reppin: brooklyn, usa // yep roc records

sounds like: tight jeans, chuck taylors, a white t, leather jackets, aviators and a lot of attitude

latest album drop: into the night (2016)

featuring: jeremy fury (vocals) // craig bonich (axe) // Patrick Meyer (axe) // stevie fury (drums) // bobby ever (bass)

jeremy & the harlequins | photo cred:

jeremy & the harlequins | photo cred:

These little known, yet fast rising cats, pack a hell of a punch into their authentic sound that is 50s and 60s rock n’ roll. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys in Brooklyn and am quite stoked that I came across them. I immediately could tell that these savvy veterans of the music scene were ready to take their sound to the next level. Having already done a good amount of touring and putting a song on a feature film’s soundtrack, I’d say they are off and running. While music from that era is not as complex as the tunes we come across today, the simplicity of their sound and vocals actually has a wide range. They’ll make you smile one minute with remnants of the Beach Boys, while coming back and getting scratchy in a track like, “into the night.” Whatever you come across, you’ll find yourself either humming, tapping your foot to the beat or singing along immediately.

There is plenty out there in the “recreation” department, those who want to bring us nostalgic sound at its finest. In fact, a lot of it out there is carefully formula driven and in my opinion too soft for its own good because all they care about is getting on the radio. Most of the time there tends to be no identity or attitude, but there is something about a modern approach mixed with the rock n’ roll past these guys out out there. I don’t think there are many that beat J&TH at the vintage, super pure sound behind Jeremy Fury’s scratchy vocals. To top it off, they look the part and it is so fitting that are from NYC. I’m telling you all, while you won’t hear about these guys in the mainstream quite yet, they have created plenty of noise in the music community and it will only get better from here. Keep bringing us the rock n’ roll gentleman.

suggested listening experience: those fall nights, seems like the perfect backdrop music // your next road trip // shooting some pool or throwing some darts

listens: into the night (see below) // no one cares // trip into the light // cam girl // rhythm don’t lie

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