MIYA FOLICK: Day 7, 30 Days in Chicago presented by Red Bull Sound Select

reppin: la, usa // interscope // 2014 - present

miya folick | lincoln hall, chicago | 11.7.17 | 30 Days In Chicago | photo cred: Jules Ameel

miya folick | lincoln hall, chicago | 11.7.17 | 30 Days In Chicago | photo cred: Jules Ameel

sounds like: dancing through a flat prairie field as the sun is setting seeing miles each direction

last album drop: give it to me EP (nov 2017)

featuring: miya

miya folick | lincoln hall, chicago | 11.7.17 | 30 Days In Chicago | photo cred: Jules Ameel

miya folick | lincoln hall, chicago | 11.7.17 | 30 Days In Chicago | photo cred: Jules Ameel

Good things come to those who go see music live. Another sold out night was upon us at the beautiful Lincoln Hall in the heart of Lincoln Park, Chicago. The mood was set for an intimate evening of female fronted bands, all bringing their twist to a rock concert. While Hazel English brings soothing lo-fi rock and Mitski has a deeper, piercing sound, my favorite of the evening was Miya Folick. The young Miya was raised as a Buddhist, something that you can feel through her tunes, tired to find her calling in sports, but was just not into it. So, it was then time for college at NYU, and again, it wasn’t her thing. Finally, she returned home to LA, picked up an axe, started learning and found her band on Tinder. Pretty traditional, “how my band started,” story eh?

With the band ready to roll and Miya taking the stage, you could immediately feel her presence surging through you. She lands somewhere in the middle of the two providing us humans with an imaginative space to go into and at the next moment, shattering our world in the right way. As the drums slowly began and the guitars moved through the amps, we were taken over by a dreamy rock sound sprinkled with some Cali surfer vibes. The chord progression is fun whether you are swaying side to side or jamming out, just so smooth. Miya’s voice can wale better than most and what makes it a treat is that she is always matching the aggression of the song. She steps it up a notch as her body speaks as much as her voice, drawing you in even closer.

The best thing about the entire set was the silence of the audience, waiting and anticipating the next song to take them out of reality. Miya has an incredible way to command a crowd and hands down is just a true performer out there. She can take you to a dream like state one second then have you wanting to start a mosh pit the next. Let’s just thank the music gods that Miya didn’t end up a basketball player because for one, I can’t wait to see her again.

suggested listening experience: rainy dark night hanging with yourself // out on the open road // the work commute

listens: talking with strangers // strange darling // i got drunk // god is a woman // trouble adjusting // oceans

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new music: SURF CURSE

reppin: la, usa // 2012 - present  // danger collective records

sounds like: a leisurely stroll down the beach behind a vintage filter

surf curse | empty bottle, chicago | 4.25.17 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

surf curse | empty bottle, chicago | 4.25.17 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

last album drop: nothing yet (jan 2017)

featuring: jacob // nick

surf curse | photo cred: thescenestar.typepad.com

surf curse | photo cred: thescenestar.typepad.com

The simple things in life...they are relatable, understandable, beautiful and at the core just want to be your friend. When surf curse hits the stage with two skinny, young looking dudes you start to possibly wonder what they can tangle together with a simple drum kit, a guitar and two voices. When they start playing, just close your eyes and the answer will come to you in a pleasant, lo-fi, bouncy beach sound that will have you vibing for days. This duo, hailing from LA via henderson, NV has tied the laces and put on the hat to what is a punk surfer rock band. I’m across the board on getting all sorts of music in my ears, but oh boy, is there something just beautiful about two humans composing a simple arrangement that brings more energy and emotion than five piece bands. After forming sometime in 2012/13 and often splitting time between coasts, they put out their EP “Sad Boys” in 2013 and have been hard tour dudes ever since. Drawing inspiration from a lot of their favorite movies like Dazed and Confused, they almost like to create their own soundtrack to it. They have played in just about every city and hit a ton of musical festivals to boot. Both “sad boys” and their first full length, “buds” had this deep, fast punk vibe to them, moving quickly from song to song with light and airy vocals. Just give “I’m Not Making Out You” a listen and try and not scoot around and dance in your apartment...impossible!

