new music: BAD//DREEMS

reppin: adeladine, australia // ivy league records // 2012 - present

sounds like: a half serious “fuck you” to your friend while waving and smiling

last album drop: dogs at bay (aug 2015)

bad//dreems | photo cred:

bad//dreems | photo cred:

featuring: james bartold // alex cameron // ben marwe // miles wilson

Throw a word like “outsider” in front of the word “rock” to describe your music, well I must investigate further. Slap that on top of these dudes meeting while playing for their local soccer club, the sport of choice for me (well, not really a choice...only so many sports you can play in high school when you are under six feet and Jewish), we have ourselves a band to watch. Forming in 2012, they immediately released their first single, “chills” followed by "caroline," which was picked up on the local Triple J radio on regular rotation. After doing some more digging around, I have come to find that adeladine is somewhat of a sacred place in Australia when it comes to music. It is home to many festivals of music and arts, a few music legends and a whole slew of ride range music genres. Growing up in a diverse setting like that can bring out the best in musicians. Fast forward to 2014 and these guys are already working with legendary music producer Mark Optiz on their hit single, “dumb ideas” (which is what first caught my attention).

bad//dreems | photo cred:

bad//dreems | photo cred:

These dudes do an amazing job of infusing their melodic sound into tracks that you can sway back and forth to as well as others that get you more in rock out banging your head mode. A sprinkle of 80s, some 70s UK rock and a bit of pop to top it off. The way they record their music gives a raw, yet smooth flow with their instruments, but the vocals so sharp in a way that makes you feel like ben is speaking directly to you. I love simple layers of sound, culture and personality through music, something these guys express through their tunes. What stands out the most: just being normal, chill guys. Watch their music videos of them just goofing around. There really isn’t an underlying statement to what they is about enjoying their tunes and having fun with it. Do yourself a favor and get lost in the young lifespan of tracks that is bad//dreems because you will not be disappointed.

suggested listening experience: slamming beers and being goofy with friends // afternoon wall hitting at the office // getting pumped up for that date

listens: chills // dumb ideas // mob rule // cuffed & collared // caroline // hiding to nothing

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new music: MTNS

mtns | photocred:

mtns | photocred:

reppin: brisbane, australia // create/control records // active since 2013

sounds like: falling down backwards forever with all those crazy kaleidoscope patterns around slow motion

last album drop: salvage (2013) // new single released oct 17 

featuring: tom eggert // joseph thiang // robbie hellberg

Close your eyes for a second on the commute to work (not if you are driving, bad idea), lay down on your couch; take a moment away for the nonsense we all encounter day after day. Each one of mtns tracks, from second one, offers an escape from what we worry about day after day. Whether it is Tom’s luscious vocals, the subtle, downtempo beats or synthy waves, you are now allowed to put a smile on your face. These Aussies are still babies as far as how long they have been around, but damn, they killed it with their second EP, “salvage” in 2014 and are finally back with a mind-numbing new tack, “insight.” There truly is a perfect blend of electronic and instruments that can bridge the gap (see “lost track of time”). I was not able to dig up much information on these dudes, but it seems like they are starting to build their band into a full time gig. Which is totally why you need to get some ears all up in their business now.

mtns | photo cred:

mtns | photo cred:

So, back in 2013 these guys made a ton of noise in the land downunder and earned honors to open at the BIGSOUND showcase in Brisbane then. That was a few years ago and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Their ambient tracks layer oh so well with those mellow beats and sprinkled with just enough pop sound to attract all those ears. The processed, as described in a triple j interview, starts with keyboards and builds with the computer using sounds, samples and MIDI. The vocals and lyrics work themselves as the song builds, which is why it sounds so fucking good over those beats. This is a very special, special band, not just because they have perfected this indie electronic sound so early on, but they really take you to a place where you can just forget and sway. I dig.

suggested listening experience: making sweet sweet much sweet love // whenever you want to get away from it all // night time cruise by the waterfront

listens: fears // lost track of time // insight // salvage // crave

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new music: DZ DEATHRAYS

reppin: brisbane, australia // i oh you records

sounds like: shotgunning a beer then taking four shots of whiskey like Mac does in one of the greatest movies ever, super troopers

immediate reaction after hearing DZ Deathrays live

immediate reaction after hearing DZ Deathrays live

latest album drop: black rat (may 2014)

featuring: shane parsons // simon ridley

This past monday I had the pleasure of watching brisbane’s own DZ Deathrays melt my face, as well as my homie’s Ben Miller, at the wonderful Scubas. While some bands may hang their heads at a lighter crows on the day after Pitchfork, these dudes did the exact opposite. This turned into more of an intimate, personal show and damn did they bring their sweaty moves (you’ll notice an additional guitarist on tour with them). Plus, got a chance to shoot the shit with these crazy Aussies and they are cool as could be. They have hardly hit the states, but looking at some pictures of their shows in Australia, well, they just seem downright nuts.

