reppin: brooklyn, usa // san francisco, usa // 2011 - present

sounds like: an escape to your favorite place (seriously, not just one place for all, your personal happy place).

wildlife control | photo cred:

wildlife control | photo cred:

last album drop: particles ep (april 2016)

featuring: neil sauh // sumul sauh

That euphoric sound; the blend of the distorted instruments and the complimentary vocals that brings a song to that sot where you feel free...and can let go. Even more, these guys are more than just music. Wildlife Control got their start a short time ago in 2011 and immediately made some noise with their first track, “analog or digital.” The music video went viral and these dudes were officially on the map. That catapulted their status, gained some following out east as they turned it into some light touring across the country. Their self titled album was released in July of 2012...and that is where their unique sound began to take notice. The crafted beats with just enough pop landed them some very positive reviews. Personally, I love the deep and low bass. While getting noticed is one thing, separating from yourself from the rest is special. That is what began to take shape as we fast forward to now.

wildlife control | photo cred:

wildlife control | photo cred:

While there were only a few singles released over the coming years, it was clear that these two were at work trying to create something different. Say hello to one the better 3 song EPs you’ll come across as of recent. Every intro is carefully crafted, the speed of their joints really meshes well with their lyrics and vocals. You can pick up slight sounds of keyboards and other shenanigans that really do a great job of filling out riffs and the song as a whole. It is so obvious how beautifully they evolved from a more poppy sound to their own musical heartbeat. I swear, each time I listen to a track like “subtract” i escape into my place and just start rocking out wherever I am...luckily I don’t sweat like you would at a show. So, this album is composed of three movements, if you will, illusion, subtract and creature. To complement the tracks, they released a 12 minute film (see below), also entitled particles, set to Hyper-lapse videos from users around the world. And god damn, it is out of this world stuff when you match music with video. Looking forward to that next LP gentleman.

suggested listening experience: waking your ass up after a night out on the town // watching the particles video (see above) // whenever you are when the sun is setting 

listens: illusion // subtract // creature // different // analog or digital // spin // darkness

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