POLIÇA: 30 Days in Chicago, Day 5 presented by Red Bull Sound Select

reppin: minneapolis, mn // mom + pop music // 2011 - present

sounds like: up in the clouds in a protective happy bubble with the dark and stormy surrounding you

poliça | house of vans, chicago | 30 days in chicago | 11.5.17 | @thefaakehipster 

poliça | house of vans, chicago | 30 days in chicago | 11.5.17 | @thefaakehipster 

last album drop: untitled crushers (march 2016)

poliça | house of vans, chicago | 30 days in chicago | 11.5.17 | @thefaakehipster

poliça | house of vans, chicago | 30 days in chicago | 11.5.17 | @thefaakehipster

featuring: channy // chris // ben // drew // ryan

As the cold really set in this past weekend, a lucky crowd was provided a warm environment both in temperature and feels in the brand spanking new House of Vans. Opening earlier this year, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a few shows, but things really came full circle as Poliça took the stage. Prior to their dreamy and dark performance, record lovers were shuffling through the record fair and enjoying all the beers Goose Island could feed you. A skatepark by day, the place transforms into a “southern vibes” Austin-like venue. A big warehouse, tall ceiling, a clear view to the stage forming a truly intimate setting. After Ohmee got some music in us, the synth-pop act, Poliça, hailing from the true midwest in minneapolis, made you smile while giving you goosebumps at the same time.

Poliça features the soft voiced Channy along with two drummers, a bassist and a producer that creates a balanced dream like pop and a deep dark synth vibe. The band has worked with the likes of Bon Iver and Doomtree through their existence, most likely contributing to the wide range of sounds and feels they’ll spill into your system. Off the bat, you can get a feel for Channy’s luscious and soft vocals, often adding effects to add depth to each tune. One song is uplifting, putting you in a more imaginative, uplifting sort of mood while the next may put a dark dagger into your spine and lift the arm hairs on you. There is pretty much no choice but to put your attention forward and let them pull you into their world. I love how they move from song to song, often with little chit chat, so you can become fully engulfed in the show.

poliça | house of vans, chicago | 30 days in chicago | 11.5.17 | @thefaakehipster

poliça | house of vans, chicago | 30 days in chicago | 11.5.17 | @thefaakehipster

The balance of synth, R&B and electronic sounds is pretty mesmerizing, and put me in a slow groovy kind of mood. The lyrics are powerful as well, balancing between being pretty straightforward, yet metaphorical. “Flic flac, you’re a habit to me” is one of my favorite’s from their track, “lime habit” off their latest release. Songs like that inject you with the dark side of life, but more of an uplifing beat at the same time. The constant pull in each direction makes them such a unique act overall and one you should definitely check out when you have the time. Next up: Mitski and Hazel English tomorrow.

suggested listening experience: getting cozy during a cold, dark night // making sweet, sweet love // twisting one up

listens: lime habit // lately // lay your cards out // amongster // dark star // wandering star

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new music: CHAD VALLEY

reppin: oxford, uk // cascine records // 2010 - present

sounds like: taking one of those rafting rides through super cool caves --> eye opening and soothing

chad valley | photo cred: thelineofbestfit.com

chad valley | photo cred: thelineofbestfit.com

last album drop: entirely new blue (oct 2015)

featuring: hugo manuel

chad valley | photo cred: einsteinmusicjournal.co.nz

chad valley | photo cred: einsteinmusicjournal.co.nz

Mr. Manuel hooks you in with his chill synth-pop so you may as well call it a win for him getting you hooked. His soothing sounds at the right speeds and voice to match really set the tone for what this man has done since 2010. While it totally does not make sense to talk about a English artist on this shitshow of an election day, this dude is way more deserving of headlines than the turd sandwich and giant douche. Chad Valley started as a side project as he headed the band Jonquil, quickly releasing two EPs that were just the beginning to mastering his craft. I really dig the way way his vocals kind of drag over the synthy beats, giving it a very friendly sort of feel. Listen to “shell suite”....so good! As we move toward his first full length, Under the Radar, you could start to notice the smoothly produced tracks, blended 80s pop beats...clearly from an out there, creative thinking artist. So, to bring you up to speed, Chad Valley’s sound has truly evolved, especially when you tune into his latest, entirely new blue.

