THE NUDE PARTY: concert shenanigans

reppin: boone, nc // unsigned // 2013 - present

sounds like: getting sucked into the TV (time portal style) into a 1976 rock show somewhere in the UK and never coming back

the nude party | the empty bottle, chicago | 1.16.18 | @thefaakehipster

the nude party | the empty bottle, chicago | 1.16.18 | @thefaakehipster

latest album drop: hot tub EP (jan 2016)

featuring: alec // shaun // don // patton // connor // austin

the nude party | the empty bottle, chicago | 1.16.18 | @thefaakehipster

the nude party | the empty bottle, chicago | 1.16.18 | @thefaakehipster

When you are drowning in the winter that is Chicago, there are few medications to get you to summer time. Mine is fucking rock n’ roll in a steamy club. I don’t care if I have to button up for 2 minutes of being outside...and it is even more worth it when you are going to see the psychedelic pop-rock outfit The Nude Party. A bunch of baby faced dudes who really know how to bring the 70s rock vibe to current times. A beautiful thing about this city, not matter what the weather, is the fact that you can dip over to a local venue on a random Tuesday and catch a quality touring band. As Cait and I settled in with our beers, let’s take a look at how these guys got here.

North Carolina, from what I hear, is pretty big and out in Boone there is a lot of nowhere with nothing to do and a whole lot of trouble to get into. This gave these six a lot of time to have some fun and get on top of their British Invasion-ish, rock n’ roll that they planted in their country town. Lucky for them, word spreads when your shows are pretty crazy and what started as getting chased off by the cops was slowly turning into hitting the road and finding one off shows. Despite what you may think, these guys do play with their clothes on, but they have a bare-bones sound that makes them super unique and special live. All of them appear to be talented musicians and have a very cohesive and great understanding when they are up there playing live.

With members of Chicago’s own Post Animal and Twin Peaks in attention, it is clear that these guys get the stamp of approval from the midwest. Blazing through their set, there was little talk and all of the playing. Blaring solos in just about every song, delicious touches like the 12 string electric and a bongo drum to beat there was no escaping this enticing sound. They do such a great job of channeling that old school psychedelic sound with those poppy melodies that make you want to groove. And groove we did. I would keep an ear out for these guys as they continue to build up a fan base and tour the country. And if you are feeling it, I guess, go get nude at one of their shows because they obviously will not mind.

the nude party | the empty bottle, chicago | 1.16.18 | @thefaakehipster

the nude party | the empty bottle, chicago | 1.16.18 | @thefaakehipster

suggested listening experience: getting ready for the weekend // summertime outside hangs // getting together with your squad and hanging out

listens: time to go // life’s a joke // one more mile // i wanna be your man // pistol (listen on spotify)

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chicago // shows on shows on shows: SEPTEMBER 1 - 15

*a new feature focusing on all the groovy shows coming up in chicago*

diarrhea planet | lincoln hall, chicago | 12.30.15 | @thefaakehipster

diarrhea planet | lincoln hall, chicago | 12.30.15 | @thefaakehipster

Dent May // 9.2 - The Hideout // tickets

reppin: la, usa by way of jackson, mississippi // car park records // 2007 - present

sounds like: the opening scene of a weird, yet classy movie

last album drop: across the universe (may 2017)

Mr. May got his start a while back playing in the power pop group, The Rockwells. Since then, he has brought his southern charm and influence to LA, bringing a unique sound to the forefront. His latest album tells the story of adjust to life in the new big city.

listens: born too late // meet me in the garden // face down in the gutter of your life

Middle Kids // 9.6 - Lincoln Hall // tickets

middle kids | photo cred: rolling stone aus

middle kids | photo cred: rolling stone aus

reppin: sydney, australia // EMI & Domino Records // 2016 - present

sounds like: taking a camper into the woods and hanging by the campfire

last album drop: middle kids EP (feb 2017)

These kids only have a few singles under their belt, as well as an EP, but they are doing all the right things as they hit the states for their first run. This 3 piece has a solid alt rock, indie sound with vocals by Hannah that make you smile. Catch this show as you can as they may be playing much bigger venues the next time around.

listens: edge of town // your love // never start

Diarrhea Planet // 9.8 - Wurst Fest // tickets

reppin: nashville, usa // dine alone records // 2009 - present

sounds like: the happiest fucking moshpit you’ve ever been in

last album: turn to gold (june 2016)

you have not heard anything like these dudes before. 6 dudes, 4 guitars whaling in your face and a whole lot of good feels and smiles. These live shows are full of constant energy, shredding solos on solos on solos. They will be crazy fun, don’t miss them.

