new music: JACUZZI BOYS

jacuzzi boys | photo cred:

jacuzzi boys | photo cred:

reppin: miami, usa // hardy art records

sounds like: strolling down the highway with your window down and your tongue out as you try to act like a dog and wake up your best friend in the backseat...worth it

latest album drop: ping pong (oct 2016) // released today!!!

featuring: gabriel // diego // danny

Oh, the feels when you hear their hit track from 2011, “glazin,’” and that simple riff progression comes in, the soft vocals and then it speeds up and you can’t help just rocking out. Most try, few succeed. These southeast rock n rollers got their start back in 2007 and have been grinding out that feel good, slightly grungy rock n’ roll ever since. While having released 3 solid albums and 1 EP since 2009, these are the kids who are constantly touring to build that special bond with their fans. I mean how can you not hear a track like “happy damage” and smile as they take you through these fascinating, upbeat progessions, fun ass lyrics with vocals that just blend perfectly into that rock sound. Plus, these dudes seem goofy and rad. When they describe that they can turn “neon into ice cubes” and are “going grand” by “building limestone monuments to those who boogied before them,” well, you have something quite special here. 

jacuzzi boys | photo cred:

jacuzzi boys | photo cred:

Speaking of boogieing, these tracks blend the perfect amount of dance in your step with head banging rock (que long hair bobbing to and fro). You can hear just a bit of that southern rock in a few of their tracks. Then that cali guitar rock comes in and what could easily be a hot mess comes together so nicely. Head over to “no sleep” and you get the bounce up and down sound with lyrics you’ll easily be able to pick-up. Seriously, run through that happy damage EP and you will not find a weak song. Then, slap their newest, “ping pong”, back and forth and be even further pleased. By the way, that album just dropped today, october, 21st. They so perfectly place their mini-solos between gabriel and danny’s vocals, giving listeners that extra little bit. Folks, rock n’ roll had a wide range of sounds. Those who pull of one of those types to perfection should be praised. We praise you Jacuzzi Boys (or at least I do). Keep rocking out dudes!

suggested listening experience: bbqing some fucking meat // windown down, crusing the highway during the summer // pregaming with the squad

listens: lucky blade // can't fight forever // happy damage // no sleep // sun // glazin’ // electric days

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