concert shenanigans: THE ORWELLS - A look into a pair of shows @ 1st Ward dubbed "The Midwest ShitFest"


also featuring: The Symposium, Post Animal, Joe Bordenero & The Late Bloomers

the orwells | 1st ward @ chop shop | 8.12.16 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

the orwells | 1st ward @ chop shop | 8.12.16 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

reppin: elmhurst, il // canvasback music

sounds like: that proud moment when you feel good about giving the middle finger to someone with a big smile

next album drop: fall/winter 2016 release will follow up "Disgraceland"

featuring: matt o'keefe // henry brinner // matt brinner // dominic corso // mario cuomo

First...a brief history

Let's catch you slackers up on what the awesome dudes known as The Orwells have accomplished before most of us have even graduated college. All five guys grew up in suburban Chicago, Elmhurst to be exact, and formed in 2009 in the early stages of high school. It only took a quick 3 years to get discovered, signed and release their first album, “remember when” in 2012. Whether it was from within, or trusted sources, there was something special there so they graduated early, hit the festival circuit, wowed Letterman and earned the hearts of fans everywhere. Shortly thereafter, they released their follow up, “disgraceland.” While the journey for them had already been incredible, this beautifully crafted garage rock album received not only praise from the music folks out there, but an enormous, positive reception from the fans. Oh, and these goofballs are only 21/22 years old as we jump to the present.

fast forward to right meow

In any aspect of life, there is something special when humans get together to create a masterpiece. I wholeheartedly believe that these five young dudes will forever have that “special sauce” from being so close to one another at a very young age. We mold our personalities and values as we grow through high school and beyond, and they were able to do it as one entity with five different, laid back personalities. A majority of musicians out there will go their whole career without gaining even a dedicated local following...already veterans on the show front; hanging with them I immediately felt a vibe of humility. So easygoing, connected to one another and welcoming to the newbies (like myself) to take in a slice. Flicking beers and tequila back like it’s nothing, laughing, taking cracks at one another and living in the moment are all key aspects to preparing for a killer show

Now, the crowd is getting more and more anxious and the guys are ready to take the stage in Chicago for the first time in awhile. Before them, three local, talented acts warmed everyone up. There are no nerves...just anticipation to engage their fans and have probably more fun than they are. That middle finger (or the toilet plunger that Mario found) are raised high in the sky...they don’t care what you think of them; all they want is to bring out that emotion in every fan through their rock n’ roll. You may call it chaos. I call it an organized, sweaty good ass time (speaking of butts, Mario was not shy in mooning everyone). Both nights, moshing and crowd surfing were at the max despite a sign every 15 feet clearly reading: “No moshing or crowd surfing.”  I still see the energetic youth in The Orwells much like I still try to cling onto what’s left of mine. However, there is a level of maturity with Matt, Grant, Mario, Henry and Dominic; they not only understand and vibe off their audience, but they understand each other. That magical formula is going to lead to countless masterpieces to come. Much love to these guys for the opportunity to kick it this past weekend.

suggested listening experience: anytime you need to smile and forget about about shit // any house or backyard party // trying to build the courage to tell your ex to fuck off

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