listens: separations // lite dream // life pass

diarrhea planet | lincoln hall, chicago | 12.30.15 | @thefaakehipster

diarrhea planet | lincoln hall, chicago | 12.30.15 | @thefaakehipster

Ducktails & Varsity // 9.8 - Empty Bottle // tickets

reppin: ducktails - ridgewood, nj // domino records // 2006 - present //// varsity - chicago, usa // unsigned // 2013 - present

sounds like: both bands - a never ending dance floor with all the lights you need 

last album drop: dt-  st. catherine (july 2015) // varsity - self titled (2015) 

ducktails will soothe your soul to goovy indie rock tunes all night long. They threw themselves in a blender with the ingredients of chillwave and lo-fi pop rock. Varsity will give you the same kind of vibes, expect sub in Stephanie’s wonderful running vocals. You got a great pair of bands for a cruising kind of chill night.

listens: dt - killin the vibe // headbanging in the mirror // light a candle //// varsity - so sad, so sad // cult of personality // settle down

Geographer // 9.10 - Schubas // tickets

reppin: san fran, ca // roll call records // 2007 - present

sounds like: hanging around in outer space, just chillin

last album drop: ghost modern (march 2015)

Mike has been doing his thing for some time and has absolutely nailed this indie rocky electric sound. He’s Berklee graduated, has supported many big acts and played a big bucket of festivals. Him and the live band will be a dancy good time.

listens: kites // verona // read my mind

Royal Canoe // 9.12 - subterranean // tickets

reppin: winnipeg, canananada // nevado music // 2010 - present

sounds like: floating through a light rainstorm

last album drop: Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit (sept 2016)

These kids bring the funk dance vibes and it is pretty freaking awesome. If you happen to see them live, you’ll see some different instruments on stage serenating you with the type of pop sound that makes you move.

listens: bathtubs // fussin’ // exodus of the year

Strand of Oaks // 9.14 SPACE // tickets

reppin: goshen, in // dead oceans records // 2003 - present

sounds like: going into one of those bouncy houses with speakers blaring from all angles

stef chura | empty bottle, chicago | 5.4.17 | @thefaakehipster

stef chura | empty bottle, chicago | 5.4.17 | @thefaakehipster

last album drop: hard love (feb 2017)

I’ve seen this bearded man a few times and he never disappoints. He always brings a ton of energy to his shows, it’s super easy on the ears and you’ll want to sing along. One time he brought his mom out to sing, so yea.

listens: goshen ‘97 // everything // hard love

Stef Chura // 9.14 - Subterranean // previously blogged about // tickets

Death Valley Girls // 9.15, Empty Bottle // tickets

reppin:  la, usa // burger records // 2014 - present

sounds like: a sweaty sweaty face shaking back and forth in slow motion

last album drop: glow in the dark (june 2016)

Self described gutter rock, these three chicks and a dude put on a hell of a party. It’s trippy, it’s garage and you want to rock out and drop your jaw just to stare at the same time. They live up to how wild rock n’ roll should be.

listens: disco // glow in the dark // no reason

Riot Fest  // 9.15 - 17 // Douglas Park

concert shenanigans: HINDS presented by Red Bull Sound Select

reppin: madrid // mom + pop music // 2011 - present

sounds like: waking up in the morning with the covers everywhere, the room a mess and not having a recollection of what happened last night...which is exactly what you wanted

hinds | the empty bottle | chicago

hinds | the empty bottle | chicago

latest album drop: leave me alone (sept, 2016)

featuring: carlotta (vox, guitar) // ana (vox, guitar) // ade (bass) // amber (drums)

As Thursday, May 25th in the year 2017 slowly seeped into the afternoon, the sun shined from the clouds for what I think was the first time during the week. It was like a breath of fresh air and an obvious sign that some band, somewhere in Chicago needed to rock out and take advantage of it. They called that band Hinds, hailing from the Madrid...four girls ready to take their fans to a place of pure bliss. Suddenly night was upon us and as I pulled up to the Empty Bottle, the line bent around the legendary corner and kept going further back. Red Bull Sound Select is always snagging bands and artists on the rise for their shows and this was no different. Despite the wait and the length of the human snake line, there were smiles across everyone’s face. Fresh off their tour with Chicago’s own Twin Peaks, everyone was ready for a good time.

