reppin: london, UK - hit/rca records

sounds like: those expandable water toys when we were kids….looks harmless, but oh man, does she pack a punch when she gets goin

last album drop: my love is cool (june, 2015)

featuring: ellie rowsell, joel amey, joff oddie, theo ellis

Wolf Alice | Subterranean | Chicago, May 2015 | @thefaakehipster

Wolf Alice | Subterranean | Chicago, May 2015 | @thefaakehipster

Once again, another amazing group that has seen a ton of love in the past year. And once again, another band I wrote to memory a little more than a year ago. It appears that they are much more well known over the pond than in the states at the moment, but that will change. March of 2015 I saw these kids rock out at Subterranean in Chicago (very small venue for those who don’t know) and I must say, I do not see them playing those small clubs again, like ever. A chick with her axe and just the right amount of edge to her voice, a old school rock vibe behind her and a whole lot of loud, fun and energetic noise to get you moving.

As you work your way through “moaning lisa smile” & “bros,” you’ll catch onto their harder, grungier sound. Tracks like “freazy” & “wicked game” will show their pop and folky side, proving they can play and write at a wide spectrum. Whatever you favor, they do an unreal job at blending the opposing genres and creating a party on stage for your viewing pleasure. For now, sit back and cruise their tunes to get you hooked for that next show

suggested listening experience: getting ready for the workday or schoolday // hanging with your friends who don’t listen to just edm // that little window of time after work when you come home to change before you are ready to fuck shit up at night

listens: moaning lisa smile // bros // giant peach // your love's whore

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