new music/album release: SAINT SLUMBER

reppin: small town, jersey, usa // 2016 - present // unsigned

sounds like: a caterpillar turned butterfly slowly ascending from your cocoon in the middle of a vivid forest

saint slumber

saint slumber

latest album drop: YOUTH//1 ep (f*cking today!)

featuring: joshua // aaron // matt

Okay, so that is a weird and “high-statement” to say about a band, but for a debut ep from seasoned musicians, I expect nothing less. The impression that ensued a few minutes in had to do with the type of tunes you come across, if you are to split them down two lanes. There are those tunes that give you the singular ability to make you feel something in that moment, while others have a sound that builds on a longer timeline and takes you to a vast area that allows your imagination to run. This is the latter and I love it. These three make you feel warm in all the right ways with their balance of rock and electronic beats. Quick story: They were once upon a time ago named Dawns, and I saw them play at a tiny place they call Berlin in Manhattan, and they were really good and now they are even better. End story. Now, these guys are starting a new story, and being unsigned gives them all creative freedom a band could want. This is so evident as you move through these five songs that gives one all the feels.

saint slumber

saint slumber

When COOL kicks in, the bass is clearly heard and you notice the careful placement of instruments. They are spaced out properly to let themselves be heard at the right moments. YOUTH really slows things down and gets super trippy and electronic with vocals effects. When the guitar comes in for the kiss at the end it really adds another tasty treat. HUMAN brings more keyboards to the party with lyrics of crazy depth, but with a simple message in the story. It’s one of those songs that is sweet as is, but probably on another level in person. Next up we travel to GETAWAY, which wants to give you a hug with a more mellow vibe. I can only guess that it is meant to set up the anticipation for the final song, which it accomplishes. NEED brings her home with a powerful beat and crazy good build up to the last half of the track, perfectly fitting with the lyrics. This EP -->  a volcanic eruption of eargasm(s).

suggested listening experience: in the office to drown out your shit colleagues // chill weeknight with some friends // deep thinking alone time

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