reppin: Sydney, Australia - Mosy Records

sounds like: a calming walk down the beach with a well timed array of fireworks (the ones that make cool designs) going off

latest record: the positions (2015)

You are going to find a ton of Aussie as this blog gets rolling because they are just destroying the music scene one kangaroo at a time. As for these cats, first, you’ll be reeled in by lead singer David Le’aupepe’s luscious can feel the emotion in his edgy voice. Then the rhythmic guitars and perfectly positioned riffs take over to give you that warming sensation (i’ll leave this open to interpretation). The six minute ballads and slow builds throughout a majority of their songs are powerful and will have you wishing you were at their concert melting your face.

All in all, their latest 10 song album entitled The Positions is sensationally brilliant. It will take you to both ends of the indie spectrum with the likes of the soft and soothing “Kansas” to the head banger Poison Drum. They’ve already played alongside the like of MS MR, Smith Westerns(RIP) and have the potential to pack stadiums as they mature. Say it with me: “COME TO THE STATES GOD DAMMIT!”

fun fact: They refer to their style of music as “dad rock,” which should officially be recognized as a sub-genre of rock

suggested listening experience: wake up your office on a Monday morning // weird out some folks by pretending to drum or rock the axe on your morning commute // get a good pregame started with these solid indie-rockers

magnolia // radioface // poison drum

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