reppin: long beach, usa // innovative leisure records // 2009 - present

sounds like: a non-stop beach party with your friends from dawn till dusk

latest album drop: ghost food (aug 2016)

featuring: chad wachtel (guitar) // daniel michicoff (bass) // phil shaheen (drums)

tijuana panthers | photo cred:

tijuana panthers | photo cred:

You ever hit up that concert, or listen to that album and the experience front to back is consistent and more than satisfying. There really is not a dull moment and the build up just gets better and better? Well hello Tijuana Panthers. Oooo that mellow, lo-fi surfer rock kinda vibe is what TP is all about and they do it so well. The trio, who hails from long beach, all met at “church camp” (which I assume is similar to Hebrew Camp for us jews), and shared a passion for rock n’ roll. That soon blossomed into a band and their first 7” featuring the tunes “girls gone wild” and “creature.” This was soon followed up by their first album in 2010 (released in 2015), Max Barker. From there, the album Semi-Sweet was released in 2013 after sharing stages with some legends in between. There has been quite the bevy of singles and albums since then, as they have been in full force making music, tour and repeat mode.

tijuana panthers | photo cred:

tijuana panthers | photo cred:

Rock. Lo-Fi. Pop. Surfer Rock. Garage Rock. These guys really blend the genres in to well. Solidifying their place in the creation of masterful, vintage song making ability, they really know how to bring it track after track. What I mean by vintage, or classic, is that every song has such a great structure, filled with just enough pop to keep you looped in. There are simple, yet attractive riffs, vocals to boot and a good time to be had. The best part about these dudes...they are super weird! And weird is the new cool so embrace it. These guys should be here for some time to come so now is when you should start jumping on the bandwagon.

suggested listening experience: sunny day drinks // gym motivation // a cruise on the skateboard or longboard

listens: NOBO // cherry street // mind how you go // summer fun // father christmas // redheaded girl // crew cut

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