chicago // shows on shows on shows: SEPTEMBER 18 - 30

*a new feature focusing on all the groovy shows coming up in chicago*

naomi punk // the hideout // 9.18 // interview to come!

reppin: olympia, wa // captured tracks records // 2012 - present

sounds like: acid trip jounrneying music (according to travis)

Travis, Neil and Nick like it slow and loud. Crazy song structures, amps that will blow your ears off and attention to detail to boot. These guys want to take you to another dimension.

listens: the spell // cardboard // thru the trees


asgeir // bottom lounge // 9.19

reppin: reykjavík, iceland // one little indian // 2012 - present

sounds like: floating on a fluffy bed made of clouds across the ocean

Asgeir follows a trend of delicious voices coming out of the Icelandic region. He mixes bouncy, fun poppy beats into his acoustic goodness that will have you smiling the whole show.

listens: king and cross // unbound // stardust

modern vices // tonic room // 9.20 // interview from april 2017

reppin: chicago, usa // unsigned // 2013 - present

sounds like: crying to the Pet Sounds albums in a moldy basement but at the same time getting off to Joy Division

These dudes are making old school look good these days. Bringing a stylish and unique version of older sounding rock, mixed with pop and killer vocals. This will be as intimate as it gets with them at Tonic Room.

listens: smoke rings // baby // keep me under your arms

modern vices | subterranean & beat kitchen | 2017 | @thefaakehipster


el ten eleven // space // 9.21

reppin: la, usa // fake record label // 2002 - present

sounds like:  a collection of waterfalls in the rainforest in the early morning of a summer day

I've been a fan of these two for years as they are one of the most unique bands out there. Doublenbeck and fretless basses, beautiful song structure, crazy loops and no vocals. It is heaven coming out of amps.

listens: fanshawe // my only swerving // bridges


kweku collins | the metro, chicago | 3.24.17 | @thefaakehipster

kweku collins | the metro, chicago | 3.24.17 | @thefaakehipster

kweku collins // chop shop // 9.22 // previous story from Oct 2016

reppin: evanston, il // closed sessions // 2015 - present // 19 years old

sounds like: posting up at a campfire in the middle of the big city...the perfect mix of chill, inspiration and the evolving sounds

Not going to beat around the bush need to catch this guy before he jets out of the city around the world. He is next in line to bring a positive flow to hip hop and at such a young age, he has everything in front of him.

listens: international business trip // death of a salesman // vanilla skies


davy knowles // space // 9.23

reppin: isle of man (currently resides in chicago) // blix street records // 2007 - present

sounds like:  hanging out in the middle of nowhere with your pickup and dog

davy knowles | space, evanston | 10.21.17 | @thefaakehipster

davy knowles | space, evanston | 10.21.17 | @thefaakehipster

I've said this since the first time I saw this guy shred live...he is easily a one of the best guitariest in the world right now. Both in how he writes and what he can do on the solo side of things. If you like or respect music, you owe it to yourself to see davy live.

listens: ain't no grave // uprising // oxford, ms


king gizzard & the lizard wizard // lincoln hall // 9.24 & 25

reppin: melbourne, australia // flightless records // 2010 - present

sounds like: floating through a trippy 3D video of patterns, talking frogs and of course, lizards and wizards

Australian music never ceases to amaze me and at KG&TLW to the list. Killer psychedelic sound to make you groove all night. This seven piece is constantly putting out new music, pushing the envelope as far as what instruments can do. Rule #24: Always see an Aussie band when they are in the states.

listens: work this time // hot wax // sense


wild cub // schubas // 9.25

reppin: nashville, usa // mom + pop records // 2011 - present

sounds like: getting in your nicest suit and dancing and sweating like no one is watching 

These brilliant musicians have really nailed a joyous and feel good vibe of indie pop. Having seen them in both the private and festival setting, it is so clear that they can bring you a good time live. Ear friendly sounds for all people!

listens: magic // somewhere // thunder clatter


the early november // bottom lounge // 9.26

reppin: hammonton, nj // rise records // 1999 - 2007, 2011 - present

sounds like: having all the fun with that special someone in a pile of leaves on a warm fall day

Yes, these guys are as emo as it gets and maybe they hold a special place in my heart from my high school days. Fuck that. Ace is one of the best songwriters in the game. They continue to evolve their sounds, make beautiful music while still giving you those goosebumps.

listens: boxing timelines // i want to hear you sad // something that produces results // fluxy


the california honeydrops // lincoln hall // 9.28

reppin: oakland, ca // tubtone records // 2007 - present

sounds like: that moment you slide under the blanket or hit the shower when it is most needed...instant relief from all of it

With very diverse bandmates from different backgrounds, this soul/R&B/blues group formed with a mission to put smiles on everyone's faces and dance moves in their bodies. Meshing some old school R&B with trendy pop sounds, they are a sight to be seen. Don't miss them.

