from the vault: BAYSIDE

reppin: long island, ny

years active: 2000 - present

featuring: anthony raneri // jack o'shea // nick ghanbarian // chris guglielmo

bayside | photo cred:

bayside | photo cred:

Bayside got its band name while on the way to see new found glory and hand them off a demo of their first tracks. They passed Bayside Train Station and the name stuck after they wrote it down. That was 17 years ago and the dudes are still going strong, putting out in-your-face punk rock. Shortly after their Victory Records self-titled debut, tragedy struck in the form of black ice and sadly killed the talented drummer, John Holohan. The others escaped with their lives, but that sort of event is not going away anytime soon. As a tribute to their fallen bandmate, they released a collection of acoustic tracks or previous songs...even the Pittsburgh band, Punchline, paid tribute to John with "37 Everywhere." For me, Bayside is full of powerful riffs like its popular punk rock counterparts and Anthony's voice stands out from the crowd. Their seventh album, Vacany, still proves that they know how to rock.  

studio albums: sirens and condolences (2004) // bayside (2005) // the walking wounded (2007) // shudder (2008) // killing time (2011) // cult (2014) // vacancy (2016)

listens: already gone // devotion & desire // sick, sick, sick // pretty vacant // masterpiece // carry on // no one understands // time has come

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from the vault: SAVES THE DAY

reppin: princeton, nj // equal vision & rory recrods

years active: 1994 - present

saves the day | 2014 | photo cred:

saves the day | 2014 | photo cred:

featuring: chris conley // arun bali // rodrigo palma // dennis wilson

saves the day | 1999 | photo cred:

saves the day | 1999 | photo cred:

There were not many bands back in the day that could wrap up all your teenage joy, angst, emotions, feelings and then some into 2 1/2 minutes of power pop punk. Saves The Day blended power chords, honest lyrics and Chris Conley's soothing vocals. Their anthems are molded into fans brains, their performances always ridiculously awesome. This band has endured the test of time too. Forming in 1994, they are still going at it. They've lost band members, one of who tragically passed, switched instruments and survived through the ever evolving music genres. What is most impressive about the pop punk outfit is their evolution in sound. They were never afraid to make a drastically different record from the one before and push their boundaries with their fans and themselves. For us 20/30 somethings, std will always and forever be apart of growing up.

studio albums: can't slow down (1998) // through being cool (1999) // stay what you are (2001) // in reverie (2003) // sound the alarm (2006) // under the boards (2007) // daybreak (2011) // saves the day (2013)

listens: at your funeral // shoulder to the wheel // holly, hox forget me not // freakish // head for the hills // jukebox breakdown // you vandal // rocks tonic juice magic // in the in between

from the vault: AMERICAN FOOTBALL

reppin: urbana-champaign, il // polyvinyl records

american football (circa 2014) | photo cred:

american football (circa 2014) | photo cred:

years active: 1997 - 2000, 2014 - present

featuring: mike kinsella (also in Owen) // steve lamos // steve holmes // nate kinsella

nick of american football | photo cred:

nick of american football | photo cred:

Think back to your middle school days...whether you kept a journal or played your thoughts in your head...that is what these dudes embody. A carefully crafted rock sound with so much meaning it may have made that tiny head of yours explode when you were younger. af is one of those fairy-tales that was amazing from the start but was hidden from the general population for so long. What i can only describe as a beautiful arrangement of mellow, heart-warming and delightful rock, they came and went so fast. The lyrics make you think. The music makes you smile.

With nearly 17 years between albums, these guys did not disappoint. Smooth melodies, that old school emo feel and guitars for days. The 1998 album still sits well with the present music listener, while the new gives us more of the same glory. Sit back and enjoy

from the vault: ANBERLIN

reppin: winter haven, fl // tooth & nail records

years active: 1998 - 2014

anberlin | photo cred:

anberlin | photo cred:

featuring: stephen christian // joseph milligan // christian mcalhaney // deon rexroat // nathan young

anberlin | photo cred:

anberlin | photo cred:

discography: blueprints for the black market (2003) // never take friendship personal (2005) // cities (2007) // new surrender (2008) // dark is the way, light is a place (2010) // vital (2012) // lowborn (2014)

