Priests Is Only Praying For Raw Power

reppin: dc, usa // sister polygon records // 2012 - present

sounds like: anarchist planting flowers on a busy city block while it’s raining

priests | lincoln hall, chicago | 5.1.18 | @thefaakehipster

priests | lincoln hall, chicago | 5.1.18 | @thefaakehipster

latest album drop: nothing feels natural (jan 2017)

featuring: katie // daniele // taylor // gl

priests | lincoln hall, chicago | 5.1.18 | @thefaakehipster

priests | lincoln hall, chicago | 5.1.18 | @thefaakehipster

The DC music scene has been alive and well for some time now, giving us tunes of all sorts from house to hip hop to punk rock. Priests hails from this exact place and started getting some attention from the very close knit punk crew after releasing some pleasing 7” vinyls. They stitched together a few EPs that are super raw and more energetic (somehow) when Katie, their singer, spills out her organic emotions. After those few years of EPs, they released their debut album last year, nothing feels natural, to stellar response and reviews.

The mixtures of sounds and rhythms that they bring to the table is just the start of what is a fun and wild package on stage. While they are rooted in punk they sprinkle tastes of west coast surfer rock, thrash punk and shades of alternative that give them such a unique feel to listen to. So when you throw them on it sounds like a riot in your headphones, which is exactly what they are going for. Taylor’s guitar is filled with delightful and dark riffs while Daniele tends to keep a blistering rhythm throughout, making you want to move your limbs all over the place, even in public.

Just this week, they rolled into warm (yes, that’s right) Chicago to fans at Lincoln Hall and gave us all a reason to live. I had heard how passionate and raw their shows are and they definitely did not disappoint. You can see every member of this band getting into it and giving it their all no matter how the crowd was responding. In all honesty, Katie just kind of lets go, not giving a shit, and will pour her heart and soul into the mic. With an album over a year behind them, it will be fun to see how their new tunes evolve as I am sure the fan base will be growing and growing.

suggested listening experience: day hanging with the friends // let off some steam // when you need to get moving

listens: jj // appropriate // nothing feels natural // nicki // pink white house // and breeding // no big bang

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30 DAYS IN CHICAGO Preview presented by Red Bull Sound Select

reppin: chicago, usa // red bull sound select

sounds like: a mountain bike race - strap yourself in for a wild time, but stop to enjoy the view here and there

Music is such a beautiful part of life. It is worldly, it brings us together and spans the spectrum amongst the types of feels it gives us humans. That amazing principal of life is going to shine here in Chicago during the cold month of November. Summer is over and the leaves are changing colors, which usually can bring a cloud of “shit, I have to be inside for 5 months now” kind of thinking. Fuck that. In this city, we are strong souls who deal with winter to embrace summer, but staying inside is just not an option this month.


It is time to embrace what music has to offer this month. Red Bull Sound Select is taking over just about every venue in Chicago with genres spanning the spectrum. It is an amazing chance for any music lover, no matter what level you are, to come together and be amazed by some of the best up and comers this country (and a few international) have to offer. Along with myself, my beautiful, singing girlfriend Cait and some close friends will be covering just about half of the shows.

So, if you have been closed minded about some new tunes, or simply have not had time to listen, open your ears. If you have never floated your ears into a genre, it is time to explore the unknown. And what I feel is above all, if you feel like you have not felt something in some time, take a chance on experiencing your emotions in the live setting.