listens: when it was wrong // brokedown - parts 1 & 2 // crazy girls


broken social scene & frightened rabbit // aragon ballroom // 9.29

reppin: bss - toronto, ca // arts & crafts records // 1999 - present //// fr - selkrick, scottland // atlantic records // 2003 - present

sounds like: bss - a time lapse of spring turning to summer in the forest // fr - grabbing your friends, a cigar and sitting around the campfire

While BSS has more band members than most small towns in canada, they have a sound and vibe that is timeless. Only they can combine so many instruments and beautiful voices to make all the sense. Frightened Rabbit makes some of the most beautiful indie rock that you'll put your ears on with lyrics that will make you think in all the right ways. 

listens: bss - anthems for a 17 year old // halfway home //// fr - the woodpile // get out


torche // the empty bottle // 9.29

torche | photo cred:

torche | photo cred:

reppin: miami, usa // relapse records // 2004 - present

sounds like: a beautiful destruction of an old building turning into a new one

Get ready to bang your head and bring out the metal and stoner rock in you. I've been on these guys for a bit now and they bounce the ping pong ball back and forth between fringe metal and psychedelic rock. On top of it, the vocals just make for such a unique twist...even if you don't enjoy hard rock, I think you will dig these guys given the mesh of sounds.

listens: kicking // loose men // letting go


tei shi // lincoln hall // 9.30 // interview to come!

reppin: buenos aires // downtown records // 2013 - present

sounds like: watching flowers bloom in the floweriest of places on this planet

A youngan who has only been at it for a few years has already proved that her voice can take her places over multiple types of genres. And oh man, that voice will just bring you to places in your mind...go check her out and forget about your worries for a bit.

listens: basically // keep running // go slow


twinsmith // beat kitchen // 9.30

reppin: omaha, nebraska // saddle creek records // 2012 - present

sounds like:  taking a kayak through a cave with a disco ball

Upbeat, poppy, dancy and friendly kinda vibes these guys give off. There is no shortage of fun when you listen or see them. The beats will make you sway side to side and want to grab on to the person next to you.

listens: you & I // alligator years // matters

from the vault: BAYSIDE

reppin: long island, ny

years active: 2000 - present

featuring: anthony raneri // jack o'shea // nick ghanbarian // chris guglielmo

bayside | photo cred:

bayside | photo cred:

Bayside got its band name while on the way to see new found glory and hand them off a demo of their first tracks. They passed Bayside Train Station and the name stuck after they wrote it down. That was 17 years ago and the dudes are still going strong, putting out in-your-face punk rock. Shortly after their Victory Records self-titled debut, tragedy struck in the form of black ice and sadly killed the talented drummer, John Holohan. The others escaped with their lives, but that sort of event is not going away anytime soon. As a tribute to their fallen bandmate, they released a collection of acoustic tracks or previous songs...even the Pittsburgh band, Punchline, paid tribute to John with "37 Everywhere." For me, Bayside is full of powerful riffs like its popular punk rock counterparts and Anthony's voice stands out from the crowd. Their seventh album, Vacany, still proves that they know how to rock.  

studio albums: sirens and condolences (2004) // bayside (2005) // the walking wounded (2007) // shudder (2008) // killing time (2011) // cult (2014) // vacancy (2016)

listens: already gone // devotion & desire // sick, sick, sick // pretty vacant // masterpiece // carry on // no one understands // time has come

bayside // fb // twitter // ig // spotify

from the vault: SAVES THE DAY

reppin: princeton, nj // equal vision & rory recrods

years active: 1994 - present

saves the day | 2014 | photo cred:

saves the day | 2014 | photo cred:

featuring: chris conley // arun bali // rodrigo palma // dennis wilson

saves the day | 1999 | photo cred:

saves the day | 1999 | photo cred:

There were not many bands back in the day that could wrap up all your teenage joy, angst, emotions, feelings and then some into 2 1/2 minutes of power pop punk. Saves The Day blended power chords, honest lyrics and Chris Conley's soothing vocals. Their anthems are molded into fans brains, their performances always ridiculously awesome. This band has endured the test of time too. Forming in 1994, they are still going at it. They've lost band members, one of who tragically passed, switched instruments and survived through the ever evolving music genres. What is most impressive about the pop punk outfit is their evolution in sound. They were never afraid to make a drastically different record from the one before and push their boundaries with their fans and themselves. For us 20/30 somethings, std will always and forever be apart of growing up.

