reppin: jacksonville, fl // SideOneDummy Records // 2003 - present

sounds like: chocolate first they don’t belong together but then you are like, duh, sweet and salty rules

astronautalis | photo cred:

astronautalis | photo cred:

last album drop: cut the body loose (may 2016)

featuring: charles andrew bothwell

astronautalis | schubas, chicago | 5.5.16 | @thefaakehipster

astronautalis | schubas, chicago | 5.5.16 | @thefaakehipster

So technically Mr. Bothwell is far from a new music dude from the rules and standards I have set forth to categorize these bands and artists. But I’m an adult and can make my own decisions so fuck rules. While Astronautalis has been at it since 2003, I still see him as an underdog in the hip hop world and it brings a little tear to my eye. Charles Andrew Bothwell’s journey started in Jacksonville with a self-released album in that same year, “You and Yer Good Ideas.” From there he signed with Fighting records and released “The Might Ocean and Nine Dark Theaters.” His third album release came with Eyeball Records and it was apparent at that point that this man could crossover from hip hop to indie and sprinkle a little rock in there. This was time when more of the hardcore rap was dominating the genre as well and Astronautalis said fuck that, I’m going to be different. After releasing “This Is Our Science” a slew of singles, EPs and collaborations came through, to me signaling growth in an already talented artist. Bring in some other smart minds and it may change one's perspective for the better.

Charles brings new meaning to how one can stretch the range of this genre. His lyrics make that brain of yours go to work. His vocals are unique. He can change his vocal speed, suddenly throw more aggression in his voice all within a split second. He’s toured with Tegan and Sara. Are ya getting the picture? He is a damn unique dude, bringing hip hop storytelling to a whole new level. Most of his lyrics are inspired from him being a descendant of an Earl of Bothwell, in fact. This lineage is noticeable in his lyrics as some songs are just straight up historical fiction. Imagine taking a freestyle kind of blues inspired rant and throwing it on top of some hip hop beats...hello Astronautalis! His latest releases, “Sike!” And “Cut the Body Loose” are clear signs that he is continuing to blend genres, collaborate and bring the energy in his live shows.

suggested listening experience: getting ready to hit the town at night // summertime daytime hanging // twist, puff, pass

listens: this is our science // the wondersmith and his sons // sike! // papillon // attila ambrus // the story of my life // the river, the woods // kurt cobain

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