new music: THE SOIL & THE SUN

reppin: grand rapids, mi 

sounds like: that game you played when you were a child at day camp with the big colorful parachute looking sheet...the moment when it was as inflated as it gets and you smiled

the soil & the sun | photo cred:

the soil & the sun | photo cred:

latest album drop: “actual replica, vol 1” (may, 2016 // 2 song ep)

featuring: benjamin // alex // ashley // kellen

When you think of soil and how the sun makes it grow, well, that is exactly how this band has grown. What started as a duo in 2008 has spurred out of the soil to a seven-piece and has settled into a four-bagger. Personally, i could care less how many folks are in this band because they make some of the most pleasant sounding music around. Think 70s psychedelic sound with a shift into more of a melodic mixture of upbeat sounds, yet still some dark moments. They were able to accomplish a ton with their first two albums in just a tiny home studio, with very little musical experience. Their latest 2014 release, “meridian,” allowed them to up their recording and equipment game, and their sound certainly matches that. While they are laid back at the core, the complexity in overlapping vocals and melodies make for a bigger sound than may appear...and i dig that.

Take your pick as far as the type of sound. Want some soul...listen to “How Long.” Want some folk all up in your face...give “Are You?” a shot. Want to go a little darker...then “Samyaza” is at your fingertips. While this group may be ameatur in the standards of the big ass music industry, they have done so much with so little resources. Their two newest joints released in may entitled “actual replica, vol 1” take you more into pop territory and are quite pleasing on the ear muscles. All in all you have a pleasant sounding group of humans no matter which way you look at it and you should be listening right meow

suggested listening experience: a nice long road trip // hanging out with your boo // enjoying a late morning sunday brunch

listens: are you? // throughout the night // how long // samyaza

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