reppin: born in north massachusetts, residing in brooklyn, ny - columbia records

sounds like: a bubble bath...not the walmart crap, the stuff you get from anthropologie

latest album drop: don’t you (january, 2016)

featuring: kelly zutrau, joe valle, marty sulkow

Wet | parparv.com

Wet | parparv.com

The first few months of this blog will feature a few groups who have graduated from undiscovered, but I like to break the rules. Those bands must be shared with the world and Wet (not Moist...although I’m sure that band name is up for grabs) is one of them. It did not take long for them to find success as they grew to 7 members then quickly shrunk back to the original 3 where they have found their groove. Kelly has some luscious talk pipes on her, while Joe and Marty contribute a wide range of rock, pop, electronica and R&B noise. While you may have come across the group through a remix, it is time to hear them for what they are.

I’m a big lyrics guy. What makes this band so good is the fact you don’t need to know these lyrics to get into them both live and in the headphones. There is a ton of attention to detail given how slow the songs move, which makes for a pleasant and ear-pleasing experience. I’ve been reading that everything musically is derived from those vocals Kelly has. Her soft voice pairs best with soft drum pads, muted guitars (see verses and chorus in “weak”) and sometimes, just nothing. When the sound does get amped up, mostly towards the conclusion of the song, it really brings their structure together with emphasis on the beauty they bring.  

suggested listening experience: While taking a bubble bath...duh // evening stroll through your neighborhood // a hungover friday morning on the way to work

listens: you’re the best // weak // deadwater // dreams

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