new music: ALLAN KINGDOM

reppin: winnipeg, ca // 22 years old // part of Thestand4rd

sounds like: the chillest and most enjoyable roller coaster you’ll ever ride

allan kingdom | photo cred:

allan kingdom | photo cred:

last album drop: northern lights mixtape (jan 2016)

featuring: allan kyariga

A Canadian who grew up in the upper midwest with true african roots, his father being from South African and his mother Tanzanian, mr. allan kingdom hits you with a wide ranging flow and unique pipes. That is a recipe for something special in my opinion. In 2013, he put out a mixtape entitled “Talk to Strangers,” which was self produced at that...and this would be a good time to tell you that this kid writes and produces all on his own. That got him on the map and catapulted him to make some noise into 2014 when a few reputable publications had him on watch lists and best rapper lists. He’s already has worked alongside the likes of Kanye West and Theophilus London, something too many kids just can’t prove these days. And shit, he has put out a ton of music for a baby-faced 22 year old. You can tell over time that he doesn’t just stick to one type of distinctive hip hop sound or anything. He is all over the place in such a good and creative way….as he puts it: my music not being mainstream is a challenge that is more of a reason to persevere.

allan kingdom | photo cred:

allan kingdom | photo cred:

As you take yourself through his vast library of joints, hopefully like me you’ll take notice that he is across the board with singing, rapping and the types of beats he puts behind it. Slow, fast, changing speeds mixed with funky noises and meaningful lyrics stood out on my end. My favorite thing about this kid, as he is still growing, learning and taking it all in is this quote: “What’s missing in hip-hop for me a little bit is the human aspect.” says Kingdom. “The fact that we all go through the same things, even though we all come from different places. Everyone cries and everyone laughs. We can feel alone, but at the end of the day we’re not alone, we are all together.” I love this fresher vision within creating music. Not just in hip hop, but across the board. Yes, creating beats that can stick with listeners for years and get your butt to groove is great, but understanding the deeper meaning of why one is creating music is why they should do it in the first place. There is a lot of shit going on out there and if someone as talented as allan is going to keep that mindset as he crafts more tunes for us, well, i’ll take that over any other artists any day of the week. Keep learning and making us groove with meaning.

suggested listening experience: your next long road trip // sit, twist, smoke, pass // keeping your ass focused during the work day

listens: wavey // evergreens // believe // blast // the ride // northern lights // hypocrite

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