new music: ANNA OF THE NORTH

reppin: gjovik, norway // honeymoon, different recordings

sounds like: a magical journey through a warm, pleasant forest with animals that smile and say hello to you

anna of the north | photo cred:

anna of the north | photo cred:

next album drop: unknown

featuring: anna lotterud // brady daniel-smith

I usually end with saying I can’t wait to see this band in concert, but I’m going to swing for the fences from the start...I can’t wait to see what this woman is like live. She is so new to the scene, but came on strong with a few great singles like Sway and The Dreamer. When you come into the scene that strong you open up a world of possibilities for a debut release...which hopefully the label does not draw any boundaries with. One of the first beautiful things you may pick up with Anna is her flowing vocals through each blends quite nice with brady’s production, all of it just sounds at ease. With that comes a very inviting duo.

anna of the north | cred: Larm & At The Loft Presents: Anna of the North

anna of the north | cred: Larm & At The Loft Presents: Anna of the North

So the music world classifies Anna of the North as electro-pop, which I totally agree with. Pop is a funny thing...if you’ve read a few of my previous blogs, or listen to any pop on the radio, you’ll be able to notice a very generalized formula. Even the lyrics can be very similar across the board. Yes, Ms. Anna is pop, but there is something unique and special about her. My first impression is there is no bullshit overproduction in her vocals or music. It is more raw, pure and from the heart...I totally get blown away from the start of every song by that authenticity. From the appearance (yes, she is toats a cutie) to her lyrics, I can hear it. Another horrible thing about top 40 as well is the unneeded complexity it tries to bring by overlapping vocals and adding too much noise. Everything is so simple and forthcoming with this woman and she absolutely can bring you in close with that idea. Take a seat on your comfy couch and let these two take you through this magical journey that I speak of...

suggested listening experience: chillin in your bubble bath // making sweet sweet love // evening stroll through the closest nature environment you can find

listens: us (see video) // sway // the dreamer // baby // undervann 

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