)

ST LUCIA brooklyn via south africa // pepsi // sat, 7:45 - 8:30

sounds like: the greatest release (in more way than one) followed by the biggest smile

listens: september // help me run away

FIDLAR la, usa // bud light // sun, 2:45 - 3:45

sounds like: when you were just starting to like girls/guys and tried to sneak out in the middle of the night

fidlar | photo cred:

fidlar | photo cred:

listens: no waves // west coast // cheap beer

YEARS & YEARS london, uk // lakeshore // sun, 3:25 - 4:25

sounds like: no responsibilities when you want it most

listens: king // shine

LOUIS THE CHILD chicago // pepsi // sun, 4 - 4:45

sounds like: the juiciest, most awesome piece of fruit...slice of heaven

aurora | photo cred:

aurora | photo cred:

listens: it's strange // weekend

AURORA os, norway // pepsi // sun, 5:15 - 6

sounds like: a butterfly flying home to it's rainbow

listens: conqueror // runaway

new music: AIR CREDITS

reppin: chicago, il 

sounds like: the dancing baby that was popular in the 90s, but with years of mad dance move skills under his belt

latest album drop: tbd

featuring: showyousuck + the hood internet

air credits @ the double door, chicago | photo cred: red bull sound select

air credits @ the double door, chicago | photo cred: red bull sound select

Given that this act is so fresh and new, this will be a shorter post than most. I actually only found a few song out there in internet land, but damn is it good. The Hood Internet and ShowYouSuck have come together to birth a beautiful Chicago duo that we will call Air Credits. Both these acts on their own are absolutely stellar and them tag teaming sounds like the future...Marty McFly would definitely be grooving to this. I’ve been fans of both of these acts for a few years now. The Hood Internet are freaking geniuses when it comes to building beats and collaborating. ShowYouSuck has a distinct and deep Chicago voice, so unique and controlling of a crowd...what a combo.

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe these dudes have only done two shows as Air Credits as of the present. I unfortunately have not seen them, but word from my homie tells me they are legit and they are the future. There is so much going on in the few songs that are out there - the amazing beats, backing vocals and that controlling vocal flow...and it sounds so good when it comes together. And you will dance your face off, guaranteed. Chicago - get on these cats as I will certainly be making their next performance. They are hitting the road in August and September...get on it! 

suggested listening experience: any kind of party at any time // getting pumped up for that first date you are probably nervous about // gettin' the day started

listens: all i need (part 1) // all i need (part 2) // air credits video promo

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all them witches | the empty bottle | 7.21.16 | @thefaakehipster

all them witches | the empty bottle | 7.21.16 | @thefaakehipster

reppin: nashville, tn // ten west records

sounds like: a muddy tug of war match during the summer...just the way we like it

latest album drop: dying surfer meets his maker (oct, 2015)

featuring: ben mcleod // robby staebler // charles michael parks jr // allan van cleave

It was a dark and stormy night and the rain came down in torrents as Brian and myself embarked on a journey to the Empty Bottle. Nashville is not only a dope city, it is full of talent these days, spanning many genres. All Them Witches fall no short of that scientifically proven hypothesis and delivered a quality and passionate performance. The sounds of the early 60s/70s eras are easily heard and graciously accepted through their amps. While many incorporate poppy sounds into their rock (see any mainstream rock band these days), ATW incorporates this dark blues and psychedelic sound that very much brings you back to that era of time. While they started in 2012, you would think they have been in hiding for about 40 years and decided to revive themselves.

From the first song, these dudes had the almost packed house with jaws dropped. The most simple drum kit that Robby banged on produced so much noise, and at an incredible speed, we were often left confused. Mix that with a wide range of keyboard shenanigans from Allan, gracious axe shredding and soloing with Ben and the perfect matching vocals from Charles, well, you have yourself a reincarnation from the past. Between being able to jam out and taking riffs to deep and dark places, ATW is a rock band that most can enjoy...don’t be afraid to get a little dirty when exploring the wonderful rock n’ roll.  

suggested listening experience: getting ready for that next festival this coming weekend // at the gym to keep the motor going // heavy drinking; or fact, any kind of drinking

listens: when god comes back (see live performance below) // charles william // funeral for a great drunken bird // the urn

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new music: DZ DEATHRAYS

reppin: brisbane, australia // i oh you records

sounds like: shotgunning a beer then taking four shots of whiskey like Mac does in one of the greatest movies ever, super troopers

immediate reaction after hearing DZ Deathrays live

immediate reaction after hearing DZ Deathrays live

latest album drop: black rat (may 2014)

featuring: shane parsons // simon ridley

This past monday I had the pleasure of watching brisbane’s own DZ Deathrays melt my face, as well as my homie’s Ben Miller, at the wonderful Scubas. While some bands may hang their heads at a lighter crows on the day after Pitchfork, these dudes did the exact opposite. This turned into more of an intimate, personal show and damn did they bring their sweaty moves (you’ll notice an additional guitarist on tour with them). Plus, got a chance to shoot the shit with these crazy Aussies and they are cool as could be. They have hardly hit the states, but looking at some pictures of their shows in Australia, well, they just seem downright nuts.

I immediately see threads of Death From Above 1979 in this two set (which was later confirmed is very much what they were going for). Their thrash rock sound is on point, cleaner than most would think when they hear the word thrash and blends oh so well with Shane’s voice. What I dig even more is that there is a great dance vibe given off, something that is extremely hard to accomplish in this genre. Take yourself through a journey as I recommend starting with “blood on my leather,” their newest, yet probably most on point yet. Listen, these dudes started nearly 8 years ago, have played 15 countries and have the stamp of approval from punk rocker’s Violent Soho. That is enough and then some for me...hop on board.

DZ Deathrays | Scubas 7.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

DZ Deathrays | Scubas 7.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

suggested listening experience: anything involving meat and beer // getting pumped up before your next intramural sports match // straight up party time

listens: less out of sync // dollar chills // blood on my leather (see below) // gebbie street

new music: PROF

reppin: minneapolis, mn // rhymesayers entertainment

sounds like: literally every type of hip hop wrapped into one - Cali to ATL to NYC and back to the midwest

prof | photo cred:

prof | photo cred:

latest album drop: liability (sept 2015 // rhymesayers debut)

Let’s just get this out of the way: damn i love minneapolis hip hop! There is such a wide array of styles, yet they are all of balanced and continuous flow... Atmosphere to Doomtree...Brother Ali, Grieves, Astronautalis (soon to be blogged about). Jason Anderson aka Prof, got his start back in the early 2000s, so yea, kinda bent my rules. But they are my rules and I’m an adult so deal with it. Speaking of flow, go through the recommended songs and you’ll immediately notice how he incorporates sounds and styles of hip hop from regions.

Digging a bit deeper, I am blown away by his ability to blend this old school sound, but at the same time there is a mixture of beats and vocals that sound so fresh and new. And bonus: the dude can sing (see “gasoline”). Like, he really can sing. There is a quick appreciation and respect for the energy he brings to each song and the love he gives the crows during his concerts. He is well regarded locally, always engaging his audience and bringing that little extra in the live setting. And finally, his songs spread genre lines, giving him a balanced sound and wider audience. You do not find too many rappers on Warped Tour, but that is what he is currently repping at the moment. Go catch him this summer!

suggested listening experience: any point from the pregame to party timeline // when you need help crushing some work early on a monday // when your friend doesn't know anyone outside of kanye and drake

listens: bar breaker (see music video) // gasoline // farout // the season

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new music: WILDCAT! WILDCAT!

reppin: la, usa // downtown records

sounds like: in the movies, when the characters go to heaven and can dance on clouds...yea, something like that

wildcat! wildcat! | photo cred:

wildcat! wildcat! | photo cred:

latest album drop: "no moon at all" (aug 2014)

featuring: jesse taylor // michael wilson // jesse carmichael

Are we in the era of the rise of synthpop again? Perhaps, but we first have to go back in time a bit; the late 70s to be exact. Groups such as Depeche Mode and The Smiths took it to another level in the early 80s but not until the past 10 years or so have we seen a comeback like this. It’s upbeat and soothing sound is catchy and evident in the trio of Wildcat! Wildcat!, who have done an amazing job of incorporating the electronic counterpart. Originating out of LA around 2012, these dudes immediately supported Alt-J on tour, in what I think is a rare learning experience so early in a band’s life. Their 2014 release, no moon at all, features winner all around. The vocals are delectable and the vibe will get you grooving and dancing.

Fast forward to right meow and you’ll notice a slew of singles and light touring (from my personal research), which can make one think, why the fuck write about them now? Well, the feelings in my bones tell me that they are brewing up something big for their next release. The singles “straight to the top” and “relentless” showcase a new type of range. The latter features a solid hip-hop verse and beats to match. It is the calm before the storm, so get your ears in this because you are a responsible human and you can make choices. Here is to the soon to be much anticipated new tunes.

suggested listening experience: the post night out gathering when you can only manage a few more sips of beer // chillin with the significant other // puff puff pass

listens: relentless (ft. wynne) // garden grays // straight to the top //  audiotree live (video)

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new music: COASTS

reppin: bristol, uk - tidal records  

sounds like: being on a hawaiian beach with that nice breeze blowing and the sun setting. Side note - I have never been to hawaii

coasts | photo cred:

coasts | photo cred:

latest album drop: coasts (jan 2016)

featuring: chris caines // liam willford // james gamage // david goulbourn // ben street

While these dudes formed back in 2011, they recently made a ton of noise with their first LP release and I’m telling you; it is damn good and soothing. Slow beats, demanding vocals and amazing transitions. They seem like one of those bands that was so crisp from the start; that the majors got on them and helped market their already near flawless sound. Considering Warner and Capital are the only labels they have ever known before Tidal, I’d say they are well on their way to packing in fans by the thousands. It’s pretty cool to see them slowly build an album as they got together at first and just wrote. From there a single (Oceans) hit the radio in 2014 and they carried that momentum up through their album release earlier this year.