To sort through the wide range of talented artists, here is your key:

Rock Out // get ready to have your face melted

Fuck You, I Just Want To Dance // Time to sweat your face off

Twist One Up // Get ready to have your face lifted

Netflix & Chill // I just want to sit down and not do anything with my face


whitney // NE-HI // mt. Joy // nov 2 // metro // sold out // whitney blog post, nov 2016

reppin: chicago // chicago // phili

whitney | photo cred:

whitney | photo cred:

netflix & chill

What to expect: overall, one of the more solid lineups of the month from bottom to top. Groovy folk and indie rock beats, delicious vocals all around. While Whitney wowed the world with a nearly perfect album last year, get there early to check out fast rising Mt. Joy and drown in there swaying folk rock. NE-HI will step it up just a tad and get those feet moving over their lo-fi indie rock

spotify: whitney // NE-HI // mt. joy

kehlani // nov 3 // the riviera // sold out

reppin: oakland, ca // atlantic records // 2009 - present

fuck you i want to dance

From the start of every track, kehlani’s voice takes over in such a natural way over just about any beat. Having spent some time in the teen group, Poplyfe, she has matured extremely quickly at the young age of 22. Mixing pop with R&B and soul, she is so worth the watch

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mitzki // hazel english // nov 7 // lincoln hall // sold out

reppin: nyc // oakland, ca

twist one up

Soothing indie and lo-fi rock at its finest from some stellar female fronted groups will be rocking out at lincoln hall next week. This gig features some incredible song writers that will have you closing your eyes and begging for more. Miya Folick will also be performing so be sure to get there for the openers!

spotify: mitski // hazel english

hazel english | photo cred:

hazel english | photo cred:

ibeyi // nov 10 // metro // tickets

reppin: cuba, venezuela & france // XL recordings // 2013 - present

twist one up

These sisters smother you in a dark poppy sound against their melodic soft vocals. Having lived in so many different places, they offer a wide range of influence and sing in numerous languages. They have certainly separated themselves from the pack and will be a sight to see at the legendary metro.

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sabrina claudio // nov 12 // schubas // sold out

reppin: la, usa // sc entertainment // 2016 - present

netflix & chill

The mixture of pop, indie and r&b/soul will have you at your knees. And holy shit, sabrina’s voice stands out from the rest. The music makes you sway side to side giving you positive and upbeat feels. It will be an amazing setting in the intimate schubas venue as we approach the halfway mark of the month

pell | lincoln hall, chicago | 3.11.15 | @thefaakehipster

pell | lincoln hall, chicago | 3.11.15 | @thefaakehipster

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parquet courts // meat wave // nov 15 // the empty bottle // sold out

reppin: brooklyn, usa // chicago, usa

rock out

For all you head bangers out there, it is time to come out and show it off. Parquet Courts brings a funky feel to their post/punk-rock sound as they have released all sorts of music. Meat Wave will be taking the stage before them, a fast paced Chicago punk group that leaves everything on the stage

spotify: pc // mw

amine // pell // nov 18 // metro // sold out (pell blog post, may 2016)

reppin: portland // new orleans

twist one up

Two truly young, talented wrappers will grace the stage this night. Amine has that song “caroline” streaming hundreds of millions of times across the internet and offers up a smooth flow. I’ve been a huge fan of Pell for some time, who brings soul, funk and jazz to his tracks with his incredible rapping ability. You’ll be hearing about these two a lot more in the near future.

spotify: amine // pell

lizzo // nov 19 // thalia hall // sold out

reppin: detroit // atlantic records // 2012 - present

fuck you I just want to dance

I don’t know if I have come across a rapper that has the blends of beautiful vocals and rapping in awhile. It is almost like she is singing as she raps with a demanding yet welcoming voice. Bouncing around from Houston to Minneapolis to Detroit, you can hear the midwest vibes, soul train fever and southern beats. This is going to be a party.

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noname // buddy // nov 21 // concord music hall // sold out

reppin: chicago, usa // compton, cali

twist one up

If you haven’t come across noname yet I am honestly jealous as her flow and soft beats are mouth watering. She bleeds Chicago hip hop and soul. Then there is Buddy who brings the west coast vibes, the kid who has worked with just about every big name in the genre. This is going to be a fun, upbeat show.

spotify: noname // buddy

jacob banks | sxsw, 2017 | @thefaakehipster

jacob banks | sxsw, 2017 | @thefaakehipster

jacob banks // nov 22 // lincoln hall // tickets (jacob banks blog post, aug 2017)

reppin: birmingham, uk via nigeria // interscope // 2012 - present

netflix & chill

Probably my favorite soul singer in the game, this dude mixes it up with blues and R&B with vocals that are out of this world. Only in his mid-20s, this dude has so much in front of him. Let him sooth you as somehow this show is not sold out, so go!