surf curse | empty bottle, chicago | 4.25.17 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

surf curse | empty bottle, chicago | 4.25.17 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

What I can certainly notice is this shift in in your face surfer punk to this more mellow, lo-fi jam on their latest album, “nothing yet.” When the lead track, christine f, hits your ears, it starts with a simple drum intro coupled with nick’s vocals and then boom, the guitar hits and all of the sudden, so quickly, you just get the vibe. Sing along lyrics, a relaxed yet energetic collection of riffs, swift drums, and guitar picking throughout that equates to this euphoria sound with depth. You can’t help but bounce around and feel happy hearing them play. When they hit the stage live, sometimes with an extra musician to pick up those extra notes, their ease in their composure mixed with the organized thrashing along of their instruments. As you get deeper into their latest album, pay close attention to the lyrics taking jabs at personal experiences that seem to have shaped the music they play today. In fact, those lyrics, in the simplistic form they are in, are pretty relatable on anyone’s level. There will be a sense of comfort because of their melodic approach combined with that feeling of being a kid again makes for a great time.

suggested listening experience: bike rides and walks down the street // beach hangs // backyard bbqs

listens: christine f // i’m not making out with you // freaks // heathers // all is lost // the strange and the kind // doom generation // forever dumb

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new music: DEAP VALLY

reppin: la, usa // cooking vinyl records // 2011 - present

sounds like: rebelling against who the fuck ever you have a problem with and giving them finger with a smile

lindsey & julie | photo cred: milkccater.com

lindsey & julie | photo cred: milkccater.com

last album drop: femejism (sept 2016)

featuring: lindsey troy (guitar, vocals) // julie edwards (drums and vocals)

julie of deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

julie of deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

There is a sense of just pure rock bliss when you listen to lindsey and julie melting your eardrums through the speakers. Almost that sense that they are in your living room or your phone playing a set just for you. Born just a crisp six years ago, these ladies hit the studio early in 2012 to record their debut track, “Gonna Make My Own Money,” and were London a month later making their debut across the pond. I know, fuck our lives, right? But, fortunately when we all see that fuck our lives moment, usually on the other end there are musicians turning out crazy good music. Jump to year later and their four song EP, “Get Deap” is released followed quickly by their debut LP, “Sistrionix.” That landed them some rave reviews and support for some very well known groups into the next year. Finally, they followed up a great opener to an even better sophomore release, “Femejism” back in the fall of 2016 and have not looked back at this point.

deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

I haven’t had a chance to talk to these two yet, but it seems like they were shot out of cannon with the attention they have gotten since femegism and very deservedly so. The range of their sound, yet at the core just blues/garage rock n’ roll has landed them on tour with the likes of The Vaccines, Marylin Mason, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Wolfmother. I usually dig into two paths of a group’s sound early on...can you continuously evolve your sound to stay current or build on the depth of the sound you own. Julie and Lindsey are the latter and they are just getting started. There blues riffs carry into their choruses so well. That dirty garage rock will kick in at exactly when you need it to give them a good balance. With both ladies killing it on the vocals, there is something to be said about there straight up “fuck you guys” lyrics (And I am not ashamed of my sex life // Although I wish it were better // I am not ashamed I am no one's wife // Although the idea does sound kind of nice). Telling it like it is: “i said come on everybody, listen up // there is no time like the present. And finally, the live set...holy shit. A glam 80s rock look, two girls, lights and beers. Those recordings are channeled through the PA, if not better than the actual recordings because you get that expressiveness in their voices, axe and drums. If you are in concert seeing mode, go check these two out at the nearest festival or wherever they are playing. You will not be disappointed.

suggested listening experience: sunny saturday daytime bbq // a fuck you day at the office // physical activity (would not recommend marathons, they’ll get the heart rate going too fast)

listens: royal jelly // smile more // gonnawanna // little baby beauty queen // baby i can hell // walk of shame // end of the world // lies