hinds | the empty bottle, chicago | 5.25.17 | @redbullsoundselect

hinds | the empty bottle, chicago | 5.25.17 | @redbullsoundselect

To get you in the space to experience Hinds, we must go back to 2011 when carlotta and ana were a duo named Deers. After a little hiatus they came back with amber and ade and introduced the world to their tracks “bamboo” and “trippy gum.” A well balanced mixture of lo-fi rock, punk sprinkled with some pop and thrown in the blender with some garage rock. They have a look to them that screams “fucking listen to us, we are fun.” After their first few releases in 2014 and 2015, they galloped around Europe with the likes of The Black Lips and The Vaccines. I could only assume something special was brewing, even only having a few songs under their belts. Their earlier songs give reason to believe that they were set on their sound and ready to venture across the pond to take the states by storm. Suddenly, when you mentioned “Hinds” after their 2016 release, Leave Me Alone, ears began to perk a bit more

As midnight came upon us, the sold out crowd began to get louder in anticipation for their faces to be melted. And once they took the stage, it was almost as if for a little over an hour, we could all forget about the bullshit we deal with on the daily. The blanketed of smooth sounds of carlotta’s and ana’s guitar mixed with amber’s piercing drums and ade’s super groovy bass lines settled on top of the audience. That warmth was immediately spread throughout us happy humans. Carlotta’s and Ana’s vocals play off one another so well as it amps up the crowd...and a few of the Twin Peaks dudes even chimed in. As ana gave a shout out to the delicious Old Style beer, it was then that I realized, they were having way more fun than the attendees and nothing is better than that. They moved through their new classics like “garden” and “bamboo” and even threw a newbie at us. Whether you were still and just soaking in the tasty ear treats, or getting your feet off the ground (and many were), there was something for every happy human there. Hinds + RBSS = well done.

suggested listening experience: summertime cruising in the big city // when you need a smile after a long day // just hanging with your homies

listens: bamboo // san diego // garden // chili town // castigadas en el granero // warts // easy

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concert shenanigans: STEF CHURA

reppin: detroit, usa // urinal cake records // 2012 - present

sounds like: sitting on one of those white picket fences in the middle of nowhere, lighting up a cigarette and sinking into your "space"

stef chura | the empty bottle, chicago | 5.4.17 | @thefaakehipster

stef chura | the empty bottle, chicago | 5.4.17 | @thefaakehipster

last album drop: messes (jan, 2017)

featuring: stef // ryan // alex

stef chura | the empty bottle, chicago | 5.4.17 | @thefaakehipster

stef chura | the empty bottle, chicago | 5.4.17 | @thefaakehipster

In the midst of a jam packed concert week at the beginning of May, I walked into my favorite sweaty rock club in Chicago, The Empty Bottle, to take in lady rocker Stef Chura. Hailing from detroit, much like most of us midwesteners, she wears her emotions on her sleeves. Her latest album, "messes," is a true emotional rollercoaster of life, lessons and what humans can learn from simply fucking up. I love her quote she told somebody at some point when the album was released: “It’s about emotional mess, not physical mess,” Chura says. These are two very different things, something we all experience and music can teach us a lot about funneling both types of emotions. Now, the actual music she is making definitely portrays that up and down sort of feel...grungy, off-tuned guitars, yet very clean and poppy (weird, I know). Vocals that honestly I cannot describe as she combines words and sometimes makes it hard to understand what she is saying. In a really good way. She really nails the whole blending of pop and garage rock worlds.

Her message with this debut album are quite simple: don't be afraid to fuck up because it is the only way we can succeed later on. Life never goes as planned and the sooner we figure that out and let go of fears of trying to do everything right all the time, the quicker we can be free. Stef is no stranger to music as she has been in and out of bands for almost ten years now. Each song in "messes" really hits on different different types of feelings, coming together in a montage of attitudes and beliefs. Something for everyone to relate to. It makes sense that her debut is full of these lessons as it was years of experiences that built up to it.   