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kweku collins // nov 25 // space // sold out (previous blog post, oct 2016)

reppin: evanston, il // closed sessions // 2015 - present

kweku collins | metro, chicago | 3.25.17 | @thefaakehipster

kweku collins | metro, chicago | 3.25.17 | @thefaakehipster

twist one up

A kid on the rise fast, playing in his hometown during an incredible music month. It does not get much better than this. Kweku raps from the heart about issues that matter to the world. He also has delicious rapping vocals and a flow to match

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jungle // nov 27 // metro // metro // tickets

reppin: london, uk // XL recordings // 2013 - present

twist one up

You’ve certainly heard their track, “busy earnin,’ all over the place. This neo-soul band creates an almost electronic, chill-wave feel filled out with soul. They have a worldwide vibe having their album chart just about everywhere. Again, how is this not sold out!

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xavier omar // nov 28 // chop shop // sold out

reppin: san antonio, tx // soulection // 2012 - present

netflix & chill

I am really stoked to close out the month with Xavier. He has dreamy soulful vocals that almost give you that 90s feel with modern beats. I love his funky beats, melodic verses and honest lyrics. Watch out for this dude and his next album

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encouraging your ears to discover new sounds

Go see live music

Lollapalooza 2017 - Recommended Up & Comers Based On Your Mood

Wake up. Get a good stretch. Maybe a little work out. Take a shower that won't matter later. Get yourself a hearty breakfast, you'll need it. Strap on those shoes that you are okay getting dirty and get ready for a hell of a 4 days. Lollapalooza 2017 is here to take over Chicago and it is time to strap in and let the good times roll.

Lollapalooza 2016 | @thefaakehipster

Lollapalooza 2016 | @thefaakehipster

where: chicago, usa // grant park

when: august 3 - 6

7 stages // 176 bands..ish

Faake Hipster Lollapalooza 2016 Recommendations

For the second time, Lolla is bringing us 4 great days of music with genres all across the board. How the heck are you going to work out your schedule? Plan as much as you want, but it will probably blow up in your face. Not to worry, I am here to crunch those numbers, travel the vast depths of the internet and streaming services and supply you with the latest in the newest music and best acts. But, I don't just want you to see these acts, I want you to experience them, to feel them. Even if you go one day, it is a long one filled with all types of music. So, whether you want to keep it super chill or maybe get your dancing shoes on, we are going to break down this year's recommendations by mood. Your key:

Rock Out (RO) // get ready to have your face melted

Fuck You, I Just Want To Dance (FUCKDANCE) // Time to sweat your face off

Twist One Up (TOU) // Get ready to have your face lifted

Netflix & Chill (N&C) // I just want to sit down and not do anything with my face

Previously Blogged About (**) // Wrote about their faces earlier



The Spotify Playlist

white reaper | beat kitchen, chicago | 5.5.17 | @thefaakehipster

white reaper | beat kitchen, chicago | 5.5.17 | @thefaakehipster

Thursday //

Kweku Collins** // White Reaper**  // The O'My's** // Middle Kids // The Drums

Kweku Collins // TOU // evanston, il // 12, Pepsi // sounds like: posting up at a campfire in the middle of the big city

White Reaper // RO // louisville // 12:45, Grant Park // sounds like: rocking out in the basement all night long with your best friends, leaving at sunrise and not having a fucking care in the world

The O'My's // N&C // chicago // 1:50, Pepsi // sounds like: putting on suspenders, a bow tie, a top hat or that vintage 50s dress with your derby hat, then looking in the mirror and saying damnnnn I look good

Middle Kids // N&C // sydney // 2:50, Pepsi // sounds like: walking through the forests in the northern woods of wisconsin 

