reppin: houston, usa // currently unsigned residing in la, usa

sounds like: walking through a sunny rain storm with your squad, you are front and center and even Mom is diggin it

kevin abstract | photo cred:

kevin abstract | photo cred:

next album drop: american boyfriend (2017)

featuring: ian simpson // 20 years old // part of the group, BROHAMPTON

kevin abstract | photo cred:

kevin abstract | photo cred:

This dude is only 20?! Well fuck my life, may as well just retire right now. I’m not one to associate or attach someone to another human, but he reminds me of someone’s personality out there. He can sing, rap, write and he has one hell of a creative side that can very much take him beyond music. Since 2015 he’s jumped around, first beginning his journey with producer, Romil and quickly earned praise from solid publications. He pushed along and joined the group, BROHAMPTON, where they earned their stars and stripes with MTV. I can just hear the talent oozing out of this guy as he is already well seasoned and it shows in his ever name-changing album, now titled American Boyfriend. It is due out in 2017, but for now, let me try to envision that future.

Let’s start at the foundation...Ian boats a wide range of influences from Tyler the Creator and Kid Cudi to Justin Timberlake and Quentin Tarantino Something you immediately recognize, especially in those latest singles, is his range of sound. A well balanced, blended smoothie of alternative riffs, 80s influenced keys and slow motion drums...he just knows when to sing, when to spit and when to mix them together. His lyrics also tell a story as I am assuming he has a lot to tell us moving around frequently during his childhood. The slated album is going to open up even more about this young talent and if he progressing like he is, then watch out kids!

suggested listening experience: if you’re a high schooler - that good ol’ cruise around the neighborhood // weed & wine wednesdays // long day after work

listens: empty // ECHO // drugs // tame cab

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