stef chura | the empty bottle, chicago | 5.4.17 | @thefaakehipster

stef chura | the empty bottle, chicago | 5.4.17 | @thefaakehipster

The garage rock, slightly pop vibe seeps through her vocals and guitars. Her set appears simplistic with three band members, but it really is layered with depth as the album comes to life. Her vocals and tangled guitar riffs makes you think about what can be right in the world for a few moments. Again, that calmness seems to take over from a physical standpoint, but you can see and hear the emotion in her vocals as she moves through the set list. I was luckily enough to be surrounded by a decent size, yet responsive crowd that was really paying attention. The journey is just getting started for Stef and I dig how she has created an identity for herself already. Be interested in how this one evolves over the coming year with new music to come.

suggested listening experience: alone time // weekend bike rides // chill session with a few friends

listens: spotted gold // slow motion // you // thin // faded heart // messes // human being

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new music: DEAP VALLY

reppin: la, usa // cooking vinyl records // 2011 - present

sounds like: rebelling against who the fuck ever you have a problem with and giving them finger with a smile

lindsey & julie | photo cred:

lindsey & julie | photo cred:

last album drop: femejism (sept 2016)

featuring: lindsey troy (guitar, vocals) // julie edwards (drums and vocals)

julie of deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

julie of deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

There is a sense of just pure rock bliss when you listen to lindsey and julie melting your eardrums through the speakers. Almost that sense that they are in your living room or your phone playing a set just for you. Born just a crisp six years ago, these ladies hit the studio early in 2012 to record their debut track, “Gonna Make My Own Money,” and were London a month later making their debut across the pond. I know, fuck our lives, right? But, fortunately when we all see that fuck our lives moment, usually on the other end there are musicians turning out crazy good music. Jump to year later and their four song EP, “Get Deap” is released followed quickly by their debut LP, “Sistrionix.” That landed them some rave reviews and support for some very well known groups into the next year. Finally, they followed up a great opener to an even better sophomore release, “Femejism” back in the fall of 2016 and have not looked back at this point.

deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

deap vally | schubas, chicago | 4.3.17 | @thefaakehipster

I haven’t had a chance to talk to these two yet, but it seems like they were shot out of cannon with the attention they have gotten since femegism and very deservedly so. The range of their sound, yet at the core just blues/garage rock n’ roll has landed them on tour with the likes of The Vaccines, Marylin Mason, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Wolfmother. I usually dig into two paths of a group’s sound early on...can you continuously evolve your sound to stay current or build on the depth of the sound you own. Julie and Lindsey are the latter and they are just getting started. There blues riffs carry into their choruses so well. That dirty garage rock will kick in at exactly when you need it to give them a good balance. With both ladies killing it on the vocals, there is something to be said about there straight up “fuck you guys” lyrics (And I am not ashamed of my sex life // Although I wish it were better // I am not ashamed I am no one's wife // Although the idea does sound kind of nice). Telling it like it is: “i said come on everybody, listen up // there is no time like the present. And finally, the live set...holy shit. A glam 80s rock look, two girls, lights and beers. Those recordings are channeled through the PA, if not better than the actual recordings because you get that expressiveness in their voices, axe and drums. If you are in concert seeing mode, go check these two out at the nearest festival or wherever they are playing. You will not be disappointed.

suggested listening experience: sunny saturday daytime bbq // a fuck you day at the office // physical activity (would not recommend marathons, they’ll get the heart rate going too fast)

listens: royal jelly // smile more // gonnawanna // little baby beauty queen // baby i can hell // walk of shame // end of the world // lies

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concert shenanigans: RON GALLO + MODERN VICES

reppin: RG - nashville + philly, usa // 2009 - present //// MV - chicago, usa // autumn tone records // 2013 - present

ron gallo | photo cred:

ron gallo | photo cred:

sounds like: RG - giving the finger to those kids that bullied you later than life with a smile //// MV - a look back at the good times in life through one of those vintage filters

featuring: RG - ron gallo // joe bisirri // dylan sevey  //// MV - alex rebek (vocals) // peter scoville (guitar) // thomas peters (guitar) // miles kalchik (bass) // patrick hennessey (drums)

latest album drop: RG - heavy meta (feb 2017) //// MV - self titled (oct 2014)

modern vices | photo cred:

modern vices | photo cred:

modern vices | subterranean, chicago | 2.20.17 | @thefaakehipster

modern vices | subterranean, chicago | 2.20.17 | @thefaakehipster

modern vices // hitting the stage first was Chicago’s own, modern vices and a whole lot of glorious, shiny hair (they totally condition though). Having a self described “dirty doo-wop” sound, alex’s vocals immediately hit you in the face with his impressive and loud range. I could not think of a better description as you can totally pick up on that 50s vibe, distorted rock and clean and delicious guitar solos. Seeing any band for the first time, I always pay attention to the energy live and even on the slow jams these dudes still get the crowd feeling good and dirty. While only being a band for not even four years, they freaking killed it on their first self titled album. The slow songs build as they go and for moments all that noise makes so much sense until the calm again. The vintage sound reminds you of the birth of rock n’ roll. When you mix that with the raw energy and hopping around on stage, you immediately come to life as a spectator. What I’m stoked about is the future for these guys. The record from a few years back is quite impressive. Throw some additional money into production the next time around, I can see the depth of their sound growing and evolving...because let’s face it, they already rock.

ron gallo | subterranen, chicago | 2.20.17 | @thefaakehipster

ron gallo | subterranen, chicago | 2.20.17 | @thefaakehipster

ron gallo // This dude rounded out one of the better $12 shows I think I’ve ever been to. First off, that curly fro is glorious and could rival any other out there. Simply put, this dude’s latest album, “heavy meta,” is a dirty blues rock record ready to punch you in the face. He is self described as straddling the fence between “THE WORLD IS COMPLETELY FUCKED AND THE UNIVERSE IS INSIDE YOU.” Listening closely to his lyrics, they are kind of hilarious in our own millennial right, mixed in with our normal confusion and calling out of peeps. In short, this dude is deep and has some knowledge to drop on you to make you think. Even better, he puts on a hell of a live show. The three piece band sounds pretty luscious, with the bass and guitar playing real well off one another. Those echoey vocals fit in so well with that blues. Sprinkle some sounds from the 60s and 70s in there, turn up the distortion and let ron shred to your delight. I mean at one point he used part of an aluminum foldable chair to play his axe...yea never saw that one before. Go onto spotify, get the vinyl and check those tour dates in your city because he is worth the admission.

suggested listening experience: RG - funneling that aggression from the week // summertime bbq //// MV - hanging with mom and pops // hanging inside on a rainy night

listens: MV - smoke rings // keep me under your arms // cheap style // awake in the night //// RG - kill the medicine man // young lady, you’re scaring me // put the kids to bed // poor traits of the artist

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reppin: long beach, usa // innovative leisure records // 2009 - present

sounds like: a non-stop beach party with your friends from dawn till dusk

latest album drop: ghost food (aug 2016)

featuring: chad wachtel (guitar) // daniel michicoff (bass) // phil shaheen (drums)

tijuana panthers | photo cred:

tijuana panthers | photo cred:

You ever hit up that concert, or listen to that album and the experience front to back is consistent and more than satisfying. There really is not a dull moment and the build up just gets better and better? Well hello Tijuana Panthers. Oooo that mellow, lo-fi surfer rock kinda vibe is what TP is all about and they do it so well. The trio, who hails from long beach, all met at “church camp” (which I assume is similar to Hebrew Camp for us jews), and shared a passion for rock n’ roll. That soon blossomed into a band and their first 7” featuring the tunes “girls gone wild” and “creature.” This was soon followed up by their first album in 2010 (released in 2015), Max Barker. From there, the album Semi-Sweet was released in 2013 after sharing stages with some legends in between. There has been quite the bevy of singles and albums since then, as they have been in full force making music, tour and repeat mode.

tijuana panthers | photo cred:

tijuana panthers | photo cred:

Rock. Lo-Fi. Pop. Surfer Rock. Garage Rock. These guys really blend the genres in to well. Solidifying their place in the creation of masterful, vintage song making ability, they really know how to bring it track after track. What I mean by vintage, or classic, is that every song has such a great structure, filled with just enough pop to keep you looped in. There are simple, yet attractive riffs, vocals to boot and a good time to be had. The best part about these dudes...they are super weird! And weird is the new cool so embrace it. These guys should be here for some time to come so now is when you should start jumping on the bandwagon.

suggested listening experience: sunny day drinks // gym motivation // a cruise on the skateboard or longboard

listens: NOBO // cherry street // mind how you go // summer fun // father christmas // redheaded girl // crew cut

