new music: CHAD VALLEY

reppin: oxford, uk // cascine records // 2010 - present

sounds like: taking one of those rafting rides through super cool caves --> eye opening and soothing

chad valley | photo cred:

chad valley | photo cred:

last album drop: entirely new blue (oct 2015)

featuring: hugo manuel

chad valley | photo cred:

chad valley | photo cred:

Mr. Manuel hooks you in with his chill synth-pop so you may as well call it a win for him getting you hooked. His soothing sounds at the right speeds and voice to match really set the tone for what this man has done since 2010. While it totally does not make sense to talk about a English artist on this shitshow of an election day, this dude is way more deserving of headlines than the turd sandwich and giant douche. Chad Valley started as a side project as he headed the band Jonquil, quickly releasing two EPs that were just the beginning to mastering his craft. I really dig the way way his vocals kind of drag over the synthy beats, giving it a very friendly sort of feel. Listen to “shell suite” good! As we move toward his first full length, Under the Radar, you could start to notice the smoothly produced tracks, blended 80s pop beats...clearly from an out there, creative thinking artist. So, to bring you up to speed, Chad Valley’s sound has truly evolved, especially when you tune into his latest, entirely new blue.

 If you love funky beats and the 80s this album is definitely for you. The range is clearly audible, be it slower songs vs more upbeat ones. There are some very creative drums involved that takes the childish sound of synth wave away (think about those silly synth pop bands from high school). “Arms away” takes you back in time, while showing one how to layer some great beats, yet have a simple overall listen. Dare I say some of his tracks even get a bit tropical, which fits well with the overall flow of the album. Throughout his career, Hugo loves using guest artists and producers on his tracks because he his in fact a solo artist. Being one dimensional is no fun for anyone. This does not take away from the talent he posses, both on the vocals and production side of things. Given his creativity and ability to collaborate with others, I can see a lot of cool and different tunes coming our way soon.

suggested listening experience: on the way home after a very long day at work // bubble bath // pre dance floor warm up routine

listens: shell suite // arms away // now that im real (how does it feel?!) // moon under water // fast challenges // true

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