The Drums // FUCKDANCE // nyc // 3:30, Lake Shore // sounds like: you dancing by yourself in the middle of a disco dance floor and being totally cool with it


Friday // 

mondo cozmo | shazam private party, chicago | 4.6.17

mondo cozmo | shazam private party, chicago | 4.6.17

SAINt JHN // San Holo // Mondo Cozmo // PUP // Mura Masa // Whitney**

SAINt JHN // TOU // brooklyn // 12:50, Pepsi // sounds like: taking a glorious, smooth shower in the coolest hotel room in Vegas

San Holo // FUCKDANCE // netherlands // 1:15, Perry's // sounds like: going through one of those installments where mirrors are everywhere reflecting off one another

Mondo Cozmo // RO // philadelphia // 1:50, Pepsi // sounds like: watching a city plant grow in your patio

PUP // RO // toronto // 2, Tito's // sounds like: taping yourself going out the other night and watching it the next day at 10 times to speed

Mura Masa // FUCKDANCE // guernsey // 4, Pepsi // sounds like: walking through a stripped down city in a tropical setting

Whitney // N&C // chicago // 7:45, Pepsi // sounds like: cruising in your cadillac...bright lights, big city and chill - 45ish years ago


Saturday //

The Shelters // Ron Gallo** // Jacob Banks // LÉON // Colony House // Royal Blood

the shelters | beat kitchen, chicago | 4.12.17

the shelters | beat kitchen, chicago | 4.12.17

The Shelters // RO // la, usa // 12:45, Grant Park // sounds like: living your life through a classic style microphone 

Ron Gallo // RO // nashville + philadelphia // 2:10, BMI // sounds like: giving the finger to those kids that bullied you later than life with a smile

Jacob Banks // TOU // birmingham, uk // 2:15, Tito's // sounds like: walking around with crazy cool, mid-evil statues on each side of you buffering you from the bad

LÉON // N&C // stockholm // 4, Pepsi // sounds like: laying in the perfectly crafted bed made of clouds and marshmallows

ron gallo | subterranen, chicago | 2.20.17 | @thefaakehipster

ron gallo | subterranen, chicago | 2.20.17 | @thefaakehipster

Colony House // FUCKDANCE // franklin, tennessee // 4, BMI // sounds like:

Royal Blood // RO // brighton, uk // 5:15, lake shore // sounds like: a fight for supremacy among animals in the deep jungles of south america


Sunday // 

Grace Mitchell // VANT // Lo Moon // noname // Car Seat Headrest // flor 

Grace Mitchell // RO // portland // 12:15, Tito's // sounds like: your fuzzy night leading into the even more fuzzy morning

VANT // RO // london // 12:45, Grant Park // sounds like:  the soundtrack to looking back on a good day with your friends....all smiles

Lo Moon // N&C // la, usa // 1:50, Pepsi // sounds like: a casual trip into outerspace

noname // TOU // chicago // 2:50, Pepsi // sounds like: the most rocking, soulful lullaby you'll ever need

Car Seat Headrest // RO + N&C // seattle via leesburg // 3, Bud Light // sounds like: a night out in the middle of nowhere america with the sun setting on you


concert shenanigans: HOUSE OF VANS

reppin: chicago, usa // 2017 - present

rocks like: high school punk rock shows when you were growing up

house of vans, chicago | 6.22.17

house of vans, chicago | 6.22.17

upcoming shows: check out the upcoming shows right here

featuring: The Lawrence Arms // Dillinger Four // Toys That Kill

When I was in high school I attended these rocking punk shows at the local knights of columbus in arlington heights. Every Friday we would get in someone’s ride, light up a cigarette and go to chill with old friends and make new ones It was a place that not only had rad local and touring outfits, but somewhere you felt accepted. And when the first note was struck, all those awkward days in school that week and the feeling of not being accepted went out the door with noise. You would throw yourself in the moshpit, perhaps get up to crowd surf while possibly hitting your head against the ceiling panels, but again, nothing mattered. In the summer of 2017, House of Vans has landed in Chicago and is bringing back those nostalgia feels just about every Thursday.