 If you love funky beats and the 80s this album is definitely for you. The range is clearly audible, be it slower songs vs more upbeat ones. There are some very creative drums involved that takes the childish sound of synth wave away (think about those silly synth pop bands from high school). “Arms away” takes you back in time, while showing one how to layer some great beats, yet have a simple overall listen. Dare I say some of his tracks even get a bit tropical, which fits well with the overall flow of the album. Throughout his career, Hugo loves using guest artists and producers on his tracks because he his in fact a solo artist. Being one dimensional is no fun for anyone. This does not take away from the talent he posses, both on the vocals and production side of things. Given his creativity and ability to collaborate with others, I can see a lot of cool and different tunes coming our way soon.

suggested listening experience: on the way home after a very long day at work // bubble bath // pre dance floor warm up routine

listens: shell suite // arms away // now that im real (how does it feel?!) // moon under water // fast challenges // true

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new music: MTNS

mtns | photocred: soundcloud.com

mtns | photocred: soundcloud.com

reppin: brisbane, australia // create/control records // active since 2013

sounds like: falling down backwards forever with all those crazy kaleidoscope patterns around you...in slow motion

last album drop: salvage (2013) // new single released oct 17 

featuring: tom eggert // joseph thiang // robbie hellberg

Close your eyes for a second on the commute to work (not if you are driving, bad idea), lay down on your couch; take a moment away for the nonsense we all encounter day after day. Each one of mtns tracks, from second one, offers an escape from what we worry about day after day. Whether it is Tom’s luscious vocals, the subtle, downtempo beats or synthy waves, you are now allowed to put a smile on your face. These Aussies are still babies as far as how long they have been around, but damn, they killed it with their second EP, “salvage” in 2014 and are finally back with a mind-numbing new tack, “insight.” There truly is a perfect blend of electronic and instruments that can bridge the gap (see “lost track of time”). I was not able to dig up much information on these dudes, but it seems like they are starting to build their band into a full time gig. Which is totally why you need to get some ears all up in their business now.

mtns | photo cred: bandsintown.com

mtns | photo cred: bandsintown.com

So, back in 2013 these guys made a ton of noise in the land downunder and earned honors to open at the BIGSOUND showcase in Brisbane then. That was a few years ago and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Their ambient tracks layer oh so well with those mellow beats and sprinkled with just enough pop sound to attract all those ears. The processed, as described in a triple j interview, starts with keyboards and builds with the computer using sounds, samples and MIDI. The vocals and lyrics work themselves as the song builds, which is why it sounds so fucking good over those beats. This is a very special, special band, not just because they have perfected this indie electronic sound so early on, but they really take you to a place where you can just forget and sway. I dig.

suggested listening experience: making sweet sweet love...so much sweet love // whenever you want to get away from it all // night time cruise by the waterfront

listens: fears // lost track of time // insight // salvage // crave

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new music: THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974

reppin: la, usa // modern art records

sounds like: that moment when you bite into the juiciest, most delicious piece of fruit followed by the liquid goodness down your throat

next album drop: late 2016/early 2017 (currently supporting the naked and famous tour)

featuring: kamtin mohager

the chain gang of 1974 | the empty bottle | 6.11.14 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

the chain gang of 1974 | the empty bottle | 6.11.14 | photo cred: @thefaakehipster

Kamtin Mohager began his musical creation of The Chain Gang of 1974 while in the rock/synthpop duo, 3OH!3 (yes, that group) as the touring bassist. In 2010, he went into the studio to record the digital only release, Fantastic Nostalgic: The Early Recordings and later in 2011, “ Wayward Fire.” Both built a really well received crowd by both critics and fans alike. In fact, that nostalgic feel of the 80s is easily heard and layered over a multitude of different styles. One song has a soft and sweet piano intro and the next song will blast your face off with grungy rock n’ roll. Personally, I dig the swoons and shifts in sounds as his vocals know how to match the supporting instruments...a true gift of his.

While TCGO1974 is Kamtin’s creation, he is always bringing in talented musicians and producers to contribute to his tracks. It actually goes both ways as he frequents guests spots, most notably producing the track “When We were young” by Dillon Francis. I have much respect for solo musicians who understand that different minds can impact their music in a positive matter as additional bodies need to come on tour. I had the pleasure of seeing them at The Empty Bottle in 2014 and hearing the music come alive will again, bring you that nostalgic feel that we love. This dude is perfect for summer festivals, can span across the ears of many music interest and is overall a talented, nice guy. I envision not only more from chain gang, but perhaps some more side projects...Kamtin probably has so many more musical itches to scratch and blow us away with.

suggested listening experience: any situation where you exert energy // making sweet sweet love // early morning stroll to the grocery store

listens: death metal punk // miko // sleepwalking (music video below) // godless girl

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new music: WILDCAT! WILDCAT!

reppin: la, usa // downtown records

sounds like: in the movies, when the characters go to heaven and can dance on clouds...yea, something like that

wildcat! wildcat! | photo cred: myoldkentuckyblog.com

wildcat! wildcat! | photo cred: myoldkentuckyblog.com

latest album drop: "no moon at all" (aug 2014)

featuring: jesse taylor // michael wilson // jesse carmichael

Are we in the era of the rise of synthpop again? Perhaps, but we first have to go back in time a bit; the late 70s to be exact. Groups such as Depeche Mode and The Smiths took it to another level in the early 80s but not until the past 10 years or so have we seen a comeback like this. It’s upbeat and soothing sound is catchy and evident in the trio of Wildcat! Wildcat!, who have done an amazing job of incorporating the electronic counterpart. Originating out of LA around 2012, these dudes immediately supported Alt-J on tour, in what I think is a rare learning experience so early in a band’s life. Their 2014 release, no moon at all, features winner all around. The vocals are delectable and the vibe will get you grooving and dancing.

