reppin: edinburgh, scotland - big dada records

sounds like: your dad telling you about those days he smoked weed and listened to all those cool 60s doesn't quite make sense but sounds cool as hell and you want in

latest album drop: white men are black too (april, 2015)

featuring: kayus bankole, graham hastings, alloysious massaquoi

Before you even hit play, you gotta put yourself in a very unique music space for these amazingly creative dudes. Think Death Grips, Das Racist, Shabazz Palaces, BadBadNotGood….this little bubble has no fear in creating a song structure that makes no sense but at the same time makes complete sense. After laying down some simple percussion, the songs take off in a completely unpredictable way that would make Bowie smile from the heavens. The ongoing theme I’ve found is the uplifting and positive nature that each song puts you in...and I dig that.

 “I Heard,” one of their more soothing but darker songs off of Tape Two put them on the map. They then followed it up with a more funky and head bobbing “Soon Come Soon” and have really taken that path since. Nest is my personal favorite. It will give you the confidence to go and talk to that crush you’ve had forever. If you are giving these Scots the thumbs up, give “White Men Are Black Too” a listen from front to back. There is something special about raps laid over funky beats with that little sprinkle of singing vocals. So sit back, roll up your J (I mean sleeves) and enjoy the craftiness that is Young Fathers

suggested listening experiences: in your earbuds on a summer day along the beach // trippy and/or funky dance party

listens: nest // i heard // soon come soon // shame

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