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concert shenanigans: THE MYSTERY LIGHTS // WARBLY JETS

reppin: tml - nyc, usa // wick records // 2004 - present // wj - la, usa // 2015 - present

warbly jets | phot cred: foxesmagazine.com

warbly jets | phot cred: foxesmagazine.com

sounds like: dreaming of yourself in the 70s as a kid with no responsibilities...wicked

last album drop: tml - "the mystery lights" (june 2017) // wj - tba 2017

the mystery lights | photo cred: montereycountryweekly.com

the mystery lights | photo cred: montereycountryweekly.com

featuring: wj - samuel shea // julien o'neil // dan gerbang // justin goings // tml - mike brandon // l solano // alex q amini

the venue: empty bottle // chicago, usa

warbly jets | empty bottle, chicago | 12.6.16 | @thefaakehipster

warbly jets | empty bottle, chicago | 12.6.16 | @thefaakehipster

First, I have to get this out of the way...so much hair from this show. Fortunately for the hundred plus or so humans that attended, the talent matched the wavy locks that we stared at all night. Introduce Warbly Jets and The Mystery Lights, both packed with a raw yet crafted rock sound that will rope one in right from the start. I love that these two hooked  up for some dates because they complement one another so well to make for a night. WJ hails from the left side and TML from the right (I’m right in the middle!). Mystery have been giving us depth and layers of rock, blues and grunge for quite some time now, while warbly is just rolling up their sleeves and getting started….although the members within are already vets being part of past projects.

WJ // Jared, why the fuck are you writing about this band that only has one song, I thought you were an album guy...my response: fuck you, i can do what i want! Just kidding, I love you and appreciate your concern, but they did play more than one song live, that i do know. As I told mr samuel after his set, I had not heard of these guys before seeing them, but holy shit did they looks like vets out there. Honest, raw rock n’ roll with just enough attitude to make you smile as they went through their set. The sound is organic, the energy is in abundance. The riffs are clean and the vocals are quite dreamy. Yea, go listen to that one song because it is fucking awesome. The first full length from these dudes should bash any overproduced stuff out of the water and I am quite excited. Until next time in Chicago (when it is warm please!)

the mystery lights | empty bottle, chicago | 12.6.16 | @thefaakehipster

the mystery lights | empty bottle, chicago | 12.6.16 | @thefaakehipster

TML // At the foundation of tml is such a soothing, simple blues rock that is matched perfectly with mike’s vocals and that delicious lead guitarist who moves in and out of riffs and solos like its nothing. Close your eyes while they are playing and you can feel the energy coming off the instruments while simultaneously forgetting what decade it really is. The analog distortion isn’t trying to fool you and be modern, it is delivering rock n’ roll straight up. So much 60s and 70s, less talking and taking you from track to track. There is fluid energy throughout the set, but it is balanced between the members moving from singing to yelling, riffs to solos and more solos...it can keep any music fan engaged and wowed. Their latest full length, “the mystery lights,” is a treat from cover to cover, not even coming close to missing a beat when it comes to that old school grunge and punk sound. Cheers dudes

There is A LOT of music out there and a lot of it comes on false pretenses. I only met a few of these dudes briefly, but I can tell they spend countless hours challenging themselves to write that perfect riff and channeling their thoughts and energy through every track, album and performance. When bands start taking that mindset, gaining fans and getting noticed is just a side effect, no faking there.

suggested listening experience: doing anything in the world in the outdoors // getting the pep back in the step on a saturday afternoon // impressing mom and dad

listenstml - follow me home // too many girls // what happens when you turn the devil down // without me // flowers in my hair, demons in my head // wj - alive

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reppin: houston, usa // currently unsigned residing in la, usa

sounds like: walking through a sunny rain storm with your squad, you are front and center and even Mom is diggin it

kevin abstract | photo cred: genius.com

kevin abstract | photo cred: genius.com

next album drop: american boyfriend (2017)

featuring: ian simpson // 20 years old // part of the group, BROHAMPTON

kevin abstract | photo cred: kevinabstract.com

kevin abstract | photo cred: kevinabstract.com

This dude is only 20?! Well fuck my life, may as well just retire right now. I’m not one to associate or attach someone to another human, but he reminds me of someone’s personality out there. He can sing, rap, write and he has one hell of a creative side that can very much take him beyond music. Since 2015 he’s jumped around, first beginning his journey with producer, Romil and quickly earned praise from solid publications. He pushed along and joined the group, BROHAMPTON, where they earned their stars and stripes with MTV. I can just hear the talent oozing out of this guy as he is already well seasoned and it shows in his ever name-changing album, now titled American Boyfriend. It is due out in 2017, but for now, let me try to envision that future.