I can recall being a 16 year old counselor in training at my overnight camp and getting to duluth, mn (the strangest place in this country and home to bob dylan) to pick up that first album. 16 years strong...these dudes did more than create solid album after stellar album. Seriously, from the start the tunes were strong with lyrics that would make you quiver....front to back. They are true role models. In between the countless touring and time spent churing out awesome joints in the studio, they did community service all over the world. They learned other people's culture and channeled that to their fans and through their music. Their music is still oh so very relevant and they are stand up legends. Cheers.


from the vault: JAMISONPARKER

reppin: orange county, ca // interscope records

years active: 2003 - 2005

featuring: jamison covington // parker case

jamisonparker | photo cred:

jamisonparker | photo cred:

while only together for two short years, these two amazing song writers put out an incredible, as close to perfect, emo/pop album entitled "sleepwalker" that you would have heard in that time frame. Personally, as I was in high school when these guys were together, it holds a special meaning in the midst of teenage angst and not knowing what the fuck you were doing. Powerful lyrics, catchy melodies and ear pleasing tunes

from the vault: THE USED

reppin: orem, utah // hopeless records

years active: 2001 - present 

the used | photo cred:

the used | photo cred:

the used | photo cred:

the used | photo cred:

featuring: bret mccracken // jeph howard // dan whitesides // justin shekoski

you know their 2002 self titled was your go to in high school. after all these years, this still gives you the feels...these dudes are still going strong and rocking out...i applaud you

listens: taste of ink // pretty handsome awkward // the bird and the worm // a box full of sharp objects // all that i've got // i caught fire // on my own

from the vault: MATCHBOOK ROMANCE

reppin: Poughkeepsie, ny // epitaph records

years active: 1997 - 2007, 2014 - present

featuring: andrew jordan // ryan depaolo // ryan kienle // aaron stern

matchbook romance | photo cred:

matchbook romance | photo cred:

these legends are a beautiful blend of post-hardcore, pop and punk/emo from the mid-2000s who absolutely killed it with their debut LP, "stories and alibis"....not to mention the pin-point lyrics

from the vault: BRAND NEW & JIMMY EAT WORLD

with the 2016 edition of Riot Fest Chicago around the corner, i'm doubling down on "from the vault" and bringing you two living legend bands...both these groups define longevity by the way they constantly evolve and recreate their sound

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

reppin: BN - levvitown, ny // JEW - mesa, az

featuring: BN - jesse lacey // vincent accardi // derrick sherman // brian lane // garrett tierney // JEW - jim adkins // zach lind // tom linton // rick burch // mitch porter

brand new | photo cred:

brand new | photo cred:

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

years active: BN - 2000 - 2016 (retiring after this year) // JEW - 1993 - present //

listens (thru 2006):

BN - seventy times 7 // logan to government center // jude law and a semester abroad // mix tape // sic transit gloria...glory fades (see video) // okay i believe you, but my tommy gun don't // the quiet things that no one ever knows // sowing season (yeah) // jesus christ // archers

JEW - call it in the air // crush // the middle // sweetness // a praise chorus // bleed american // if you don't don't // hear you me // my sundown // futures // the world you love // polaris

from the vault: NAME TAKEN

reppin: orange, ca // fiddler records

years active: 1999 - 2005

featuring: chad atkinson // blake means // ryan edwards

fun fact: the lyric "Panic at the disco / Sat back and took it so slow / Are you nervous? Are you shaking?" from their song, "Panic," is said to have been the inspiration for the name of the platinum band, Panic At The Disco

Their music is emo to the core, but contains this melodic energy that is missing from just about every other band from this era

