interview stuff: JR JR

reppin: detroit, usa // warner // 2010 - present

sounds like: according to josh - "JR JR is a cockroach. Sometimes people underestimate us, but we can exist in any genre and survive"

last album drop: self titled (sept 2015)

featuring: josh // daniel

JR JR | daniel & josh

JR JR | daniel & josh

Think about those days when you were growing up with the slightest of responsibilities in life, really enjoying the things you love for the beauty and passion of it. Not only does JR JR’s music inspire that kind of worry-free vibe, but daniel and josh very much embody that spirit. Once upon a time ago not that long ago, these kids started jamming out in daniel’s basement just for the love of music. Multifaceted in instrument playing and not giving a shit what that label or this critic may think, they let their good vibes flow through their fingers and mouths. What happened next surprised them more than anyone.

After some friends told them, “hey, your music sound freakin genuine,” they started to realize that their love and passion could dictate their careers. Then boom, out of cannon, Spin named them one of the best new bands of 2010 along with praises from way more legit sources than myself. The beautiful balance of melodic pop and escapade sound can draw lots of ears in while their lyrics may very well inspire you.

I got to line up a quick Q&A with Josh as they hit the House of Blues in Chicago tomorrow, Thursday, October 5th to bring us kids a party and a half. Check out the read for some insight on how these guys have grown and always look to bring you an experience, connect with you and make you feel something at the end of the day.

interview stuff

This was not supposed to be a real thing from what I read...think back to that moment you both realized that you really wanted to bring music to humans. Essentially, why do you do what you do?

This is the thing that we love doing, and we are lucky enough to have made it our career. Artists have a unique license to point out hypocrisy and effect culture.   We are fortunate to have a relationship via our music with the future. That's something we take seriously

Let’s talk about your lyrics. How do you want to move people and make them feel when they are listening to you?

JR JR | photo cred:

JR JR | photo cred:

The moment you hear a lyric and think, "that line verbalized that feeling for me finally" and connect to it is magical. If we are lucky, we might write a few of those in our lifetime. That's what we hope to do

How have you grown since the last record a few years ago, both personally and as a band?

I think the world has changed a lot.  Our relationships with our families, belief systems and the world has changed in many ways with it. Personally I've worked on developing empathy, recognizing  and eradicating insecurities, and living my values. The world can feel different from day to day, you gotta figure out what you care about.

What do you want people to experience and feel during your live shows?

I hope that they leave feeling as if we actually got to know each other a little. Hopefully it's like a party with friends you love hanging out with, but only get to see once or twice a year.

Instead of comparing JR JR to different bands I like to use a metaphor to describe the identity and sound of a band. What would JR JR’s metaphor be?

JR JR is a cockroach. Sometimes people underestimate us, but we can exist in any genre and survive. We are hard to Kill. Your favorite pop star will freeze to death some winter, and we'll still be there after the thaw.

suggested listening experience: getting ready for the day // outdoor summer hangs with friends // eating ice cream or other delicious deserts

listens: gone // control (secretly sorry) // some dark places // simple girl // nothing but our love // clean up

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