concert shenanigans: HINDS presented by Red Bull Sound Select

reppin: madrid // mom + pop music // 2011 - present

sounds like: waking up in the morning with the covers everywhere, the room a mess and not having a recollection of what happened last night...which is exactly what you wanted

hinds | the empty bottle | chicago

hinds | the empty bottle | chicago

latest album drop: leave me alone (sept, 2016)

featuring: carlotta (vox, guitar) // ana (vox, guitar) // ade (bass) // amber (drums)

As Thursday, May 25th in the year 2017 slowly seeped into the afternoon, the sun shined from the clouds for what I think was the first time during the week. It was like a breath of fresh air and an obvious sign that some band, somewhere in Chicago needed to rock out and take advantage of it. They called that band Hinds, hailing from the Madrid...four girls ready to take their fans to a place of pure bliss. Suddenly night was upon us and as I pulled up to the Empty Bottle, the line bent around the legendary corner and kept going further back. Red Bull Sound Select is always snagging bands and artists on the rise for their shows and this was no different. Despite the wait and the length of the human snake line, there were smiles across everyone’s face. Fresh off their tour with Chicago’s own Twin Peaks, everyone was ready for a good time.

hinds | the empty bottle, chicago | 5.25.17 | @redbullsoundselect

hinds | the empty bottle, chicago | 5.25.17 | @redbullsoundselect

To get you in the space to experience Hinds, we must go back to 2011 when carlotta and ana were a duo named Deers. After a little hiatus they came back with amber and ade and introduced the world to their tracks “bamboo” and “trippy gum.” A well balanced mixture of lo-fi rock, punk sprinkled with some pop and thrown in the blender with some garage rock. They have a look to them that screams “fucking listen to us, we are fun.” After their first few releases in 2014 and 2015, they galloped around Europe with the likes of The Black Lips and The Vaccines. I could only assume something special was brewing, even only having a few songs under their belts. Their earlier songs give reason to believe that they were set on their sound and ready to venture across the pond to take the states by storm. Suddenly, when you mentioned “Hinds” after their 2016 release, Leave Me Alone, ears began to perk a bit more

As midnight came upon us, the sold out crowd began to get louder in anticipation for their faces to be melted. And once they took the stage, it was almost as if for a little over an hour, we could all forget about the bullshit we deal with on the daily. The blanketed of smooth sounds of carlotta’s and ana’s guitar mixed with amber’s piercing drums and ade’s super groovy bass lines settled on top of the audience. That warmth was immediately spread throughout us happy humans. Carlotta’s and Ana’s vocals play off one another so well as it amps up the crowd...and a few of the Twin Peaks dudes even chimed in. As ana gave a shout out to the delicious Old Style beer, it was then that I realized, they were having way more fun than the attendees and nothing is better than that. They moved through their new classics like “garden” and “bamboo” and even threw a newbie at us. Whether you were still and just soaking in the tasty ear treats, or getting your feet off the ground (and many were), there was something for every happy human there. Hinds + RBSS = well done.

suggested listening experience: summertime cruising in the big city // when you need a smile after a long day // just hanging with your homies

listens: bamboo // san diego // garden // chili town // castigadas en el granero // warts // easy

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