concert shenanigans: RON GALLO + MODERN VICES

reppin: RG - nashville + philly, usa // 2009 - present //// MV - chicago, usa // autumn tone records // 2013 - present

ron gallo | photo cred:

ron gallo | photo cred:

sounds like: RG - giving the finger to those kids that bullied you later than life with a smile //// MV - a look back at the good times in life through one of those vintage filters

featuring: RG - ron gallo // joe bisirri // dylan sevey  //// MV - alex rebek (vocals) // peter scoville (guitar) // thomas peters (guitar) // miles kalchik (bass) // patrick hennessey (drums)

latest album drop: RG - heavy meta (feb 2017) //// MV - self titled (oct 2014)

modern vices | photo cred:

modern vices | photo cred:

modern vices | subterranean, chicago | 2.20.17 | @thefaakehipster

modern vices | subterranean, chicago | 2.20.17 | @thefaakehipster

modern vices // hitting the stage first was Chicago’s own, modern vices and a whole lot of glorious, shiny hair (they totally condition though). Having a self described “dirty doo-wop” sound, alex’s vocals immediately hit you in the face with his impressive and loud range. I could not think of a better description as you can totally pick up on that 50s vibe, distorted rock and clean and delicious guitar solos. Seeing any band for the first time, I always pay attention to the energy live and even on the slow jams these dudes still get the crowd feeling good and dirty. While only being a band for not even four years, they freaking killed it on their first self titled album. The slow songs build as they go and for moments all that noise makes so much sense until the calm again. The vintage sound reminds you of the birth of rock n’ roll. When you mix that with the raw energy and hopping around on stage, you immediately come to life as a spectator. What I’m stoked about is the future for these guys. The record from a few years back is quite impressive. Throw some additional money into production the next time around, I can see the depth of their sound growing and evolving...because let’s face it, they already rock.

ron gallo | subterranen, chicago | 2.20.17 | @thefaakehipster

ron gallo | subterranen, chicago | 2.20.17 | @thefaakehipster

ron gallo // This dude rounded out one of the better $12 shows I think I’ve ever been to. First off, that curly fro is glorious and could rival any other out there. Simply put, this dude’s latest album, “heavy meta,” is a dirty blues rock record ready to punch you in the face. He is self described as straddling the fence between “THE WORLD IS COMPLETELY FUCKED AND THE UNIVERSE IS INSIDE YOU.” Listening closely to his lyrics, they are kind of hilarious in our own millennial right, mixed in with our normal confusion and calling out of peeps. In short, this dude is deep and has some knowledge to drop on you to make you think. Even better, he puts on a hell of a live show. The three piece band sounds pretty luscious, with the bass and guitar playing real well off one another. Those echoey vocals fit in so well with that blues. Sprinkle some sounds from the 60s and 70s in there, turn up the distortion and let ron shred to your delight. I mean at one point he used part of an aluminum foldable chair to play his axe...yea never saw that one before. Go onto spotify, get the vinyl and check those tour dates in your city because he is worth the admission.

suggested listening experience: RG - funneling that aggression from the week // summertime bbq //// MV - hanging with mom and pops // hanging inside on a rainy night

listens: MV - smoke rings // keep me under your arms // cheap style // awake in the night //// RG - kill the medicine man // young lady, you’re scaring me // put the kids to bed // poor traits of the artist

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all them witches | the empty bottle | 7.21.16 | @thefaakehipster

all them witches | the empty bottle | 7.21.16 | @thefaakehipster

reppin: nashville, tn // ten west records

sounds like: a muddy tug of war match during the summer...just the way we like it

latest album drop: dying surfer meets his maker (oct, 2015)

featuring: ben mcleod // robby staebler // charles michael parks jr // allan van cleave

It was a dark and stormy night and the rain came down in torrents as Brian and myself embarked on a journey to the Empty Bottle. Nashville is not only a dope city, it is full of talent these days, spanning many genres. All Them Witches fall no short of that scientifically proven hypothesis and delivered a quality and passionate performance. The sounds of the early 60s/70s eras are easily heard and graciously accepted through their amps. While many incorporate poppy sounds into their rock (see any mainstream rock band these days), ATW incorporates this dark blues and psychedelic sound that very much brings you back to that era of time. While they started in 2012, you would think they have been in hiding for about 40 years and decided to revive themselves.

From the first song, these dudes had the almost packed house with jaws dropped. The most simple drum kit that Robby banged on produced so much noise, and at an incredible speed, we were often left confused. Mix that with a wide range of keyboard shenanigans from Allan, gracious axe shredding and soloing with Ben and the perfect matching vocals from Charles, well, you have yourself a reincarnation from the past. Between being able to jam out and taking riffs to deep and dark places, ATW is a rock band that most can enjoy...don’t be afraid to get a little dirty when exploring the wonderful rock n’ roll.  

suggested listening experience: getting ready for that next festival this coming weekend // at the gym to keep the motor going // heavy drinking; or fact, any kind of drinking

listens: when god comes back (see live performance below) // charles william // funeral for a great drunken bird // the urn

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reppin: nashville/la - atlantic records

sounds like: staring your dream loveboat in the eyes in the middle of a rainstorm

latest album drop: sorry (september 2015)

disclaimer: this chick has gotten a ton of play since i made note last summer

The first time I heard MM, it was one of those literal jaw dropping moments (which probably occurred on the L in front of a bunch of strangers). This chick will steal your gf/bf with just a look in the eyes. Nashville is a factory of unique talent and it all starts with this lady’s beautiful, piercing voice. Those vocals drive each song from the start into a dark, sometimes sexual whirlwind that separates her from the rest. Meg has always enjoyed writing poppy songs combined with her influences of Led Zeppelin, James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac...this all holds true in her latest album, Sorry.

After moving to LA, Meg found her current bandmates and by 2012 got the attention of labels. That has grown to appearances on the festival circuits, a tour with Broods as well as her own headlining tour last year. Every time I listen, I hear power, desire and passion from her songs...this chick rocks hard. In MM’s words: “I want it to make people not afraid to feel.”

suggested listening experience: ANY sexual conquest // stealing someone's gf or bf // not in public...seriously, it may get too weird

listens: sorry // desire // head head heart // make a shadow

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