Let’s start at the foundation...Ian boats a wide range of influences from Tyler the Creator and Kid Cudi to Justin Timberlake and Quentin Tarantino Something you immediately recognize, especially in those latest singles, is his range of sound. A well balanced, blended smoothie of alternative riffs, 80s influenced keys and slow motion drums...he just knows when to sing, when to spit and when to mix them together. His lyrics also tell a story as I am assuming he has a lot to tell us moving around frequently during his childhood. The slated album is going to open up even more about this young talent and if he progressing like he is, then watch out kids!

suggested listening experience: if you’re a high schooler - that good ol’ cruise around the neighborhood // weed & wine wednesdays // long day after work

listens: empty // ECHO // drugs // tame cab

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new music: WHITE ARROWS

reppin: la, usa // votiv records

sounds like: If you went on the excellent adventure that is Bill & Ted, but you could actually function as a human while still smoking weed

last album drop: in bardo (sept 2014) and hopefully another soon!

featuring: mickey church // andrew naeve // john paul caballero // jake nielsen

white arrows | 2.13.15 | schubas, chicago | @thefaakehipster

white arrows | 2.13.15 | schubas, chicago | @thefaakehipster

Some beautiful things in this world get started by accident (just spitballing here, but human existence is a good example) and White Arrows is no exception. They launched after writing a song out east that immediately caught the attention of Nylon Magazine. The "stokeness" could not be ignored so they packed their bags and headed out to la to officially form White Arrows. What I dig about these guys, as they are quite young and only two albums deep, is how they span generations of sounds. The dance-rock first vibe is great, and has the ability to wheel in the masses, but even more spectacular is how they incorporate a bit of psychedelic and sprinkle it with 80s. Expanding on their vibeness, each one of their songs just makes you happy and want to dance and smile.

I would tell you to start with a song off one of these albums, but close your eyes and pick. Clear some space because mikey’s squinty vocals, andrew’s axe, john’s bass and jake’s beats will make you want to groove immediately. I had the pleasure of seeing them with Chappo in February of 2015 and they certainly delivered. It’s like a freaking time machine with Bill & Ted...stellar backing melodies, solid riffs and a dance party in the making. “Can’t Stop Now” is progressive and upbeat and “We Can’t Ever Die” is an awesome party song to name a few. There are a ton of dancy rock bands out there, but I truly think these dudes can rise above. I can see some of these jams being pretty timeless when you want to go back and give them a listen 10 years from now. So White Arrows, I speak for all of your fans when I say “Get your asses on tour again” :)

suggested listening experience: dance party (duh) // any form of sweating when needing motivation // getting real weird with friends and/or weirding out locals by singing in front of them

listens: can't stop now // nobody cares (below & super trippy)) // get gone // we can't ever die

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new music: THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974

reppin: la, usa // modern art records

sounds like: that moment when you bite into the juiciest, most delicious piece of fruit followed by the liquid goodness down your throat

next album drop: late 2016/early 2017 (currently supporting the naked and famous tour)

featuring: kamtin mohager

the chain gang of 1974 | the empty bottle | 6.11.14 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

the chain gang of 1974 | the empty bottle | 6.11.14 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

Kamtin Mohager began his musical creation of The Chain Gang of 1974 while in the rock/synthpop duo, 3OH!3 (yes, that group) as the touring bassist. In 2010, he went into the studio to record the digital only release, Fantastic Nostalgic: The Early Recordings and later in 2011, “ Wayward Fire.” Both built a really well received crowd by both critics and fans alike. In fact, that nostalgic feel of the 80s is easily heard and layered over a multitude of different styles. One song has a soft and sweet piano intro and the next song will blast your face off with grungy rock n’ roll. Personally, I dig the swoons and shifts in sounds as his vocals know how to match the supporting instruments...a true gift of his.