chris of the lawrence arms | house of vans, chicago | 6.22.17

chris of the lawrence arms | house of vans, chicago | 6.22.17

This hot, June Thursday in particular, I rolled up to HOV to see a line around the block. The buzz was building for a stellar showcase of punk rock legends that are Toys that Kill, Dillinger Four and Chicago’s own The Lawrence Arms. The set-up has no shortage of a venue that knows what its people want. Lots of space, easy beer lines and a food truck to boot. You could tell the good vibes were setting in as it was so easy to approach some strangers, strike up a conversation and share the love of the night. From the first chord, the energy was brought high and tight, lead by Toys that Kill. It was not even 8PM and the mosh pits were starting...we all have a little steam to blow, eh? Next up was Dillinger Four, who brought the same type of in your face energy. They rolled through some classic like "doublewhiskeycokenoise" and "gainsville" to an enthusiastic crowd that did not stop moving despite the heat.

As the headliner was ready to take the stage, mostly all of us had sweat right through our shirts and our foreheads glistened...but nobody gave a shit. The Lawrence Arms brings such a great balance of bouncey bass eighth notes with pleasant vocals to match, fast solos and just a good ol’ time. They had about 18 years of music, give or take, to pack into the set and did not disappoint. These “older” guys brought the heat for a good hour, non-stop and you could tell they were loving it just as much as the fans. There were a few particular occasions where I took a stroll around and could see the smiles on just about everyone's faces. That, my friends, is the story of a successful night of music.

toys that kill | house of vans, chicago | 6.22.17

toys that kill | house of vans, chicago | 6.22.17

Even before I had my license, I made my parents drop me off at shows in the city (no idea how I convinced them, they were quite conservative). Back in those high school days, you would have this mindset that you needed to be loved and approved by others in order to make it through the day, at least some of us felt like that. But as we grow, become wise, try to grab onto our careers and make it through being to realize that the only people that need to accept you is yourself and those that actually love you for who you are. While we may have all grown and become adult like since those high school local show days, that feeling of having your worries fly out the window for a few hours is still pure bliss.

House of Vans Chicago // 113 North Elizabeth St.

concert shenanigans: NOTHING

reppin: philadelphia, usa // relapse records // 2010 - present

sounds like: walking through a rainy rainforest and coming across two snakes getting ready for battle

nothing | photo cred:

nothing | photo cred:

last album drop: vertigo flowers (may 2016)

featuring: domenic // brandon // kyle // nick

nothing | beat kitchen, chicago | 6.11.17 | @thefaakehipster

nothing | beat kitchen, chicago | 6.11.17 | @thefaakehipster

As you snake your way through the dedicated and anxious crowd before Nothing takes the stage, make sure you have little clothing and ventilation. It is going to get hot and sweaty in all the right ways. Nothing, hailing from phili, blends an old school punk sound with a fuzzy, almost 90s vibe, that creates this a simplistic depth of rock n roll. Coming from a hardcore punk background, founding member domenic found himself in a weird and violent time. He ended up stabbing another man in a fight and spent a few years in jail. There was a ton of soul searching after that, some very trying times, but the struggle started to pay off when he was began writing music again. This led to the creation of Nothing, where the demo “poshlost” came out in 2011 and embarked on some lineup changes throughout the next few years. They have since released full lengths: guilty of everything in 2014 and tired of tomorrow last year.

