reppin: la, usa - pocket kid records

sounds like: a sweet ass harley revving its engine while giving you and everyone else the finger - zero fucks given

latest album drop: pleasure to meet you (march, 2015)

featuring: emily armstrong // siouxsie medley // sean friday // chris null

dead sara | photo cred:

dead sara | photo cred:

I actually had no idea that emily started as a musician in 2002 at the age of 12 upon hearing this band. It is no wonder she has perfected her vocal chords and put herself in a very unique space in the music we call rock. Dead Sara hails from music rich LA and has yet to follow up their amazing 1st LP, “pleasure to meet you.” You better bet I am damn excited to see what is coming next. The fact that they have already rocked out on the “Tonight Show” circuits and played around the country is more than most young bands can say.

This band is so edgy and rough in all the right a solid man-beard or a full sleeve of tats. Emily’s voice has a mixture of all those delicious female vocals out there and her range is ridiculous. Couple it with that grungy rock guitar and loud ass drums..well you have quite the musical act in my opinion. Lyrics to sing to and badass solos. Their softer tunes give them a nice balance, but you better believe they do not give you a break from head banging. Get on these guys and gals and do it fast. (on a side note i’m single sara...just sayin!)

suggested listening experience: taking a shower getting ready for your saturday night // trying to lip sing to a cutie on the train // backyard bbq cookin’

listens: weatherman // mona lisa (below) // heart shaped box (nirvana cover) // la city slum

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