coasts | photo cred:

coasts | photo cred:

Upon first listen, I immediately noticed how well chris’ vocals pop off the bass-line and drums. The way he extends his pipes over the ear friendly riffs makes every song sound clean, passionate and full of pop. “Wolves is probably the tastiest of all their tracks and can turn the most suttle music listener into a fan. A few listens and you’ll already be singing along with the chorus. I have every bit of respect for bands that have been at it for 5+ years and still trying to find their breakthrough moment...they would kill to be these guys. Cheers to these Brits and a equally as stellar follow up in the next few years.

suggested listening experience: get your bike, longboard or running shoes and cruise // post work after a shitty will bring a smile // that weekend you have to bring home work from the office

listens: oceans (music video below) // tonight // wolves // a rush of blood

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The “Please Make It Last Longer Than 10 Seconds Guide” to MAMBY ON THE BEACH

welcome to summertime chi. The ear treats that we all know and love in acts like Milky, Atmosphere, Animal Collective, Wild Belle and the bearded Chet Faker are no brainers in seeing this weekend. Here are some lesser known, quality folks to fill out your 'merica weekend that is saturday and sunday at beautiful oakwood beach:

festival: mamby on the beach

location: oakwood beach (lsd & 43rd)

vibe: dance your face off

SMALL BLACK *previously blogged* // brooklyn // sat 1:15pm

sounds like: if california and the 80s had a long lasting love affair that resulted in their love child

listens:  no stranger // personal best

SHIBA SAN paris, france // sat 6pm

sounds like: that dance beat you can't get out of your head hours after the club

listens: okay // boom shak

monakr | photo cred:

monakr | photo cred:

MONAKR  chicago, il // sun 1:30pm

sounds like: a lovely and gentle breeze under your armpits

listens: diamond // calling out

MIAMI HORROR *previously blogged* // melbourne, australia // sat 3:30pdm

sounds like: a summer breeze that can’t decide if it is in the 80s flocking with the seagulls or in the future fucking with drones

listens: real slow // love like mine

thao & the stay down get down | photo cred:

thao & the stay down get down | photo cred:

THAO & THE STAY DOWN GET DOWN san francisco, ca // sun 3:30pm

sounds like: hardcore folk music with a subtle and calming voice

listens: nobody dies // we the common

THOMAS JACK new south wales, australia // sat 4:45pm

sounds like: a rainforest in alice in wonderland

listens: rivers

GALLANT dc, usa // sun 4:45pm

sounds like: what you wish you could sound like when you are trying to serenade your girl/boy - full of soul

bishop briggs | photo cred:

bishop briggs | photo cred:

listens: weight in gold // talking to myself

BISHOP BRIGGS london, uk // sat 2:30pm

sounds like: a soft, warm cuddle in bed when you aren't quite ready to snooze

listens: river // the way i do

MARCUS MARR london, uk // sun 3pm

sounds like: chet's lil bro with even more of an lovable edge (

listens: the trouble with us // killing jar

MAYOR HAWTHORNE la, ca // sun 5:45pm

sounds like: the coolest dad music you've ever grooved to (r&b with a twist)

listens: just ain't gonna work out // love like that

mayer hawthorne | photo cred:

mayer hawthorne | photo cred:

new music: THE HUNNA

reppin: london, uk // high time records

sounds like: a pair of beautiful denim after you rough them up and throw some dirt on it. They look so good and you want to rock them everyday

next album drop: "100" (august 26, 2016)

featuring: valentino // bandana-dan // ik // the prince

the hunna | photo cred:

the hunna | photo cred:

Where did you come from?! I caught one great song posted sometime late last year and now I am seeing them anywhere. So what is the story? Well, turns out these dudes literally put themselves on the map last fall and have been spreading the love like crazy lately, including a US tour that is about to end currently. Being that these guys are new and fresh, they are obviously doing something right to gain fans quickly. Quite simply, they are doing it with how they sound. The sound has that positive, fun vibe...something you can easily sing along to. The mixture of crisp vocals and dirty guitars have them armed and ready to open for big, big acts at the moment.

As you take a dive into the lyrics, you can immediately gather that they are a big ball of fun. Not only are the lyrics memorable, they are positive and make you smile. As they push through their four singles out at the moment, there is a splash of mid 2000s sound. Super simple, but pleasing and energetic. Whatever the future holds for these dudes, the door is wide open for them to make a splash this summer. Dig into their available tunes and get amped for their 1st album release around Labor Day.

suggested listening experience: morning pump up music // super chill session with your buddies // porch drinking as the sun is setting

listens: you & me (music video below) // bonfire // we could be // still got blood

the hunna is: fb // ig // twitter // sc