new music: VÉRITÉ

reppin: brooklyn, usa // unsigned // 2014 - present

sounds like: you are in the midst of a slow motion dance video...but there are no douche bags...just you and these wonderful lyrics to sway back and forth to

verite | photo cred:

verite | photo cred:

last album drop: living LP (2016)

featuring: kelsey byrne

verite | schubas tavern, chicago | 3.25.15 | @thefaakehipster

verite | schubas tavern, chicago | 3.25.15 | @thefaakehipster

First she comes in with her soothing vocals and lures your ears in...then the beats work their way in and you become sucked in. That wonderful tune is a mixture of straight up pop and indie...maybe some electro-pop shenanigans, but not too overproduced to turn you away. Kelsey is an easy coast chick now residing in Brooklyn and holy crap has she made some waves in just a few short years. First, back in the time machine. Much like myself actually, she grew up huge on 90s alternative rock...we’re talking the legends that are Nirvana and Green Day and even spent time rocking out in a punk outfit during high school. Around 2013, Kelsey’s career took a serious turn when she connected with drummer and producer, Elliot Jacobson...a formula in the making that has matured into her success.

Verite worked its way into my earbuds in the early part of 2015 and the goosebumps set in shortly after. She totally planned her tour right that spring as I was able to catch her at Schubas Tavern in march. This girl’s lyrics are so raw, real and powerful. She really tries to craft a story on top of the music and if you listen closely, there is no sugar coating it (funny what listening to angsty teenager music will do to you). The music world has certainly taken notice so early into her career. They reached #1 on Hype Machine, have already been making festival rounds and played internationally. The tunes won’t stop either! Close your eyes and take a pick from the selection below and you’ll take those buds off wanting more. There has been a constant flow of solid singles over the past few years and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together on a full LP. Keep pushing Verite...I can see y’all opening for some big boys quite soon.

suggested listening experience: waking up in the AM - such a balance of soothing and upbeat // gettin close and snuggly with your significant other // a good cry (yea, sometimes you need it)

listens: somebody else (the 1975 cover) // undressed // weekend // wasteland // sober (childish gambino cover) // strange enough

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