reppin: brooklyn, ny

sounds like: if california and the 80s had a long lasting love affair that resulted in their love child

last album drop: best blues (october, 2015)

featuring: ryan heyner // josh kolenik // juan pieczanski // jeff curtin

I freakin love this band….they give me a sense of it being summertime (yes, even when it’s fucking 6 below) with their slowly built intros, distorted sounds, 80s sync pop and soft vocals. I did catch a quote stating that they are indeed 1980’s obsessed, but simply love the early sounds from those keyboards. They use something called lo-fi and loop based recordings that gives them that unique blend. But this is not some new sound they suddenly found. Born in 2009, they have stuck true to their style, but have only become crisper and more melodic as time went on. After a full length in 2010, they really found themselves in 2013’s "Limit of Desire" and most recent album “Best Blues").

Start with their lead track off Best Blues, "Perfect Strangers" and you’ll hear those crazy distorted sounds behind Josh Hayden Kolenik’s vocals. No Stranger is their most popular track as it should be. Go to your nearest beach (or pool for you inland folks) and try not to smile as Ryan, Josh, Juan and Jeff take you back in time. These dudes truly are the kings of summer bands...I can see them rocking out at every festival as they very well should

Small Black | August 2015 |

Small Black | August 2015 |

suggested listening experience: festivals, festivals, them before going to every festival // aerobics class // grilling out on a weeknight

listens: personal best // no strangers // no one wants it to happen to you // boys life

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