new music: THE O'MY'S

reppin: chicago, usa // unsigned // 2011 - present

sounds like: putting on suspenders, a bow tie, a top hat or that vintage 50s dress with your derby hat, then looking in the mirror and saying damnnnn I look good

last album drop: a humble masterpiece (2013)

the o'my's | photo cred:

the o'my's | photo cred:

featuring: maceo haymes - vocals & guitar // nick hennessey- vocals & keyboard // boyang matsapola- bass & vocals // baron golden - drums // erick mateo - tenor sax & guitar

maceo haymes | photo cred:

maceo haymes | photo cred:

A band that can truly be loved by everyone from your Grandma to your little baby barely being able to stand while dancing. Now that is special. A beautiful blend that constantly changes its core will get some rock, soul, R&B, hip hop, jazz and funk smacking you in the face before you even know how wide your smile is getting. Since they were born, their roots have been planted in the windy city and have held onto the foundation of music that chicago was built on. You can hear it from the bass line all the way to the soulful lyrics that fill each track. Start with “the wonder year” featuring chance the rapper, who works his flow into a that soul and rock. Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids joins them on “bout a dolla” a more bouncy hip hop delight. Next, move your way into “the wonder years,” where those vocals really shine. Just from those 3 tracks, you can tell the range of style they can pack in. Once you feel satisfied, run through the 2012 release, “chicago style,” quite arguably one of the best albums to come out of this city over the past five years. Those slow beats will have you swaying back and forth even if you are one of those shy ones and don’t want to.

Ohhhhh and Maceo’s vocals are so delicious and unique it makes you tingle as he works his to the chorus. While these guys may have not done a lot of touring, and I very much think they should be getting out on the road more, they have nailed this sound so good. When you are sitting around wondering why you don’t have a good go to for soulful rock, well don’t you worry no more. If you are in Chicago, keep your eye out for randomly scheduled last minute shows, especially at the Tonic Room...does not get much better than that.

suggested listening experience: getting through the workday // a sunny sunday afternoon outside // when you invite your parents over to your apartment

listens: the wonder years (ft chance the rapper) // bout a dolla (ft chuck inglish) // cough drop // chicken noodle soup // feeling like a king // living wrong

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