new music: MTNS

mtns | photocred:

mtns | photocred:

reppin: brisbane, australia // create/control records // active since 2013

sounds like: falling down backwards forever with all those crazy kaleidoscope patterns around slow motion

last album drop: salvage (2013) // new single released oct 17 

featuring: tom eggert // joseph thiang // robbie hellberg

Close your eyes for a second on the commute to work (not if you are driving, bad idea), lay down on your couch; take a moment away for the nonsense we all encounter day after day. Each one of mtns tracks, from second one, offers an escape from what we worry about day after day. Whether it is Tom’s luscious vocals, the subtle, downtempo beats or synthy waves, you are now allowed to put a smile on your face. These Aussies are still babies as far as how long they have been around, but damn, they killed it with their second EP, “salvage” in 2014 and are finally back with a mind-numbing new tack, “insight.” There truly is a perfect blend of electronic and instruments that can bridge the gap (see “lost track of time”). I was not able to dig up much information on these dudes, but it seems like they are starting to build their band into a full time gig. Which is totally why you need to get some ears all up in their business now.

mtns | photo cred:

mtns | photo cred:

So, back in 2013 these guys made a ton of noise in the land downunder and earned honors to open at the BIGSOUND showcase in Brisbane then. That was a few years ago and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Their ambient tracks layer oh so well with those mellow beats and sprinkled with just enough pop sound to attract all those ears. The processed, as described in a triple j interview, starts with keyboards and builds with the computer using sounds, samples and MIDI. The vocals and lyrics work themselves as the song builds, which is why it sounds so fucking good over those beats. This is a very special, special band, not just because they have perfected this indie electronic sound so early on, but they really take you to a place where you can just forget and sway. I dig.

suggested listening experience: making sweet sweet much sweet love // whenever you want to get away from it all // night time cruise by the waterfront

listens: fears // lost track of time // insight // salvage // crave

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new music: DZ DEATHRAYS

reppin: brisbane, australia // i oh you records

sounds like: shotgunning a beer then taking four shots of whiskey like Mac does in one of the greatest movies ever, super troopers

immediate reaction after hearing DZ Deathrays live

immediate reaction after hearing DZ Deathrays live

latest album drop: black rat (may 2014)

featuring: shane parsons // simon ridley

This past monday I had the pleasure of watching brisbane’s own DZ Deathrays melt my face, as well as my homie’s Ben Miller, at the wonderful Scubas. While some bands may hang their heads at a lighter crows on the day after Pitchfork, these dudes did the exact opposite. This turned into more of an intimate, personal show and damn did they bring their sweaty moves (you’ll notice an additional guitarist on tour with them). Plus, got a chance to shoot the shit with these crazy Aussies and they are cool as could be. They have hardly hit the states, but looking at some pictures of their shows in Australia, well, they just seem downright nuts.

I immediately see threads of Death From Above 1979 in this two set (which was later confirmed is very much what they were going for). Their thrash rock sound is on point, cleaner than most would think when they hear the word thrash and blends oh so well with Shane’s voice. What I dig even more is that there is a great dance vibe given off, something that is extremely hard to accomplish in this genre. Take yourself through a journey as I recommend starting with “blood on my leather,” their newest, yet probably most on point yet. Listen, these dudes started nearly 8 years ago, have played 15 countries and have the stamp of approval from punk rocker’s Violent Soho. That is enough and then some for me...hop on board.

DZ Deathrays | Scubas 7.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

DZ Deathrays | Scubas 7.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

suggested listening experience: anything involving meat and beer // getting pumped up before your next intramural sports match // straight up party time

listens: less out of sync // dollar chills // blood on my leather (see below) // gebbie street