reppin: chicago, il

sounds like: watching the Back To The Future series cause this dude is all over the spectrum and the musical timeline in his delorean

towkio w/ vic mensa |

towkio w/ vic mensa |

latest album drop: .wav theory (april, 2015)

Part of the recent explosion of fusion hip hop on the Southside of Chicago, Towkio is beginning to get heads bumpin' outside of the Chi as well. Call it the “Chance The Rapper Hop On My Train And Let Me Take You To A New Happy Hip Hop Land,” or whatever you want, but this dude caught on quick. Plus, he is 23 years old (I remember my first beer) and laying down incredible lyrics with a number of diverse producers. Think about how much he can continue to evolve and mature in the years to come….dangerous.

While that new tune with Vince Stapes is killing it (G W M), his latest full length spans jazz, funk, electronica and more. “Free Your Mind” decided to not tell Mom, snuck out, and blended all 3 genres behind Towkio’s wonderful blend of singing and rapping (the track made it back into bed safely too). If you still aren’t sold, spin Lido’s produced track, “Heaven Only Knows,” and let Towkio and Chance spit their unique sounding flow while Eryn Allen Kane belts from the top of her lungs. I truly believe that if the common music fan started paying attention to dudes like this, you’ll start to fall in love with the hard work they are putting in and the positive message they are pushing.

suggested listening experience: saturday afternoon power through getting some work done session // before heading to any dancy concert...this will get your feet warmed up // hanging out with your two best friend cause you aren’t afraid to try your new dance moves

listens: G W M // free your mind // heaven only knows // clean up // involved

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