reppin: nashville/la - atlantic records

sounds like: staring your dream loveboat in the eyes in the middle of a rainstorm

latest album drop: sorry (september 2015)

disclaimer: this chick has gotten a ton of play since i made note last summer

The first time I heard MM, it was one of those literal jaw dropping moments (which probably occurred on the L in front of a bunch of strangers). This chick will steal your gf/bf with just a look in the eyes. Nashville is a factory of unique talent and it all starts with this lady’s beautiful, piercing voice. Those vocals drive each song from the start into a dark, sometimes sexual whirlwind that separates her from the rest. Meg has always enjoyed writing poppy songs combined with her influences of Led Zeppelin, James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac...this all holds true in her latest album, Sorry.

After moving to LA, Meg found her current bandmates and by 2012 got the attention of labels. That has grown to appearances on the festival circuits, a tour with Broods as well as her own headlining tour last year. Every time I listen, I hear power, desire and passion from her songs...this chick rocks hard. In MM’s words: “I want it to make people not afraid to feel.”

suggested listening experience: ANY sexual conquest // stealing someone's gf or bf // not in public...seriously, it may get too weird

listens: sorry // desire // head head heart // make a shadow

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