from the vault: BAYSIDE

reppin: long island, ny

years active: 2000 - present

featuring: anthony raneri // jack o'shea // nick ghanbarian // chris guglielmo

bayside | photo cred:

bayside | photo cred:

Bayside got its band name while on the way to see new found glory and hand them off a demo of their first tracks. They passed Bayside Train Station and the name stuck after they wrote it down. That was 17 years ago and the dudes are still going strong, putting out in-your-face punk rock. Shortly after their Victory Records self-titled debut, tragedy struck in the form of black ice and sadly killed the talented drummer, John Holohan. The others escaped with their lives, but that sort of event is not going away anytime soon. As a tribute to their fallen bandmate, they released a collection of acoustic tracks or previous songs...even the Pittsburgh band, Punchline, paid tribute to John with "37 Everywhere." For me, Bayside is full of powerful riffs like its popular punk rock counterparts and Anthony's voice stands out from the crowd. Their seventh album, Vacany, still proves that they know how to rock.  

studio albums: sirens and condolences (2004) // bayside (2005) // the walking wounded (2007) // shudder (2008) // killing time (2011) // cult (2014) // vacancy (2016)

listens: already gone // devotion & desire // sick, sick, sick // pretty vacant // masterpiece // carry on // no one understands // time has come

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