new music: COASTS

reppin: bristol, uk - tidal records  

sounds like: being on a hawaiian beach with that nice breeze blowing and the sun setting. Side note - I have never been to hawaii

coasts | photo cred:

coasts | photo cred:

latest album drop: coasts (jan 2016)

featuring: chris caines // liam willford // james gamage // david goulbourn // ben street

While these dudes formed back in 2011, they recently made a ton of noise with their first LP release and I’m telling you; it is damn good and soothing. Slow beats, demanding vocals and amazing transitions. They seem like one of those bands that was so crisp from the start; that the majors got on them and helped market their already near flawless sound. Considering Warner and Capital are the only labels they have ever known before Tidal, I’d say they are well on their way to packing in fans by the thousands. It’s pretty cool to see them slowly build an album as they got together at first and just wrote. From there a single (Oceans) hit the radio in 2014 and they carried that momentum up through their album release earlier this year.

coasts | photo cred:

coasts | photo cred:

Upon first listen, I immediately noticed how well chris’ vocals pop off the bass-line and drums. The way he extends his pipes over the ear friendly riffs makes every song sound clean, passionate and full of pop. “Wolves is probably the tastiest of all their tracks and can turn the most suttle music listener into a fan. A few listens and you’ll already be singing along with the chorus. I have every bit of respect for bands that have been at it for 5+ years and still trying to find their breakthrough moment...they would kill to be these guys. Cheers to these Brits and a equally as stellar follow up in the next few years.

suggested listening experience: get your bike, longboard or running shoes and cruise // post work after a shitty will bring a smile // that weekend you have to bring home work from the office

listens: oceans (music video below) // tonight // wolves // a rush of blood

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