concert shenanigans: ESCORT

reppin: brooklyn, usa // escort records // 2006 - present

sounds like: being up all night and having a story to tell at each place you land at

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

last album drop: animal nature (oct 2015)

featuring: adeline // dan // eugene

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

Got your dancing shoes on? Okay, good. These funky dance warriors have been killing it for over 10 years now and at first sight of them live, your feet will move. They have no choice to even if your brain says no. A delicious blend of funk, pop, soul and just good ol’ beats, Escort is a plate of dancy good times that don’t stop. Back in the early 2000s, Dan and Eugene were rocking out to some house samples when they decided to start making some records with the spirit of those samples. While certainly floating in that “disco” territory, there is a fresh, new vibe with them that destroys any “old feels.” There sound is current while throwing a variety of slow and upbeat jams in your face. Popping them in your ears, gives you an immediate sense of confidence and feeling that you want to dance like nobody's watching...and trust me because I have been caught doing it.

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

Let’s scoot back in time just a few days as they took the Empty Bottle stage on a hot ass Monday night. It did not stop the humans from piling in as well. Their presence was immediately felt as the bass line kicked in, the sequenced dancing ensued and it was just a straight up party from there. For a little over an hour, the heat continued to build, the sweat poured off everyone, but no one seemed to care. Arms flailing about and smiles all around as they moved from track to track. When a band can grab an audience like that, you can see the look in everyone’s eyes and the connection is felt. While Escort does not land in the category of new music, they are a go to in any sort of “i just want to dance” situation. Real humans playing real instruments that make you want to get groovy.

suggested listening experience: any and all dance parties // any and all after parties // walking down the sidewalk like no one's watching

listens: cocaine blues // body talk // actor out of work // animal nature // if you say so // barbarians // starlight

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reppin: brooklyn, usa via columbia // unsigned

sounds like: being on an outdoor dance floor in the middle of the rainforest

salt cathedral | photo cred:

salt cathedral | photo cred:

latest album drop: “big waves / small waves” debut album out in 2017

featuring: juli (hooli) // nico

salt cathedral | photo cred:

salt cathedral | photo cred:

Where did these two come from? I mean, I know they are posted up in NYC, but they shot out of a cannon last year and are very much set to make that “boom” noise this year. Before we get into their completely revamped sound, we must go back to 2014 (probably earlier, my sources are thin) to set the story up. Once a rock outfit they were called Il Abanico with a very in your face guitar pop sound. Whatever caused the change of heart, I do not know; but they made a name switch and introduced more of a dancey vibe with synths and keyboards. Originally from Columbia, these two put the weird in music and are not apologizing for it. Their last EP was out in 2014, “Oom Vet,” was exactly that weirdness we all need in our ears. Crazy samples mixed with that soothing voice of Juli wrapped in between slower, groovier beats. Fast forward to better believe they are getting weirder, groovier and….weirder. The good weird, duh.

I'll admit it, just about every "with it" publication that I can think of has already written about these two...and for good reason because they are quite tasty. They have over 250 shows under their belt and will be heading to a few festivals this summer. From what I gathered with the latest tunes, picture yourself in a Jamaican Dance Hall with a slew of different collaborators from Assassin to Lee Scratch Perry to Matisyahu. The pop gets your feet moving and then you are all the sudden taken into this tropical sort of vibe, and yes, Juli’s vocals are still soothing as fuck. I sadly left SXSW before they performed but was told by a birdie they killed it with the performance, energy and lights...the full package if you will. I think it is time to sink your teeth into this duo because something tells me they have just scratched the surface of weird...and I like weird.

salt cathedral | photo cred:

salt cathedral | photo cred:

suggested listening experience: anything on the dance floor // strolling through the street on a summer day // beach hanging

new music: WHITE ARROWS

reppin: la, usa // votiv records

sounds like: If you went on the excellent adventure that is Bill & Ted, but you could actually function as a human while still smoking weed

last album drop: in bardo (sept 2014) and hopefully another soon!

featuring: mickey church // andrew naeve // john paul caballero // jake nielsen

white arrows | 2.13.15 | schubas, chicago | @thefaakehipster

white arrows | 2.13.15 | schubas, chicago | @thefaakehipster

Some beautiful things in this world get started by accident (just spitballing here, but human existence is a good example) and White Arrows is no exception. They launched after writing a song out east that immediately caught the attention of Nylon Magazine. The "stokeness" could not be ignored so they packed their bags and headed out to la to officially form White Arrows. What I dig about these guys, as they are quite young and only two albums deep, is how they span generations of sounds. The dance-rock first vibe is great, and has the ability to wheel in the masses, but even more spectacular is how they incorporate a bit of psychedelic and sprinkle it with 80s. Expanding on their vibeness, each one of their songs just makes you happy and want to dance and smile.

I would tell you to start with a song off one of these albums, but close your eyes and pick. Clear some space because mikey’s squinty vocals, andrew’s axe, john’s bass and jake’s beats will make you want to groove immediately. I had the pleasure of seeing them with Chappo in February of 2015 and they certainly delivered. It’s like a freaking time machine with Bill & Ted...stellar backing melodies, solid riffs and a dance party in the making. “Can’t Stop Now” is progressive and upbeat and “We Can’t Ever Die” is an awesome party song to name a few. There are a ton of dancy rock bands out there, but I truly think these dudes can rise above. I can see some of these jams being pretty timeless when you want to go back and give them a listen 10 years from now. So White Arrows, I speak for all of your fans when I say “Get your asses on tour again” :)

suggested listening experience: dance party (duh) // any form of sweating when needing motivation // getting real weird with friends and/or weirding out locals by singing in front of them

listens: can't stop now // nobody cares (below & super trippy)) // get gone // we can't ever die

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new music: AIR CREDITS

reppin: chicago, il 

sounds like: the dancing baby that was popular in the 90s, but with years of mad dance move skills under his belt

latest album drop: tbd

featuring: showyousuck + the hood internet

air credits @ the double door, chicago | photo cred: red bull sound select

air credits @ the double door, chicago | photo cred: red bull sound select

Given that this act is so fresh and new, this will be a shorter post than most. I actually only found a few song out there in internet land, but damn is it good. The Hood Internet and ShowYouSuck have come together to birth a beautiful Chicago duo that we will call Air Credits. Both these acts on their own are absolutely stellar and them tag teaming sounds like the future...Marty McFly would definitely be grooving to this. I’ve been fans of both of these acts for a few years now. The Hood Internet are freaking geniuses when it comes to building beats and collaborating. ShowYouSuck has a distinct and deep Chicago voice, so unique and controlling of a crowd...what a combo.

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe these dudes have only done two shows as Air Credits as of the present. I unfortunately have not seen them, but word from my homie tells me they are legit and they are the future. There is so much going on in the few songs that are out there - the amazing beats, backing vocals and that controlling vocal flow...and it sounds so good when it comes together. And you will dance your face off, guaranteed. Chicago - get on these cats as I will certainly be making their next performance. They are hitting the road in August and September...get on it! 

suggested listening experience: any kind of party at any time // getting pumped up for that first date you are probably nervous about // gettin' the day started

listens: all i need (part 1) // all i need (part 2) // air credits video promo

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