While TCGO1974 is Kamtin’s creation, he is always bringing in talented musicians and producers to contribute to his tracks. It actually goes both ways as he frequents guests spots, most notably producing the track “When We were young” by Dillon Francis. I have much respect for solo musicians who understand that different minds can impact their music in a positive matter as additional bodies need to come on tour. I had the pleasure of seeing them at The Empty Bottle in 2014 and hearing the music come alive will again, bring you that nostalgic feel that we love. This dude is perfect for summer festivals, can span across the ears of many music interest and is overall a talented, nice guy. I envision not only more from chain gang, but perhaps some more side projects...Kamtin probably has so many more musical itches to scratch and blow us away with.

suggested listening experience: any situation where you exert energy // making sweet sweet love // early morning stroll to the grocery store

listens: death metal punk // miko // sleepwalking (music video below) // godless girl

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new music: WILDCAT! WILDCAT!

reppin: la, usa // downtown records

sounds like: in the movies, when the characters go to heaven and can dance on clouds...yea, something like that

wildcat! wildcat! | photo cred: myoldkentuckyblog.com

wildcat! wildcat! | photo cred: myoldkentuckyblog.com

latest album drop: "no moon at all" (aug 2014)

featuring: jesse taylor // michael wilson // jesse carmichael

Are we in the era of the rise of synthpop again? Perhaps, but we first have to go back in time a bit; the late 70s to be exact. Groups such as Depeche Mode and The Smiths took it to another level in the early 80s but not until the past 10 years or so have we seen a comeback like this. It’s upbeat and soothing sound is catchy and evident in the trio of Wildcat! Wildcat!, who have done an amazing job of incorporating the electronic counterpart. Originating out of LA around 2012, these dudes immediately supported Alt-J on tour, in what I think is a rare learning experience so early in a band’s life. Their 2014 release, no moon at all, features winner all around. The vocals are delectable and the vibe will get you grooving and dancing.

Fast forward to right meow and you’ll notice a slew of singles and light touring (from my personal research), which can make one think, why the fuck write about them now? Well, the feelings in my bones tell me that they are brewing up something big for their next release. The singles “straight to the top” and “relentless” showcase a new type of range. The latter features a solid hip-hop verse and beats to match. It is the calm before the storm, so get your ears in this because you are a responsible human and you can make choices. Here is to the soon to be much anticipated new tunes.

suggested listening experience: the post night out gathering when you can only manage a few more sips of beer // chillin with the significant other // puff puff pass

listens: relentless (ft. wynne) // garden grays // straight to the top //  audiotree live (video)

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reppin: la, usa - pocket kid records

sounds like: a sweet ass harley revving its engine while giving you and everyone else the finger - zero fucks given

latest album drop: pleasure to meet you (march, 2015)

featuring: emily armstrong // siouxsie medley // sean friday // chris null

dead sara | photo cred: myheartexplodes.com

dead sara | photo cred: myheartexplodes.com

I actually had no idea that emily started as a musician in 2002 at the age of 12 upon hearing this band. It is no wonder she has perfected her vocal chords and put herself in a very unique space in the music we call rock. Dead Sara hails from music rich LA and has yet to follow up their amazing 1st LP, “pleasure to meet you.” You better bet I am damn excited to see what is coming next. The fact that they have already rocked out on the “Tonight Show” circuits and played around the country is more than most young bands can say.

This band is so edgy and rough in all the right places...like a solid man-beard or a full sleeve of tats. Emily’s voice has a mixture of all those delicious female vocals out there and her range is ridiculous. Couple it with that grungy rock guitar and loud ass drums..well you have quite the musical act in my opinion. Lyrics to sing to and badass solos. Their softer tunes give them a nice balance, but you better believe they do not give you a break from head banging. Get on these guys and gals and do it fast. (on a side note i’m single sara...just sayin!)

suggested listening experience: taking a shower getting ready for your saturday night // trying to lip sing to a cutie on the train // backyard bbq cookin’

listens: weatherman // mona lisa (below) // heart shaped box (nirvana cover) // la city slum

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