To me, this is where music counts in life. We all go through dark times and if you have never had a day where you can’t find a reason to get up, you honestly have not lived. I have struggles day in and day out, be it the littlest of issues or the big picture problems that make you want to pull out your hair. What cures me is not only my love for music, the sounds that put me in a certain place and the lyrics that I can relate you...but the blood, sweat and tears musicians put into their craft. Embrace the good and bad and allow it to turn you into a better person. Music can be that driver if you allow yourself to open up...and good things and wishes coming true can in fact follow.

nothing | beat kitchen, chicago | 6.11.17 | @thefaakehipster

nothing | beat kitchen, chicago | 6.11.17 | @thefaakehipster

I hit the Beat Kitchen on a packed Sunday night to watch these dudes rock out. They land between this strung out, beautiful mellow vibe and blurry haze of guitar that bounces off dom’s vocals like a beach ball hitting your head. As the noise moves from the amps to your ears you flow back between some modern day indie sound and 90s nostalgia in all the good ways. They opened with the furious “vertigo flowers,” a song that is not a depressing to me, rather a reality that no one gives a shit about you, but you. Lyrics seem close and dear to these guys as they have some short and sweet verses that compact the feels of life together. The rest of their set comprised of some very loud energy that the crowd took with ease. That back and forth of slowing the vibe down in tracks like “the dead are dumb” and feverish riffs like “dig” will have you on a each end of the indie punk rock spectrum. These fun dudes are worth seeing for a night of pure bliss and emotion.

suggested listening experience: a rainy afternoon // on the way home from work after a long day // cuddle session

listens: vertigo flowers // dig // fever queen // eaten by worms // the dead are dumb // hymn to pillory // A.C.D

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from the vault: SAVES THE DAY

reppin: princeton, nj // equal vision & rory recrods

years active: 1994 - present

saves the day | 2014 | photo cred:

saves the day | 2014 | photo cred:

featuring: chris conley // arun bali // rodrigo palma // dennis wilson

saves the day | 1999 | photo cred:

saves the day | 1999 | photo cred:

There were not many bands back in the day that could wrap up all your teenage joy, angst, emotions, feelings and then some into 2 1/2 minutes of power pop punk. Saves The Day blended power chords, honest lyrics and Chris Conley's soothing vocals. Their anthems are molded into fans brains, their performances always ridiculously awesome. This band has endured the test of time too. Forming in 1994, they are still going at it. They've lost band members, one of who tragically passed, switched instruments and survived through the ever evolving music genres. What is most impressive about the pop punk outfit is their evolution in sound. They were never afraid to make a drastically different record from the one before and push their boundaries with their fans and themselves. For us 20/30 somethings, std will always and forever be apart of growing up.

studio albums: can't slow down (1998) // through being cool (1999) // stay what you are (2001) // in reverie (2003) // sound the alarm (2006) // under the boards (2007) // daybreak (2011) // saves the day (2013)

listens: at your funeral // shoulder to the wheel // holly, hox forget me not // freakish // head for the hills // jukebox breakdown // you vandal // rocks tonic juice magic // in the in between

new music: TWIN PEAKS

reppin: chicago, il // grand jury records & communion records

sounds like: throwing on a pair of overalls, hopping into your 60s Corvette that you don’t own and bringing the squad together for a open road trip

twin peaks | photo cred:

twin peaks | photo cred:

last album drop: down in heaven (may 2016)

featuring: cadien lake james aka big tuna // clay frankel // jake dolan // connor brodner // colin croom

twin peaks | thalia hall, chicago | 12.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

twin peaks | thalia hall, chicago | 12.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

Oh man, you just don’t find these stories around these that literally grow up together in the same neighborhood and find musical magic and special connections off the bat. The new lineage of Chicago music bloodlines is quickly growing as founder Cadien is the little brother of former Smith Westerns member, Hal. Split between two next door high schools, they came together in 2010 and finally started recording their song gold in 2012. Talk about DIY. Using two condenser mics and GarageBand they chugged out a rock record with bits of pop and contrapuntal melodies. The birth of their first record made it clear that they had talent to grow in such a rock heavy Chicago point in time...this is a good thing moving to present time (because they freaking rock hint hint). Once they got into the studio in 2014 to record “Wild Onion” they came across a label, some friends and producers who had some heavy hitters under their belts already.