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new music: BAD//DREEMS

reppin: adeladine, australia // ivy league records // 2012 - present

sounds like: a half serious “fuck you” to your friend while waving and smiling

last album drop: dogs at bay (aug 2015)

bad//dreems | photo cred:

bad//dreems | photo cred:

featuring: james bartold // alex cameron // ben marwe // miles wilson

Throw a word like “outsider” in front of the word “rock” to describe your music, well I must investigate further. Slap that on top of these dudes meeting while playing for their local soccer club, the sport of choice for me (well, not really a choice...only so many sports you can play in high school when you are under six feet and Jewish), we have ourselves a band to watch. Forming in 2012, they immediately released their first single, “chills” followed by "caroline," which was picked up on the local Triple J radio on regular rotation. After doing some more digging around, I have come to find that adeladine is somewhat of a sacred place in Australia when it comes to music. It is home to many festivals of music and arts, a few music legends and a whole slew of ride range music genres. Growing up in a diverse setting like that can bring out the best in musicians. Fast forward to 2014 and these guys are already working with legendary music producer Mark Optiz on their hit single, “dumb ideas” (which is what first caught my attention).

bad//dreems | photo cred:

bad//dreems | photo cred:

These dudes do an amazing job of infusing their melodic sound into tracks that you can sway back and forth to as well as others that get you more in rock out banging your head mode. A sprinkle of 80s, some 70s UK rock and a bit of pop to top it off. The way they record their music gives a raw, yet smooth flow with their instruments, but the vocals so sharp in a way that makes you feel like ben is speaking directly to you. I love simple layers of sound, culture and personality through music, something these guys express through their tunes. What stands out the most: just being normal, chill guys. Watch their music videos of them just goofing around. There really isn’t an underlying statement to what they is about enjoying their tunes and having fun with it. Do yourself a favor and get lost in the young lifespan of tracks that is bad//dreems because you will not be disappointed.

suggested listening experience: slamming beers and being goofy with friends // afternoon wall hitting at the office // getting pumped up for that date

listens: chills // dumb ideas // mob rule // cuffed & collared // caroline // hiding to nothing

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new music: TWIN PEAKS

reppin: chicago, il // grand jury records & communion records

sounds like: throwing on a pair of overalls, hopping into your 60s Corvette that you don’t own and bringing the squad together for a open road trip

twin peaks | photo cred:

twin peaks | photo cred:

last album drop: down in heaven (may 2016)

featuring: cadien lake james aka big tuna // clay frankel // jake dolan // connor brodner // colin croom

twin peaks | thalia hall, chicago | 12.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

twin peaks | thalia hall, chicago | 12.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

Oh man, you just don’t find these stories around these that literally grow up together in the same neighborhood and find musical magic and special connections off the bat. The new lineage of Chicago music bloodlines is quickly growing as founder Cadien is the little brother of former Smith Westerns member, Hal. Split between two next door high schools, they came together in 2010 and finally started recording their song gold in 2012. Talk about DIY. Using two condenser mics and GarageBand they chugged out a rock record with bits of pop and contrapuntal melodies. The birth of their first record made it clear that they had talent to grow in such a rock heavy Chicago point in time...this is a good thing moving to present time (because they freaking rock hint hint). Once they got into the studio in 2014 to record “Wild Onion” they came across a label, some friends and producers who had some heavy hitters under their belts already.

Built on garage and blues rock n’ roll and bolted in with sprinkles of punk rock, these kids pack a punch into their live songs. That seems a lot easier when you make track after track that is packed with sweet riffs and killer energy. As you rock out through the tracks you’ll pick up on the mixture of sweet melodies and harmonized melodies before they come out of nowhere and bust out a solo at a different pace. This translates oh so well into the live set. Between the organized chaos, the perfected edginess to the vocals and fuzzy punk ballads, you can’t help but moving around. It may be easier for one to write off a band that is all over the place with garage rock, one may think of as messy...but oh it is so not. Their latest set of shows the other weekend at Thalia Hall and The Metro made it apparent that their tunes are loved by ages wide enough to create a family, while staying fun, fresh and just goofy as fuck. That is my kind of combo and I think you will dig it too.

twin peaks | thalia hall, chicago | 12.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

twin peaks | thalia hall, chicago | 12.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

suggested listening experience: grilling out with the squad // weekday whiskey night // “hey dad, check out this rocking band!”