studio albums: can't slow down (1998) // through being cool (1999) // stay what you are (2001) // in reverie (2003) // sound the alarm (2006) // under the boards (2007) // daybreak (2011) // saves the day (2013)

listens: at your funeral // shoulder to the wheel // holly, hox forget me not // freakish // head for the hills // jukebox breakdown // you vandal // rocks tonic juice magic // in the in between

from the vault: JAMISONPARKER

reppin: orange county, ca // interscope records

years active: 2003 - 2005

featuring: jamison covington // parker case

jamisonparker | photo cred:

jamisonparker | photo cred:

while only together for two short years, these two amazing song writers put out an incredible, as close to perfect, emo/pop album entitled "sleepwalker" that you would have heard in that time frame. Personally, as I was in high school when these guys were together, it holds a special meaning in the midst of teenage angst and not knowing what the fuck you were doing. Powerful lyrics, catchy melodies and ear pleasing tunes

from the vault: THE USED

reppin: orem, utah // hopeless records

years active: 2001 - present 

the used | photo cred:

the used | photo cred:

the used | photo cred:

the used | photo cred:

featuring: bret mccracken // jeph howard // dan whitesides // justin shekoski

you know their 2002 self titled was your go to in high school. after all these years, this still gives you the feels...these dudes are still going strong and rocking out...i applaud you

listens: taste of ink // pretty handsome awkward // the bird and the worm // a box full of sharp objects // all that i've got // i caught fire // on my own

from the vault: MATCHBOOK ROMANCE

reppin: Poughkeepsie, ny // epitaph records

years active: 1997 - 2007, 2014 - present

featuring: andrew jordan // ryan depaolo // ryan kienle // aaron stern

matchbook romance | photo cred:

matchbook romance | photo cred:

these legends are a beautiful blend of post-hardcore, pop and punk/emo from the mid-2000s who absolutely killed it with their debut LP, "stories and alibis"....not to mention the pin-point lyrics

from the vault: BRAND NEW & JIMMY EAT WORLD

with the 2016 edition of Riot Fest Chicago around the corner, i'm doubling down on "from the vault" and bringing you two living legend bands...both these groups define longevity by the way they constantly evolve and recreate their sound

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

reppin: BN - levvitown, ny // JEW - mesa, az

featuring: BN - jesse lacey // vincent accardi // derrick sherman // brian lane // garrett tierney // JEW - jim adkins // zach lind // tom linton // rick burch // mitch porter

brand new | photo cred:

brand new | photo cred:

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

years active: BN - 2000 - 2016 (retiring after this year) // JEW - 1993 - present //

listens (thru 2006):

BN - seventy times 7 // logan to government center // jude law and a semester abroad // mix tape // sic transit gloria...glory fades (see video) // okay i believe you, but my tommy gun don't // the quiet things that no one ever knows // sowing season (yeah) // jesus christ // archers

JEW - call it in the air // crush // the middle // sweetness // a praise chorus // bleed american // if you don't don't // hear you me // my sundown // futures // the world you love // polaris

from the vault: NAME TAKEN

reppin: orange, ca // fiddler records

years active: 1999 - 2005

featuring: chad atkinson // blake means // ryan edwards

fun fact: the lyric "Panic at the disco / Sat back and took it so slow / Are you nervous? Are you shaking?" from their song, "Panic," is said to have been the inspiration for the name of the platinum band, Panic At The Disco

Their music is emo to the core, but contains this melodic energy that is missing from just about every other band from this era

"Hold On" is one of the more incredible albums in the 2000s time period

name taken | hold on | 2004 | fiddler records

name taken | hold on | 2004 | fiddler records

from the vault: HOT ROD CIRCUIT

reppin: auburn, al // new haven, ct

years active: 1997 - 2007, 2011, 2014 - present

featuring: andy jackson // casey prestwood // joe ballaro // mike poorman

hot rod circuit | photo cred:

hot rod circuit | photo cred:

a few thoughts: try not to sing along to their songs, especially from the album "sorry about tomorrow" // these guys were doing indie rock before we really knew what indie rock was...just listen to the lead guitarist and steel pedal (yes, they are emo too)

listens: at nature's mercy // let's go home // safely // the pharmacist 

from the vault: MAE

reppin: norfolk, va // spartan records

years active: 2002 - 2011, 2013 - present

mae | photo cred:

mae | photo cred:

featuring: dave elkins // zach gehring // jacob marshall // rob sweitzer // mark padgett

fun fact: mae is an acronym for a Multisensory Aesthetic Experience

this band is timeless...a listen from each of their first 3 albums

featured listens: "summertime" from their debut album "destination: beautiful" // "suspension" from their sophomore release "the everglow (see music video) // "brink of disaster" from "singularity"

....and a bonus: "runaway"

from the vault: SPITALFIELD

reppin: chicago, usa // victory records

years active: 1998 - 2007, here and there thru 2015

featuring: mark rose // jd romeo // tj milici // daniel lowder

spitalfield | photo cred:

spitalfield | photo cred:

fun fact: "remember right now" is by far and away one of the best pop punk/emo albums ever released. Right up there with jimmy eat world, saves the day, brand new and taking back sunday. Gotta love their unique bass sound too....

featured listen: "stolen from some great winter" from the album, "remember right now" (2002)

bonus: the entire album....10 perfect tracks