new music: ALEX WILEY

reppin: chicago, il - closed sessions // the village

sounds like: one of those deep tissue massages that you always want to get but can’t afford and hurts so fucking good

latest album drop: tangerine dream (june 2016)

alex wiley | photo cred:

alex wiley | photo cred:

Mr. alex wiley is part of the next wave of Chicago hip hop, aka hip hop in general. Last I checked the scene is better than the Golden State Warriors (96’ Bulls forever!) It all started at a very young age for Alex as he began music by playing the violin (reminds me of when I played flute in 3rd grade...please don’t tell anyone). This of course, made complete sense as he transitioned to his hip hop career. I know, totally makes sense. That is just the thing with these young musicians who are getting started super early. They have the chance to evolve their ears, open boundaries and become that one of a kind artist. It is also a plus when every other hip hop artist in Chicago is showing the same sort of talent.

He is only 23 and has one of the most unique vocals in the game. Even sweeter, his flow is extremely impressive for a young artist.  You can easily catch his range of beats, keyboard, slow to fast from tracks like “vibration” to “paris freestyle.” Just from taking a glance at some of the titles of his tracks, yes, he is a ridiculous freestyle rapper. The way he can string verses together without taking a breath as well as changing speeds, is quite impressive. Slot this dude in your chill hip hop playlists and let the diverse range of tunes take you to the next stage of hip hop.

suggested listening experience: perfect for house party shenanigans // riding back on the train on a rainy day (dunno why, just feels right) // when you’re practicing to rap just like the real dudes

listens: vibration // paris freestyle // navigator truck // red pill

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