Built on garage and blues rock n’ roll and bolted in with sprinkles of punk rock, these kids pack a punch into their live songs. That seems a lot easier when you make track after track that is packed with sweet riffs and killer energy. As you rock out through the tracks you’ll pick up on the mixture of sweet melodies and harmonized melodies before they come out of nowhere and bust out a solo at a different pace. This translates oh so well into the live set. Between the organized chaos, the perfected edginess to the vocals and fuzzy punk ballads, you can’t help but moving around. It may be easier for one to write off a band that is all over the place with garage rock, one may think of as messy...but oh it is so not. Their latest set of shows the other weekend at Thalia Hall and The Metro made it apparent that their tunes are loved by ages wide enough to create a family, while staying fun, fresh and just goofy as fuck. That is my kind of combo and I think you will dig it too.

twin peaks | thalia hall, chicago | 12.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

twin peaks | thalia hall, chicago | 12.18.16 | @thefaakehipster

suggested listening experience: grilling out with the squad // weekday whiskey night // “hey dad, check out this rocking band!”

new music: OTHERKIN

reppin: dublin, ireland // rubyworks records // 2013 - present

sounds like: that night you got drunk, had a rolling brown-out, smoked weed and woke up the next morning with a smile being totally okay with it

last album drop: the new vice EP (june 2016)

otherkin | photo cred:

otherkin | photo cred:

featuring: david anthony // luke reilly // rob summons // conor andrew wynne

otherin | photo cred:

otherin | photo cred:

It was love at first listen for me with these dudes...the sweaty, head banging, screaming type of beautiful love. Still baby-faced irish kids, these guys only started in 2013 and they seem to have packed decades of British rock sound into these years. Back then, Luke, Conner and David found a dude named Rob and they formed this in your face rock n’ roll band we see before us today. The story so far reminds me of punk bands playing in the Chicago suburbs. Packing the local house party, small venue in the burbs and clawing their way to touring. Gaining a fan at a time, otherkin played college dorms in the close knit and talented Dublin live scene. You do whatever you can to get music out there as they self-released tracks and did not worry so much about putting an album together. They certainly did it the old fashion way and being rough around the edges is better than anything smooth and conservative I’ve ever come across. Perhaps the best quote I found from the guys: “We want our records to be punchy, lean and blazing. Straight in, no kissing.” If only I could get girls to think the same thing about me…

otherkin | photo cred:

otherkin | photo cred:

I am all about the front to back album, but with the first few EPs you can sniff gold with the music (that was not meant to be an Irish joke). Start with their first single, “ay ay” of the 201 EP and clear some space to jump around. What is a mixture of 90s grunge and new wave punk-pop, they so clearly have perfected their sound super early. Moving along to 2016, “the new vice” ep, i mean holy shit where to start. The riffs have the perfect amount of edginess that won’t let anyone shy away. The vocals layer over the guitars like mozzarella on pizza dough and those quick solos are just the icing on the cake (you would eat cake and pizza together, admit it). Top your listening experience off with “yeah, i know” and then come sit with me as we beg for more. They sure as hell know how to rock a club to the core...can’t wait to see what these crazy cats do next.

suggested listening experience: getting rowdy before, during or after going out // waking up your friends in the morning after a night out // hanging with friends outside during a sunny day

listens: ay ay // yeah, i know // howling // i was born // feel it // white heat

otherkin // sc // fb // twitter // ig // spotify

from the vault: MATCHBOOK ROMANCE

reppin: Poughkeepsie, ny // epitaph records

years active: 1997 - 2007, 2014 - present

featuring: andrew jordan // ryan depaolo // ryan kienle // aaron stern

matchbook romance | photo cred:

matchbook romance | photo cred:

these legends are a beautiful blend of post-hardcore, pop and punk/emo from the mid-2000s who absolutely killed it with their debut LP, "stories and alibis"....not to mention the pin-point lyrics

from the vault: BRAND NEW & JIMMY EAT WORLD

with the 2016 edition of Riot Fest Chicago around the corner, i'm doubling down on "from the vault" and bringing you two living legend bands...both these groups define longevity by the way they constantly evolve and recreate their sound

