concert shenanigans: WHITE REAPER

reppin: louisville, ky // polyvinyl records // 2014 - present

sounds like: rocking out in the basement all night long with your best friends, leaving at sunrise and not having a fucking care in the world

white reaper | photo cred:

white reaper | photo cred:

last album drop: the world’s best american rock band (april 2017)

featuring: tony // ryan // sam // nick

white reaper | beat kitchen, chicago | 5.5.17 | @thefaakehipster

white reaper | beat kitchen, chicago | 5.5.17 | @thefaakehipster

You walk into a sold out, sweaty, rock club venue, Beat Kitchen in this instance, and the crowd doesn’t quite as the band gets on stage. They start to roar louder and shift closer to the front for prime positioning. Then, these baby faced kids come on and all of the sudden the room explodes. Kids are crowd surfing immediately, the mosh-pit forms and all hell breaks loose in the most joyous way possible. Ladies and gentleman, this is what rock n’ roll is all about. This is White Reaper. Nobody gave a shit that it was Cinco De Mayo, we just wanted to live like we were in high school again...those moments where we could hit up a show on a Friday night and not give a shit about what is going on in their life and what others think, just let loose. The energy and emotion that spread from those speakers to the back of the crowd were immediately felt. Tony’s bubbly vocals, the poppy yet gritty guitar licks and powerful drums take us all on an hour plus magical journey.

White Reaper began just three short years ago and they already have licked their chops to 2 EPs and 2 full-lengths, all layered with powerful and simple depth. That straight up rock n’ roll approach is certainly felt in the lyrics about partying, love and just having a good ol’ time. So how did these young dudes come to blend that rock party vibe of the 70s with a modern sprinkle of rock that makes you want to get up and dance? The formula has seemed to be lots and lots of touring combined with powering out tunes in the studio. Practice makes perfect they say. That has amounted to not just a solid live show, but carefully crafted tracks that know when to pick you up and drop you into the mosh pit. They are loud. They are fast. And it will all suck you in.

Opening with the title track off their first album, “The World’s Best American Band,” it is evident that they know how to set the tone right from the start. The pit immediately ensued, the crowd surfing began and it was rock n’ roll mayhem from there. Classic rock in 2017 just pumping out of the amps and it is so clear that their good times on stage translate to fluidly to the crowd. There doesn’t have to be much talking, but more drinking beers and getting onto the next track. Instant classics like “Eagle Beach,” “Judy French,” “Make Me Wanna Die,” are treats to us humans as we kick around and sing all the lyrics with Tony. All in all you have about 250 happy campers at the end of night, sweaty, smelly and ready to do it all over again with them next time. While the White Reaper dudes may think they are regressing and continuing to lose brain cells, I say stick at it, because you are making a lot of kids believers and those vibes will keep spreading.

suggested listening experience: any party on any day or night // time to suck it up and get that project done before the deadline // waking up in the morning

listens: judy french // world’s best american band // make me wanna die // eagle beach // little silver cross // sheila // tell me // crystal pistol

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