new music: THE ACADEMIC

reppin: mullingar, ireland // global publishing // 2013 - present

sounds like: getting into one of those ball pits at the discovery zone when you were a kid

last album drop: loose friends (2015 // debut ep)

the academic | photo cred:

the academic | photo cred:

featuring: craig fitzgerald (lead vocals + guitar) // matt murtagh (guitar) // stephen murtagh (bass) // dean gavin (drums)

These young millennials are just another reminder of how little I accomplished in life, which sucks for my career, but is awesome for music listening! When a rad band like the academic is getting attention as young as they are, well there is only room for these kids to grow both personally and musically. With just an EP under their belt, having already opened for the likes of The Pixies and Little Green Cars, the story goes back to as far as 2009. Matt, Craig and Stephen had always been jamming and messing around as a band, but things got a bit more serious when dean jumped on board about four years ago. When we are young and stupid, trying to learn and grow, in the moment it doesn’t mean much. As we slowly start to evolve and find the right pieces, all of the sudden that formula of success kicks in earlier than anyone expects. Craig, along with his bandmates, have found that balance of what they like vs. the structure of writing a catchy hook and gaining fans.

the academic | photo cred:

the academic | photo cred:

Speaking of finding their sound, this straight up indie rock quartet has some powerful stuff. The track, “different” really got things rolling for them, a song released back in 2015, but written long before that (oh, teenage love). From there, they crushed their debut ep. A fantastic blend of simple builds, rocky riffs and catchy choruses with just enough distortion. You can certainly hear the pop bounce off the indie rock, a pleasing sound that any music fan can really enjoy. Last year, the single “mixtape 2003” came out, proving that there is still some gold in those minds. While there has been a bit of a hiatus in the music last year, I expect some big things for this band. Another year under their belt and the opportunity to continue to evolve and craft their rock/pop sound....stay on these guys.

suggested listening experience: commute to work // hanging with a few friends before heading out to the bars // summertime doing anything

listens: different // sometimes // mixtape 2003 // chasers // thought i told you

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