concert shenanigans: THE MYSTERY LIGHTS // WARBLY JETS

reppin: tml - nyc, usa // wick records // 2004 - present // wj - la, usa // 2015 - present

warbly jets | phot cred:

warbly jets | phot cred:

sounds like: dreaming of yourself in the 70s as a kid with no responsibilities...wicked

last album drop: tml - "the mystery lights" (june 2017) // wj - tba 2017

the mystery lights | photo cred:

the mystery lights | photo cred:

featuring: wj - samuel shea // julien o'neil // dan gerbang // justin goings // tml - mike brandon // l solano // alex q amini

the venue: empty bottle // chicago, usa

warbly jets | empty bottle, chicago | 12.6.16 | @thefaakehipster

warbly jets | empty bottle, chicago | 12.6.16 | @thefaakehipster

First, I have to get this out of the much hair from this show. Fortunately for the hundred plus or so humans that attended, the talent matched the wavy locks that we stared at all night. Introduce Warbly Jets and The Mystery Lights, both packed with a raw yet crafted rock sound that will rope one in right from the start. I love that these two hooked  up for some dates because they complement one another so well to make for a night. WJ hails from the left side and TML from the right (I’m right in the middle!). Mystery have been giving us depth and layers of rock, blues and grunge for quite some time now, while warbly is just rolling up their sleeves and getting started….although the members within are already vets being part of past projects.

WJ // Jared, why the fuck are you writing about this band that only has one song, I thought you were an album response: fuck you, i can do what i want! Just kidding, I love you and appreciate your concern, but they did play more than one song live, that i do know. As I told mr samuel after his set, I had not heard of these guys before seeing them, but holy shit did they looks like vets out there. Honest, raw rock n’ roll with just enough attitude to make you smile as they went through their set. The sound is organic, the energy is in abundance. The riffs are clean and the vocals are quite dreamy. Yea, go listen to that one song because it is fucking awesome. The first full length from these dudes should bash any overproduced stuff out of the water and I am quite excited. Until next time in Chicago (when it is warm please!)

the mystery lights | empty bottle, chicago | 12.6.16 | @thefaakehipster

the mystery lights | empty bottle, chicago | 12.6.16 | @thefaakehipster

TML // At the foundation of tml is such a soothing, simple blues rock that is matched perfectly with mike’s vocals and that delicious lead guitarist who moves in and out of riffs and solos like its nothing. Close your eyes while they are playing and you can feel the energy coming off the instruments while simultaneously forgetting what decade it really is. The analog distortion isn’t trying to fool you and be modern, it is delivering rock n’ roll straight up. So much 60s and 70s, less talking and taking you from track to track. There is fluid energy throughout the set, but it is balanced between the members moving from singing to yelling, riffs to solos and more can keep any music fan engaged and wowed. Their latest full length, “the mystery lights,” is a treat from cover to cover, not even coming close to missing a beat when it comes to that old school grunge and punk sound. Cheers dudes

There is A LOT of music out there and a lot of it comes on false pretenses. I only met a few of these dudes briefly, but I can tell they spend countless hours challenging themselves to write that perfect riff and channeling their thoughts and energy through every track, album and performance. When bands start taking that mindset, gaining fans and getting noticed is just a side effect, no faking there.

suggested listening experience: doing anything in the world in the outdoors // getting the pep back in the step on a saturday afternoon // impressing mom and dad

listenstml - follow me home // too many girls // what happens when you turn the devil down // without me // flowers in my hair, demons in my head // wj - alive

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new music: OTHERKIN

reppin: dublin, ireland // rubyworks records // 2013 - present

sounds like: that night you got drunk, had a rolling brown-out, smoked weed and woke up the next morning with a smile being totally okay with it

last album drop: the new vice EP (june 2016)

otherkin | photo cred:

otherkin | photo cred:

featuring: david anthony // luke reilly // rob summons // conor andrew wynne

otherin | photo cred:

otherin | photo cred:

It was love at first listen for me with these dudes...the sweaty, head banging, screaming type of beautiful love. Still baby-faced irish kids, these guys only started in 2013 and they seem to have packed decades of British rock sound into these years. Back then, Luke, Conner and David found a dude named Rob and they formed this in your face rock n’ roll band we see before us today. The story so far reminds me of punk bands playing in the Chicago suburbs. Packing the local house party, small venue in the burbs and clawing their way to touring. Gaining a fan at a time, otherkin played college dorms in the close knit and talented Dublin live scene. You do whatever you can to get music out there as they self-released tracks and did not worry so much about putting an album together. They certainly did it the old fashion way and being rough around the edges is better than anything smooth and conservative I’ve ever come across. Perhaps the best quote I found from the guys: “We want our records to be punchy, lean and blazing. Straight in, no kissing.” If only I could get girls to think the same thing about me…

otherkin | photo cred:

otherkin | photo cred:

