new music: PROF

reppin: minneapolis, mn // rhymesayers entertainment

sounds like: literally every type of hip hop wrapped into one - Cali to ATL to NYC and back to the midwest

prof | photo cred:

prof | photo cred:

latest album drop: liability (sept 2015 // rhymesayers debut)

Let’s just get this out of the way: damn i love minneapolis hip hop! There is such a wide array of styles, yet they are all of balanced and continuous flow... Atmosphere to Doomtree...Brother Ali, Grieves, Astronautalis (soon to be blogged about). Jason Anderson aka Prof, got his start back in the early 2000s, so yea, kinda bent my rules. But they are my rules and I’m an adult so deal with it. Speaking of flow, go through the recommended songs and you’ll immediately notice how he incorporates sounds and styles of hip hop from regions.

Digging a bit deeper, I am blown away by his ability to blend this old school sound, but at the same time there is a mixture of beats and vocals that sound so fresh and new. And bonus: the dude can sing (see “gasoline”). Like, he really can sing. There is a quick appreciation and respect for the energy he brings to each song and the love he gives the crows during his concerts. He is well regarded locally, always engaging his audience and bringing that little extra in the live setting. And finally, his songs spread genre lines, giving him a balanced sound and wider audience. You do not find too many rappers on Warped Tour, but that is what he is currently repping at the moment. Go catch him this summer!

suggested listening experience: any point from the pregame to party timeline // when you need help crushing some work early on a monday // when your friend doesn't know anyone outside of kanye and drake

listens: bar breaker (see music video) // gasoline // farout // the season

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