Fast forward to right meow and you’ll notice a slew of singles and light touring (from my personal research), which can make one think, why the fuck write about them now? Well, the feelings in my bones tell me that they are brewing up something big for their next release. The singles “straight to the top” and “relentless” showcase a new type of range. The latter features a solid hip-hop verse and beats to match. It is the calm before the storm, so get your ears in this because you are a responsible human and you can make choices. Here is to the soon to be much anticipated new tunes.

suggested listening experience: the post night out gathering when you can only manage a few more sips of beer // chillin with the significant other // puff puff pass

listens: relentless (ft. wynne) // garden grays // straight to the top //  audiotree live (video)

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The “Please Make It Last Longer Than 10 Seconds Guide” to MAMBY ON THE BEACH

welcome to summertime chi. The ear treats that we all know and love in acts like Milky, Atmosphere, Animal Collective, Wild Belle and the bearded Chet Faker are no brainers in seeing this weekend. Here are some lesser known, quality folks to fill out your 'merica weekend that is saturday and sunday at beautiful oakwood beach:

festival: mamby on the beach

location: oakwood beach (lsd & 43rd)

vibe: dance your face off

SMALL BLACK *previously blogged* // brooklyn // sat 1:15pm

sounds like: if california and the 80s had a long lasting love affair that resulted in their love child

listens:  no stranger // personal best

SHIBA SAN paris, france // sat 6pm

sounds like: that dance beat you can't get out of your head hours after the club

listens: okay // boom shak

monakr | photo cred: thedelimagazine.com

monakr | photo cred: thedelimagazine.com

MONAKR  chicago, il // sun 1:30pm

sounds like: a lovely and gentle breeze under your armpits

listens: diamond // calling out

MIAMI HORROR *previously blogged* // melbourne, australia // sat 3:30pdm

sounds like: a summer breeze that can’t decide if it is in the 80s flocking with the seagulls or in the future fucking with drones

listens: real slow // love like mine

thao & the stay down get down | photo cred: krcx.org

thao & the stay down get down | photo cred: krcx.org

THAO & THE STAY DOWN GET DOWN san francisco, ca // sun 3:30pm

sounds like: hardcore folk music with a subtle and calming voice

listens: nobody dies // we the common

THOMAS JACK new south wales, australia // sat 4:45pm

sounds like: a rainforest in alice in wonderland

listens: rivers

GALLANT dc, usa // sun 4:45pm

sounds like: what you wish you could sound like when you are trying to serenade your girl/boy - full of soul

bishop briggs | photo cred: headlineplanet.com

bishop briggs | photo cred: headlineplanet.com

listens: weight in gold // talking to myself

BISHOP BRIGGS london, uk // sat 2:30pm

sounds like: a soft, warm cuddle in bed when you aren't quite ready to snooze

listens: river // the way i do

MARCUS MARR london, uk // sun 3pm

sounds like: chet's lil bro with even more of an lovable edge (

listens: the trouble with us // killing jar

MAYOR HAWTHORNE la, ca // sun 5:45pm

sounds like: the coolest dad music you've ever grooved to (r&b with a twist)

listens: just ain't gonna work out // love like that

mayer hawthorne | photo cred: partyearth.com

mayer hawthorne | photo cred: partyearth.com


reppin: melbourne, australia - remote control/dine alone records

sounds like: a summer breeze that can’t decide if it is in the 80s flocking with the seagulls or in the future fucking with drones

latest album drop: all possible futures (april, 2015)

featuring: benjamin plant // josh moriarty // aaron shanahan // daniel whitechurch

miami horror | photo cred: themusic.com.au

miami horror | photo cred: themusic.com.au

While you’ve probably heard that jam everywhere, “real slow,” there is so much more danciness to the quartet that is miami horror. These guys have actually been at it since 2007, but I can make my own rules and they are quite new to us in the states. Mr. Benjamin Plant started in music as a producer and DJ and slowly built his group that led to their first release, Illumination, in 2010. In the past few years, to no surprise, they have caught fire across Europe and steadily climbed those European charts. Those that were at Coachella this year were lucky enough to catch them.

The soothing, Australian (surprise, right?) “passion pit-esc” high voice of Moriarty layers the loud keyboards, thick beats and funky bass lines. As my ears take me through their discography, I first hear a synth-pop core mixed with some indie, and sprinkled (or whipped creamed if you are into that) with house and new wave. You can certainly hear their 70s and 80s influence. They do such a dope job of taking you through different eras of dancy music, keeping those feet moving. Dance on!

suggested listening experience: outdoor patio dance party // catching that second wind in the middle of a workday // literally doing anything during the summer

listens: real slow (below) // love like mine // colours in the sky // all it ever was