The “Please Make It Last Longer Than 10 Seconds Guide” to MAMBY ON THE BEACH

welcome to summertime chi. The ear treats that we all know and love in acts like Milky, Atmosphere, Animal Collective, Wild Belle and the bearded Chet Faker are no brainers in seeing this weekend. Here are some lesser known, quality folks to fill out your 'merica weekend that is saturday and sunday at beautiful oakwood beach:

festival: mamby on the beach

location: oakwood beach (lsd & 43rd)

vibe: dance your face off

SMALL BLACK *previously blogged* // brooklyn // sat 1:15pm

sounds like: if california and the 80s had a long lasting love affair that resulted in their love child

listens:  no stranger // personal best

SHIBA SAN paris, france // sat 6pm

sounds like: that dance beat you can't get out of your head hours after the club

listens: okay // boom shak

monakr | photo cred:

monakr | photo cred:

MONAKR  chicago, il // sun 1:30pm

sounds like: a lovely and gentle breeze under your armpits

listens: diamond // calling out

MIAMI HORROR *previously blogged* // melbourne, australia // sat 3:30pdm

sounds like: a summer breeze that can’t decide if it is in the 80s flocking with the seagulls or in the future fucking with drones

listens: real slow // love like mine

thao & the stay down get down | photo cred:

thao & the stay down get down | photo cred:

THAO & THE STAY DOWN GET DOWN san francisco, ca // sun 3:30pm

sounds like: hardcore folk music with a subtle and calming voice

listens: nobody dies // we the common

THOMAS JACK new south wales, australia // sat 4:45pm

sounds like: a rainforest in alice in wonderland

listens: rivers

GALLANT dc, usa // sun 4:45pm

sounds like: what you wish you could sound like when you are trying to serenade your girl/boy - full of soul

bishop briggs | photo cred:

bishop briggs | photo cred:

listens: weight in gold // talking to myself

BISHOP BRIGGS london, uk // sat 2:30pm

sounds like: a soft, warm cuddle in bed when you aren't quite ready to snooze

listens: river // the way i do

MARCUS MARR london, uk // sun 3pm

sounds like: chet's lil bro with even more of an lovable edge (

listens: the trouble with us // killing jar

MAYOR HAWTHORNE la, ca // sun 5:45pm

sounds like: the coolest dad music you've ever grooved to (r&b with a twist)

listens: just ain't gonna work out // love like that

mayer hawthorne | photo cred:

mayer hawthorne | photo cred: