new music: KAIYDO

reppin: orlando, fl // unsigned // 2016 - present

sounds like: riding down the street on a summer day with a fluffy, comfy cloud as your ride

upcoming album release: tba, 2017

featuring: keiondre boone // 20 years old

Kaiydo | Bottom Lounge, Chicago | 4.25.17 | @thefaakehipster

Kaiydo | Bottom Lounge, Chicago | 4.25.17 | @thefaakehipster

There was something about the sunny day in April a few weeks back as I rolled up to the Bottom Lounge that seemed perfectly fitting in meeting Kaiydo. The vibes of Chicago spring day matched the sounds coming into my earbuds from none other than the 20 year old himself. Bouncy beats that make you smile, a flow that fills you with hearty goodness and lyrics that make you forget about all your worries. While Southern hip hop is big, bold and in your face, Kaiydo appears to be building his tunes on the other side of the spectrum. There is something that is inviting about his songs...maybe it’s the ultra summer vibe each one of his songs is lit up with. It’s the creativity right off that bat that brings you in for the hug and makes you say, “I want to get up and vibe to whatever this fresh new track this is.” Each one of his singles out there has a intro that immediately perks the ears as he lures you into an amazing hook that you can listen to over and over.

While chatting Kaiydo up for a few before the show as we set-up a few promo shots, it became clear why this kid leans towards the different and unique. The chill personality shines through as he goes with the flow. Then, all the sudden it starts to make sense. The colorful graphics he uses for each song really do represent the relatable lyrics in his young career. They are fun and sometimes goofy, yet clearly represent the hard work he is putting in early in his career. This dude really did make a bang right out of the gate. He has dates lined up at the likes of Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Electric Forest and Firefly...not bad for a first timer tour. And sometimes, for your first tour, you have to roll around in a Dodge mini-van with your manager and crew because that is what it takes.

Kaiydo | Bottom Lounge, Chicago | 4.25.17 | @thefaakehipster

Kaiydo | Bottom Lounge, Chicago | 4.25.17 | @thefaakehipster

Again, these vibes were perfect for Pigeons & Planes “No Ceilings” Tour with a very talented lineup featuring Boogie, Kemba, Michael Christmas and Kaiydo. For just the man himself and his DJ, there was a ton of energy brought to the table in his live set. For someone who only has a handful of shows under his belt, he can get the crowd involved and use the stage in his entirety. While there were some in the crowd who knew a few of his tracks, most probably did not, but everyone had one thing in common: bouncing to the beat. The dope part of all of this...he is freaking 20 years old! It is kinda hard to ignore this kid at the moment as he has our eyes and ears at attention. If he keeps the good vibes with him, he’ll keep opening up opportunities for himself and continue to grow as a rapper.

suggested listening experience: playing video games or any chill hang // party time! // literally doing anything during the summer

listens: fruit punch // arcade // reflections // jumpin // lottery // red freestyle

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