I immediately see threads of Death From Above 1979 in this two set (which was later confirmed is very much what they were going for). Their thrash rock sound is on point, cleaner than most would think when they hear the word thrash and blends oh so well with Shane’s voice. What I dig even more is that there is a great dance vibe given off, something that is extremely hard to accomplish in this genre. Take yourself through a journey as I recommend starting with “blood on my leather,” their newest, yet probably most on point yet. Listen, these dudes started nearly 8 years ago, have played 15 countries and have the stamp of approval from punk rocker’s Violent Soho. That is enough and then some for me...hop on board.

DZ Deathrays | Scubas 7.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

DZ Deathrays | Scubas 7.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

suggested listening experience: anything involving meat and beer // getting pumped up before your next intramural sports match // straight up party time

listens: less out of sync // dollar chills // blood on my leather (see below) // gebbie street


reppin: melbourne, australia - remote control/dine alone records

sounds like: a summer breeze that can’t decide if it is in the 80s flocking with the seagulls or in the future fucking with drones

latest album drop: all possible futures (april, 2015)

featuring: benjamin plant // josh moriarty // aaron shanahan // daniel whitechurch

miami horror | photo cred:

miami horror | photo cred:

While you’ve probably heard that jam everywhere, “real slow,” there is so much more danciness to the quartet that is miami horror. These guys have actually been at it since 2007, but I can make my own rules and they are quite new to us in the states. Mr. Benjamin Plant started in music as a producer and DJ and slowly built his group that led to their first release, Illumination, in 2010. In the past few years, to no surprise, they have caught fire across Europe and steadily climbed those European charts. Those that were at Coachella this year were lucky enough to catch them.

The soothing, Australian (surprise, right?) “passion pit-esc” high voice of Moriarty layers the loud keyboards, thick beats and funky bass lines. As my ears take me through their discography, I first hear a synth-pop core mixed with some indie, and sprinkled (or whipped creamed if you are into that) with house and new wave. You can certainly hear their 70s and 80s influence. They do such a dope job of taking you through different eras of dancy music, keeping those feet moving. Dance on!

suggested listening experience: outdoor patio dance party // catching that second wind in the middle of a workday // literally doing anything during the summer

listens: real slow (below) // love like mine // colours in the sky // all it ever was


reppin: mansfield/brisbane, australia

sounds like: the hardest rocking mother fuckers on the planet

latest album drop: WACO (March, 2016)

How does nobody in the states know about this band?! They are everything you loved about punk rock growing up (channeling their inner Blink 182ness has never sounded so good) with that new edge of today. These dudes are selling out every show in Australia at the moment...Side One Dummy signed them on for US distribution, so let us all hope and pray that will bring them to states. A simple youtube search will take you to numerous well recorded live performances and they are a fucking party.

Now for the music. Luke Boerdam’s singable and raw vocals cling to the crisp riffs and loud bass in just about every song. It’s fast and furious yet melodic and beautiful. The perfect example is the pleasant intro to “How To Taste” before Luke brings his signature YEAHHH scream. It’s poppy, it’s punk, but it is deeper than the teenage angst we remember (I’m 29 mind you). "Saramona Said" takes its guitar picking through their beautiful lyrics until you start jumping around at the end. Soak it in, let your inner rock take over and sing it with me: YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA AAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

suggested listening experience: your friday commute home...because the freakin week is over // saturday, 70 degrees, grilling, outside, day drinking // new found glory doesn't impress your friends anymore, but these dudes will

listens: covered in chrome // how to taste // saramona said // blanket // side note: their music videos are so dope

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reppin: Sydney, Australia - Mosy Records

sounds like: a calming walk down the beach with a well timed array of fireworks (the ones that make cool designs) going off

latest record: the positions (2015)

You are going to find a ton of Aussie as this blog gets rolling because they are just destroying the music scene one kangaroo at a time. As for these cats, first, you’ll be reeled in by lead singer David Le’aupepe’s luscious can feel the emotion in his edgy voice. Then the rhythmic guitars and perfectly positioned riffs take over to give you that warming sensation (i’ll leave this open to interpretation). The six minute ballads and slow builds throughout a majority of their songs are powerful and will have you wishing you were at their concert melting your face.

All in all, their latest 10 song album entitled The Positions is sensationally brilliant. It will take you to both ends of the indie spectrum with the likes of the soft and soothing “Kansas” to the head banger Poison Drum. They’ve already played alongside the like of MS MR, Smith Westerns(RIP) and have the potential to pack stadiums as they mature. Say it with me: “COME TO THE STATES GOD DAMMIT!”

fun fact: They refer to their style of music as “dad rock,” which should officially be recognized as a sub-genre of rock

suggested listening experience: wake up your office on a Monday morning // weird out some folks by pretending to drum or rock the axe on your morning commute // get a good pregame started with these solid indie-rockers

magnolia // radioface // poison drum

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