"Hold On" is one of the more incredible albums in the 2000s time period

name taken | hold on | 2004 | fiddler records

name taken | hold on | 2004 | fiddler records

from the vault: HOT ROD CIRCUIT

reppin: auburn, al // new haven, ct

years active: 1997 - 2007, 2011, 2014 - present

featuring: andy jackson // casey prestwood // joe ballaro // mike poorman

hot rod circuit | photo cred:

hot rod circuit | photo cred:

a few thoughts: try not to sing along to their songs, especially from the album "sorry about tomorrow" // these guys were doing indie rock before we really knew what indie rock was...just listen to the lead guitarist and steel pedal (yes, they are emo too)

listens: at nature's mercy // let's go home // safely // the pharmacist 

from the vault: MAE

reppin: norfolk, va // spartan records

years active: 2002 - 2011, 2013 - present

mae | photo cred:

mae | photo cred:

featuring: dave elkins // zach gehring // jacob marshall // rob sweitzer // mark padgett

fun fact: mae is an acronym for a Multisensory Aesthetic Experience

this band is timeless...a listen from each of their first 3 albums

featured listens: "summertime" from their debut album "destination: beautiful" // "suspension" from their sophomore release "the everglow (see music video) // "brink of disaster" from "singularity"

....and a bonus: "runaway"

from the vault: SPITALFIELD

reppin: chicago, usa // victory records

years active: 1998 - 2007, here and there thru 2015

featuring: mark rose // jd romeo // tj milici // daniel lowder

spitalfield | photo cred:

spitalfield | photo cred:

fun fact: "remember right now" is by far and away one of the best pop punk/emo albums ever released. Right up there with jimmy eat world, saves the day, brand new and taking back sunday. Gotta love their unique bass sound too....

featured listen: "stolen from some great winter" from the album, "remember right now" (2002)

bonus: the entire album....10 perfect tracks

from the vault: THE JULIANA THEORY

reppin: greensburg, pa // tooth & nail records

years active: 1997 - 2006, 2010

featuring: brett detar // chad alan // joshua fiedler // joshua kosker // josh walters

random thought: these dudes always killed it live...first thing that comes to mind were those crazy cartwheels and crazy wide stance 

the juliana theory | photo cred:

the juliana theory | photo cred:

listen: "understand the dream is over"  from Emotion Is Dead (2000)

from the vault: HEY MERCEDES

reppin: chicago, il // milaukee, wi - vagrant records

years active: 1999 - 2005, 2016

fun fact: singer Bob Nanna was formerly in the punk/emo outfit, Braid (formed in 1993), a band that was part of the first wave of this type of music. These dudes, as well have Braid, have reunited this year to tour and make more music

featuring: bob nanna //  tod bell // mark dawursk // damon atkinson // mike schumaker

track: "eleven to your seven" from the album "everynight fireworks" (2001)

from the vault: ATMOSPHERE

reppin: minneapolis, usa // rhymesayers entertainment

atmosphere | photo cred:

atmosphere | photo cred:

years active: 1989 - present

featuring: ant & slug

and then some: will be rocking out at mamby on the beach in chicago this saturday and will totally be there. These two are legends in the hip hop world and flipped the hip hop script with sounds, beats and more before anyone knew how to flip it.

tune: "national disgrace" // from the album "seven's travels (2003) // amazing music video

bonus track: "the arrival" // lead track off of "you can't imagine how much fun we're having" (2005)

from the vault: FINCH

reppin: temecula, california - razor & tie records

years active: 1999 - present (on and off in '06 & '11)

featuring: nate barcalow // alex linares // alex pappas // randy Strohmeyer // daniel wonacott

tune: "post script" from the album, "what it is to burn" (2002)

still making noise: self-released the album "steel, wood & whiskey" featuring acoustic versions of past songs

bonus track: "stay with me"

from the vault: NORTHSTAR

reppin: huntsville, al

years active: 1997 - 2007

featuring: nick torres // tyler odom // jake fisher // gabe renfroe

tune: is this thing loaded from the album "is this thing loaded" (2002) 

fun fact: I launched a record label while in high school (2004) called "Stereo Therapy Records," taken from the lyric in this song - "I break in pieces for hopeless reasons // stereo therapy heals my lesions"

bonus music video: "for members only" from "pollyanna" (2004)


every wednesday from here on out i'll be posting that song from that band 10+ years ago that gives you the tingley good feels. it shall be called...."From the Vault"

reppin: olympia, wa 

tune: "caterwaul" // from the album "worlds apart" // interscope records

year: 2005