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

reppin: BN - levvitown, ny // JEW - mesa, az

featuring: BN - jesse lacey // vincent accardi // derrick sherman // brian lane // garrett tierney // JEW - jim adkins // zach lind // tom linton // rick burch // mitch porter

brand new | photo cred:

brand new | photo cred:

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

jimmy eat world | photo cred:

years active: BN - 2000 - 2016 (retiring after this year) // JEW - 1993 - present //

listens (thru 2006):

BN - seventy times 7 // logan to government center // jude law and a semester abroad // mix tape // sic transit gloria...glory fades (see video) // okay i believe you, but my tommy gun don't // the quiet things that no one ever knows // sowing season (yeah) // jesus christ // archers

JEW - call it in the air // crush // the middle // sweetness // a praise chorus // bleed american // if you don't don't // hear you me // my sundown // futures // the world you love // polaris

from the vault: HOT ROD CIRCUIT

reppin: auburn, al // new haven, ct

years active: 1997 - 2007, 2011, 2014 - present

featuring: andy jackson // casey prestwood // joe ballaro // mike poorman

hot rod circuit | photo cred:

hot rod circuit | photo cred:

a few thoughts: try not to sing along to their songs, especially from the album "sorry about tomorrow" // these guys were doing indie rock before we really knew what indie rock was...just listen to the lead guitarist and steel pedal (yes, they are emo too)

listens: at nature's mercy // let's go home // safely // the pharmacist 

from the vault: SPITALFIELD

reppin: chicago, usa // victory records

years active: 1998 - 2007, here and there thru 2015

featuring: mark rose // jd romeo // tj milici // daniel lowder

spitalfield | photo cred:

spitalfield | photo cred:

fun fact: "remember right now" is by far and away one of the best pop punk/emo albums ever released. Right up there with jimmy eat world, saves the day, brand new and taking back sunday. Gotta love their unique bass sound too....

featured listen: "stolen from some great winter" from the album, "remember right now" (2002)

bonus: the entire album....10 perfect tracks

from the vault: HEY MERCEDES

reppin: chicago, il // milaukee, wi - vagrant records

years active: 1999 - 2005, 2016

fun fact: singer Bob Nanna was formerly in the punk/emo outfit, Braid (formed in 1993), a band that was part of the first wave of this type of music. These dudes, as well have Braid, have reunited this year to tour and make more music

featuring: bob nanna //  tod bell // mark dawursk // damon atkinson // mike schumaker

track: "eleven to your seven" from the album "everynight fireworks" (2001)


reppin: mansfield/brisbane, australia

sounds like: the hardest rocking mother fuckers on the planet

latest album drop: WACO (March, 2016)

How does nobody in the states know about this band?! They are everything you loved about punk rock growing up (channeling their inner Blink 182ness has never sounded so good) with that new edge of today. These dudes are selling out every show in Australia at the moment...Side One Dummy signed them on for US distribution, so let us all hope and pray that will bring them to states. A simple youtube search will take you to numerous well recorded live performances and they are a fucking party.

Now for the music. Luke Boerdam’s singable and raw vocals cling to the crisp riffs and loud bass in just about every song. It’s fast and furious yet melodic and beautiful. The perfect example is the pleasant intro to “How To Taste” before Luke brings his signature YEAHHH scream. It’s poppy, it’s punk, but it is deeper than the teenage angst we remember (I’m 29 mind you). "Saramona Said" takes its guitar picking through their beautiful lyrics until you start jumping around at the end. Soak it in, let your inner rock take over and sing it with me: YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA AAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

suggested listening experience: your friday commute home...because the freakin week is over // saturday, 70 degrees, grilling, outside, day drinking // new found glory doesn't impress your friends anymore, but these dudes will

listens: covered in chrome // how to taste // saramona said // blanket // side note: their music videos are so dope

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