JUNGLE: Day 27 - 30 Days in Chicago presented by Red Bull Sound Select

reppin: london, uk // XL Recordings // 2013 - present

sounds like: walking upside-down in a disco ball in the middle of...you guessed it, a jungle

jungle | metro, chicago | day 27 - 30 days in chicago | 11.27.17 | @thefaakehipster

jungle | metro, chicago | day 27 - 30 days in chicago | 11.27.17 | @thefaakehipster

latest album drop: jungle (july 2014)

featuring: josh // tom // fraser // george // dominic // andro // rudi


Landing at the Metro the other night was not your typical winter walk into the venue. Jungle was in town as the last gigs of 30 Days in Chicago were coming to an end and it was indeed a jungle in there. Plants, trees, lights and more set the vibe as we walked up the stairs to another sold out night. This band knows how to get you in the mood, put you in there world. And if you let it happen make sure you stretch because there is no way you are not moving during a set with Jungle. After the openers took the stage, the lights dimmed and it was time to grab someone and throw your hands in the air.

Jungle lands between funky disco and far-out rock. They move so fluidly from song to song as you can clearly tell how much fun they are having onstage. That energy is clearly pouring into the people. Any way you look the smiles are on faces and the feet are moving. Jungle consists of 7 members, each of which is one a mission to come together as one. And it is pretty sweet...they all sound like one big cohesive melodic setup, all knowing what they have to do. Hailing from London, you can hear bits of that England psychedelic rock, but what shines is the disco-funk and tropical beats. They are just enough disco to make it their own though, curating a solid, modern sound.


The four that front the group on-stage all sound like once voice singing in unison, it really is something to see. They move together, hitting each note and blanket the crowd with their voices over the funky beat. As 30 Days comes to a close tonight, it is pretty unreal to look back and see what has been accomplished here. This wasn’t a month of rock or hip hop, it was a month of feels, experiences and reasons to want to live. When you look at how the crowd responded to every show I was at, look at the band, the atmosphere was contagious and the vibes were about togetherness. It was a damn good month.

suggested listening experience: party grooving with your friends // late night hangs // early morning commutes 

listens: busy earnin' // time // the heat // drops // julia // lucky i got what i want     

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JACOB BANKS: Day 23 - 30 Days in Chicago presented by Red Bull Sound Select

reppin: birmingham, uk by way of nigeria // interscope // 2012 - present // 26 years old

sounds like: walking around with crazy cool, mid-evil statues on each side of you buffering you from all the bad

jacob banks | lincoln hall, chicago | 11.22.17 | @thefaakehipster

jacob banks | lincoln hall, chicago | 11.22.17 | @thefaakehipster

latest album drop: the paradox (july 2015)

jacob banks | lincoln hall, chicago | 11.22.17 | @thefaakehipster

jacob banks | lincoln hall, chicago | 11.22.17 | @thefaakehipster

featuring: jacob

Rarely do we come across musicians that belt out truth and honestly like their lives depend on it on stage. There is a fine line when it comes to the difference between putting on a show and pouring your emotions and well being into a performance. Jacob Banks is on the right side of that, the latter of course and he is oh so smooth at doing it. Jacob has started to span the globe with his soulful voice and I have been lucky enough to catch him a few times, including a ridiculous performance at SXSW 2017. Yes, in that specific instance I inhaled some equally ridiculous California home grown bud, but in my defense, it was delicious. Chicago, which was built on blues and soul, was graced with Mr. Banks right before turkey time last week and those who made it to the sold out crowd were not disappointed.

As I mentioned in a previous post of JB, he is here on this marble for one reason: to save soul. His voice is powerful, the scratchiness equates to the passion and truth in what he sings. The band spans the spectrum of rock, blues and r&b, forming a well rounded band that will knock your socks off. Jacob took us from song to song, often breaking with a funny phrase or horrible joke that we all laughed at. One thing is for certain: he commands the stage and gets as close to our hearts as he can. Looking around the audience you could see some kids almost crying and at other moments letting it all go. You sure as hell could not just sit there silently.

Even though Jacob is a soul singer, he looks like a rock star out there, especially when he picks up the axe. His roots in Africa and Europe as shown throughout his tracks and you can feel the culture hit you in the live show. Cait and I were grooving all night and the whole audience was feeling it. No matter where you are located you can expect a show full of feels and musical treats that will leave you satisfied.   

suggested listening experience: making sweet sweet love // cruising along on something with wheels // getting ready for the evening

listens: unholy war // worthy // chainsmoking // silver lining // monster // sink or swim // mercy

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new music: THE HUNNA

reppin: london, uk // high time records

sounds like: a pair of beautiful denim after you rough them up and throw some dirt on it. They look so good and you want to rock them everyday

next album drop: "100" (august 26, 2016)

featuring: valentino // bandana-dan // ik // the prince

the hunna | photo cred: counterfeitmag.co.uk

the hunna | photo cred: counterfeitmag.co.uk

Where did you come from?! I caught one great song posted sometime late last year and now I am seeing them anywhere. So what is the story? Well, turns out these dudes literally put themselves on the map last fall and have been spreading the love like crazy lately, including a US tour that is about to end currently. Being that these guys are new and fresh, they are obviously doing something right to gain fans quickly. Quite simply, they are doing it with how they sound. The sound has that positive, fun vibe...something you can easily sing along to. The mixture of crisp vocals and dirty guitars have them armed and ready to open for big, big acts at the moment.

As you take a dive into the lyrics, you can immediately gather that they are a big ball of fun. Not only are the lyrics memorable, they are positive and make you smile. As they push through their four singles out at the moment, there is a splash of mid 2000s sound. Super simple, but pleasing and energetic. Whatever the future holds for these dudes, the door is wide open for them to make a splash this summer. Dig into their available tunes and get amped for their 1st album release around Labor Day.

suggested listening experience: morning pump up music // super chill session with your buddies // porch drinking as the sun is setting

listens: you & me (music video below) // bonfire // we could be // still got blood

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reppin: london, UK - hit/rca records

sounds like: those expandable water toys when we were kids….looks harmless, but oh man, does she pack a punch when she gets goin

last album drop: my love is cool (june, 2015)

featuring: ellie rowsell, joel amey, joff oddie, theo ellis

Wolf Alice | Subterranean | Chicago, May 2015 | @thefaakehipster

Wolf Alice | Subterranean | Chicago, May 2015 | @thefaakehipster

Once again, another amazing group that has seen a ton of love in the past year. And once again, another band I wrote to memory a little more than a year ago. It appears that they are much more well known over the pond than in the states at the moment, but that will change. March of 2015 I saw these kids rock out at Subterranean in Chicago (very small venue for those who don’t know) and I must say, I do not see them playing those small clubs again, like ever. A chick with her axe and just the right amount of edge to her voice, a old school rock vibe behind her and a whole lot of loud, fun and energetic noise to get you moving.

As you work your way through “moaning lisa smile” & “bros,” you’ll catch onto their harder, grungier sound. Tracks like “freazy” & “wicked game” will show their pop and folky side, proving they can play and write at a wide spectrum. Whatever you favor, they do an unreal job at blending the opposing genres and creating a party on stage for your viewing pleasure. For now, sit back and cruise their tunes to get you hooked for that next show

suggested listening experience: getting ready for the workday or schoolday // hanging with your friends who don’t listen to just edm // that little window of time after work when you come home to change before you are ready to fuck shit up at night

listens: moaning lisa smile // bros // giant peach // your love's whore

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