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show attended: SoFar Chicago on 11.30.16 with hanna ashbrook // cole degenova // mykele deville

mykele deville

mykele deville

It can be a weird feeling walking into a stranger’s apartment, not really knowing too many people. However, this is a bit different than walking into a big ass concert hall in all the right ways. I mean, how many shows do you first hear, “can you please take your shoes off?” You know you are in for a cozy night. A collective group of locals sipping on some beers and anxiously waiting for the first performer. There is a lot of special in the air for music fans on nights like this. We are so used to norm of popping in that new album (aka just clicking play on that streaming service) or anticipating that concert you bought tickets for two months in advance. Trust me, nothing wrong with either of those situations.

cole degenova

cole degenova

We seldom think about the full time musicians who are pumping out jingles and 30 second clips...those kids have some talent. How many times have you sat down next to a talented artist who can just rock out on the acoustic (and no, playing Dave Matthews Band songs does not count). These are dedicated artists who throw their emotions into their lyrics and want to connect with each fan one at a can’t get that in any form of entertainment much these days.

Some nights we need to rage it up. Some nights we want to sit on our ass. What falls between the cracks are those unexpected nights. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend all sorts of concerts, take part in meet and greets and kick it at my friends band practice. Looking at the faces of others and seeing eyes closed with the head swaying, just taking in the sounds. That couple cuddled on the wood floor with all the smiles. The anticipation for that musician to just break form and go all out on those vocals or that rapper to just start is something unique that one does not just fall into. This is what happens when you bring passionate fans and dedicated local artists together. Go out and bag an experience for yourself

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