new music: BAD//DREEMS

reppin: adeladine, australia // ivy league records // 2012 - present

sounds like: a half serious “fuck you” to your friend while waving and smiling

last album drop: dogs at bay (aug 2015)

bad//dreems | photo cred:

bad//dreems | photo cred:

featuring: james bartold // alex cameron // ben marwe // miles wilson

Throw a word like “outsider” in front of the word “rock” to describe your music, well I must investigate further. Slap that on top of these dudes meeting while playing for their local soccer club, the sport of choice for me (well, not really a choice...only so many sports you can play in high school when you are under six feet and Jewish), we have ourselves a band to watch. Forming in 2012, they immediately released their first single, “chills” followed by "caroline," which was picked up on the local Triple J radio on regular rotation. After doing some more digging around, I have come to find that adeladine is somewhat of a sacred place in Australia when it comes to music. It is home to many festivals of music and arts, a few music legends and a whole slew of ride range music genres. Growing up in a diverse setting like that can bring out the best in musicians. Fast forward to 2014 and these guys are already working with legendary music producer Mark Optiz on their hit single, “dumb ideas” (which is what first caught my attention).

bad//dreems | photo cred:

bad//dreems | photo cred:

These dudes do an amazing job of infusing their melodic sound into tracks that you can sway back and forth to as well as others that get you more in rock out banging your head mode. A sprinkle of 80s, some 70s UK rock and a bit of pop to top it off. The way they record their music gives a raw, yet smooth flow with their instruments, but the vocals so sharp in a way that makes you feel like ben is speaking directly to you. I love simple layers of sound, culture and personality through music, something these guys express through their tunes. What stands out the most: just being normal, chill guys. Watch their music videos of them just goofing around. There really isn’t an underlying statement to what they is about enjoying their tunes and having fun with it. Do yourself a favor and get lost in the young lifespan of tracks that is bad//dreems because you will not be disappointed.

suggested listening experience: slamming beers and being goofy with friends // afternoon wall hitting at the office // getting pumped up for that date

listens: chills // dumb ideas // mob rule // cuffed & collared // caroline // hiding to nothing

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