reppin: melbourne, australia - remote control/dine alone records

sounds like: a summer breeze that can’t decide if it is in the 80s flocking with the seagulls or in the future fucking with drones

latest album drop: all possible futures (april, 2015)

featuring: benjamin plant // josh moriarty // aaron shanahan // daniel whitechurch

miami horror | photo cred:

miami horror | photo cred:

While you’ve probably heard that jam everywhere, “real slow,” there is so much more danciness to the quartet that is miami horror. These guys have actually been at it since 2007, but I can make my own rules and they are quite new to us in the states. Mr. Benjamin Plant started in music as a producer and DJ and slowly built his group that led to their first release, Illumination, in 2010. In the past few years, to no surprise, they have caught fire across Europe and steadily climbed those European charts. Those that were at Coachella this year were lucky enough to catch them.

The soothing, Australian (surprise, right?) “passion pit-esc” high voice of Moriarty layers the loud keyboards, thick beats and funky bass lines. As my ears take me through their discography, I first hear a synth-pop core mixed with some indie, and sprinkled (or whipped creamed if you are into that) with house and new wave. You can certainly hear their 70s and 80s influence. They do such a dope job of taking you through different eras of dancy music, keeping those feet moving. Dance on!

suggested listening experience: outdoor patio dance party // catching that second wind in the middle of a workday // literally doing anything during the summer

listens: real slow (below) // love like mine // colours in the sky // all it ever was