reppin: NOLA bred, Mississippi based - Unsigned

sounds like: The smartest kid in the classroom who's into the coolest tunes and then snatches your girl

latest release: LIMBO (November 2015)

Ah, the beauty of a New Orleans rapper. Flow. Style. And most importantly, they are blessed to grow up with the wide range of sounds the city has to offer. These three factors pop out at you as you move from song to song. The verses are loose and vibrant and choruses are tight and easy to nod your head to. When you listen to his newest, LIMBO, front to back, you’ll be taken through a roller coaster of beats, instruments and creative flow of lyrics.

I’m not as knowledgeable with the producers, but he has gone across to globe to collaborate and has no shyness on touring with all types of genres. I recommend starting with Eleven:11 off of his 2014 release, Floating While Dreaming. Jump to Monday Morning and others on LIMBO to see how quickly his sound has evolved and expanded. Hip hop can have the tendency to be one dimensional (especially over the radio waves), but when a musician like this is found, you perk up those ears because you know they are something special. #PELLYEAH!

fun fact: this dude is 23...crazy!

suggested listening experience: impressing your friends at a party with your newly expansive hip hop taste // in the gym (but make sure you are mouthing all the lyrics with some attitude)

monday morning // eleven: 11 // queso // runaway

pell // facebook