I am all about the front to back album, but with the first few EPs you can sniff gold with the music (that was not meant to be an Irish joke). Start with their first single, “ay ay” of the 201 EP and clear some space to jump around. What is a mixture of 90s grunge and new wave punk-pop, they so clearly have perfected their sound super early. Moving along to 2016, “the new vice” ep, i mean holy shit where to start. The riffs have the perfect amount of edginess that won’t let anyone shy away. The vocals layer over the guitars like mozzarella on pizza dough and those quick solos are just the icing on the cake (you would eat cake and pizza together, admit it). Top your listening experience off with “yeah, i know” and then come sit with me as we beg for more. They sure as hell know how to rock a club to the core...can’t wait to see what these crazy cats do next.

suggested listening experience: getting rowdy before, during or after going out // waking up your friends in the morning after a night out // hanging with friends outside during a sunny day

listens: ay ay // yeah, i know // howling // i was born // feel it // white heat

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concert shenanigans: THE ORWELLS - A look into a pair of shows @ 1st Ward dubbed "The Midwest ShitFest"


also featuring: The Symposium, Post Animal, Joe Bordenero & The Late Bloomers

the orwells | 1st ward @ chop shop | 8.12.16 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

the orwells | 1st ward @ chop shop | 8.12.16 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

reppin: elmhurst, il // canvasback music

sounds like: that proud moment when you feel good about giving the middle finger to someone with a big smile

next album drop: fall/winter 2016 release will follow up "Disgraceland"

featuring: matt o'keefe // henry brinner // matt brinner // dominic corso // mario cuomo

First...a brief history

Let's catch you slackers up on what the awesome dudes known as The Orwells have accomplished before most of us have even graduated college. All five guys grew up in suburban Chicago, Elmhurst to be exact, and formed in 2009 in the early stages of high school. It only took a quick 3 years to get discovered, signed and release their first album, “remember when” in 2012. Whether it was from within, or trusted sources, there was something special there so they graduated early, hit the festival circuit, wowed Letterman and earned the hearts of fans everywhere. Shortly thereafter, they released their follow up, “disgraceland.” While the journey for them had already been incredible, this beautifully crafted garage rock album received not only praise from the music folks out there, but an enormous, positive reception from the fans. Oh, and these goofballs are only 21/22 years old as we jump to the present.

fast forward to right meow

In any aspect of life, there is something special when humans get together to create a masterpiece. I wholeheartedly believe that these five young dudes will forever have that “special sauce” from being so close to one another at a very young age. We mold our personalities and values as we grow through high school and beyond, and they were able to do it as one entity with five different, laid back personalities. A majority of musicians out there will go their whole career without gaining even a dedicated local following...already veterans on the show front; hanging with them I immediately felt a vibe of humility. So easygoing, connected to one another and welcoming to the newbies (like myself) to take in a slice. Flicking beers and tequila back like it’s nothing, laughing, taking cracks at one another and living in the moment are all key aspects to preparing for a killer show

Now, the crowd is getting more and more anxious and the guys are ready to take the stage in Chicago for the first time in awhile. Before them, three local, talented acts warmed everyone up. There are no nerves...just anticipation to engage their fans and have probably more fun than they are. That middle finger (or the toilet plunger that Mario found) are raised high in the sky...they don’t care what you think of them; all they want is to bring out that emotion in every fan through their rock n’ roll. You may call it chaos. I call it an organized, sweaty good ass time (speaking of butts, Mario was not shy in mooning everyone). Both nights, moshing and crowd surfing were at the max despite a sign every 15 feet clearly reading: “No moshing or crowd surfing.”  I still see the energetic youth in The Orwells much like I still try to cling onto what’s left of mine. However, there is a level of maturity with Matt, Grant, Mario, Henry and Dominic; they not only understand and vibe off their audience, but they understand each other. That magical formula is going to lead to countless masterpieces to come. Much love to these guys for the opportunity to kick it this past weekend.

suggested listening experience: anytime you need to smile and forget about about shit // any house or backyard party // trying to build the courage to tell your ex to fuck off

listens: the righteous ones // mallrats (la la la) // who needs you // let it burn // in my bed

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