new music: THE HUNNA

reppin: london, uk // high time records

sounds like: a pair of beautiful denim after you rough them up and throw some dirt on it. They look so good and you want to rock them everyday

next album drop: "100" (august 26, 2016)

featuring: valentino // bandana-dan // ik // the prince

the hunna | photo cred:

the hunna | photo cred:

Where did you come from?! I caught one great song posted sometime late last year and now I am seeing them anywhere. So what is the story? Well, turns out these dudes literally put themselves on the map last fall and have been spreading the love like crazy lately, including a US tour that is about to end currently. Being that these guys are new and fresh, they are obviously doing something right to gain fans quickly. Quite simply, they are doing it with how they sound. The sound has that positive, fun vibe...something you can easily sing along to. The mixture of crisp vocals and dirty guitars have them armed and ready to open for big, big acts at the moment.

As you take a dive into the lyrics, you can immediately gather that they are a big ball of fun. Not only are the lyrics memorable, they are positive and make you smile. As they push through their four singles out at the moment, there is a splash of mid 2000s sound. Super simple, but pleasing and energetic. Whatever the future holds for these dudes, the door is wide open for them to make a splash this summer. Dig into their available tunes and get amped for their 1st album release around Labor Day.

suggested listening experience: morning pump up music // super chill session with your buddies // porch drinking as the sun is setting

listens: you & me (music video below) // bonfire // we could be // still got blood

the hunna is: fb // ig // twitter // sc