JUNGLE: Day 27 - 30 Days in Chicago presented by Red Bull Sound Select

reppin: london, uk // XL Recordings // 2013 - present

sounds like: walking upside-down in a disco ball in the middle of...you guessed it, a jungle

jungle | metro, chicago | day 27 - 30 days in chicago | 11.27.17 | @thefaakehipster

jungle | metro, chicago | day 27 - 30 days in chicago | 11.27.17 | @thefaakehipster

latest album drop: jungle (july 2014)

featuring: josh // tom // fraser // george // dominic // andro // rudi


Landing at the Metro the other night was not your typical winter walk into the venue. Jungle was in town as the last gigs of 30 Days in Chicago were coming to an end and it was indeed a jungle in there. Plants, trees, lights and more set the vibe as we walked up the stairs to another sold out night. This band knows how to get you in the mood, put you in there world. And if you let it happen make sure you stretch because there is no way you are not moving during a set with Jungle. After the openers took the stage, the lights dimmed and it was time to grab someone and throw your hands in the air.

Jungle lands between funky disco and far-out rock. They move so fluidly from song to song as you can clearly tell how much fun they are having onstage. That energy is clearly pouring into the people. Any way you look the smiles are on faces and the feet are moving. Jungle consists of 7 members, each of which is one a mission to come together as one. And it is pretty sweet...they all sound like one big cohesive melodic setup, all knowing what they have to do. Hailing from London, you can hear bits of that England psychedelic rock, but what shines is the disco-funk and tropical beats. They are just enough disco to make it their own though, curating a solid, modern sound.


The four that front the group on-stage all sound like once voice singing in unison, it really is something to see. They move together, hitting each note and blanket the crowd with their voices over the funky beat. As 30 Days comes to a close tonight, it is pretty unreal to look back and see what has been accomplished here. This wasn’t a month of rock or hip hop, it was a month of feels, experiences and reasons to want to live. When you look at how the crowd responded to every show I was at, look at the band, the atmosphere was contagious and the vibes were about togetherness. It was a damn good month.

suggested listening experience: party grooving with your friends // late night hangs // early morning commutes 

listens: busy earnin' // time // the heat // drops // julia // lucky i got what i want     

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concert shenanigans: ESCORT

reppin: brooklyn, usa // escort records // 2006 - present

sounds like: being up all night and having a story to tell at each place you land at

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

last album drop: animal nature (oct 2015)

featuring: adeline // dan // eugene

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

Got your dancing shoes on? Okay, good. These funky dance warriors have been killing it for over 10 years now and at first sight of them live, your feet will move. They have no choice to even if your brain says no. A delicious blend of funk, pop, soul and just good ol’ beats, Escort is a plate of dancy good times that don’t stop. Back in the early 2000s, Dan and Eugene were rocking out to some house samples when they decided to start making some records with the spirit of those samples. While certainly floating in that “disco” territory, there is a fresh, new vibe with them that destroys any “old feels.” There sound is current while throwing a variety of slow and upbeat jams in your face. Popping them in your ears, gives you an immediate sense of confidence and feeling that you want to dance like nobody's watching...and trust me because I have been caught doing it.

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

escort | 6.12.17 | the empty bottle, chicago | @thefaakehipster

Let’s scoot back in time just a few days as they took the Empty Bottle stage on a hot ass Monday night. It did not stop the humans from piling in as well. Their presence was immediately felt as the bass line kicked in, the sequenced dancing ensued and it was just a straight up party from there. For a little over an hour, the heat continued to build, the sweat poured off everyone, but no one seemed to care. Arms flailing about and smiles all around as they moved from track to track. When a band can grab an audience like that, you can see the look in everyone’s eyes and the connection is felt. While Escort does not land in the category of new music, they are a go to in any sort of “i just want to dance” situation. Real humans playing real instruments that make you want to get groovy.

suggested listening experience: any and all dance parties // any and all after parties // walking down the sidewalk like no one's watching

listens: cocaine blues // body talk // actor out of work // animal nature // if you say so // barbarians // starlight

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